(Dodson Cemetery)

            This small, well maintained family cemetery is located in a yard on Storms Lane. David Donahue recorded this cemetery December 22, 1997 and checked it February 17, 2001

            Mrs. L. R. Mitchell recorded this cemetery on September 4, 1971. Her record appeared in Family Findings IV(2), April 1972, p. 65. Margarett Alexander and Blanche Tuten recorded this cemetery on November 25, 1978. Their record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records published by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, p. 601.


Dodson, W. B., Sept. 18, 1853-May 23, 1923, "Father"
Dodson, Lora, June 28, 1860-July 31, 1951, "Mother"

Hendrix, Augustus J., 1853-1857, "Age 3 yrs 8 mos 15 days" [replacement]

Hendrix, H. V. M., d. Oct. 10, 1864, "Aged 37 Y's" "Died and was buried at Cherokee Station, Ala."
Hendrix,Sarah W., d. July 4, 1892, "Aged 65 Y's" (eroded)

Hendrix, Leroy R., 1860-1860 [replacement]

Walker, Edward E., 1883-1960
Walker, Sallie M., 1889-1969


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