Transcribed from Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records, pp. 596-597
Copyright 1984, Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter #2396,
United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, TN
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(Smith Cemetery)

[HTML editor's note: Although this cemetery was unnamed in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records, it actually has two names. On the U.S.G.S. Holladay quadrangle it is labeled Smith Cem. On the Tennessee Department of Transportation road map for Decatur County, the access road is Haynes Cem. Ln. I have tried visiting both mid-summer and mid-winter only to chicken out at the sight of a 50-yard long mud puddle in the access road.]


Located on the Spence property on the Monday farm near Holladay.


Haynes, Griffin, 1847-1933

Haynes, Infant, Oct. 17, 1889-Oct. 17, 1889, "Infant son of G. & M. A. Haynes"

Haynes, Martha, 1856-1932

Haynes, Sammie, Mar. 17, 1880-July 29, 1882, "Son of G. & M. A. Haynes"

Kelley, Bob, Sept. 19, 1890-Feb. 19, 1903, "Son of L. E. & Parlee Kelley"

Kelley, Infant, Apr. 15, 1882-Apr. 15, 1882, "Infant daughter of L. E. & Parlee Kelley" (First to be buried here)

Monday, W. A., Nov. 20, 1857-Jan. 16, 1905, "Husband of Ida Monday"

Smith, Fate, 1859-1925

Smith, Guy, d. Apr. 27, 1910, age 2 yrs 10 mos 18 days, "Son of W. O. & Laura Smith"

Smith, Laura, d. Sept. 11, 1912, age 21 yrs 6 mos 18 days, "Wife of W. O. Smith"

Smith, Welton Leon, June 7, 1925-Mar, 8, 1926

Webb, F. M. (or F. H.), Sept. 13, 1881-Sept. 21, 1884, "Son of Henry and Margaret Webb"


Several unmarked graves. Hard to determine the number due to the excessive amount of undergrowth. Unless one knows the exact spot of this graveyard it would be most difficult to locate it by oneself. It is North of Parsons, Cross I-40, take first gravel road to the left. About 9 miles from Jim Spence's home. It could be just off the Spence property. The farm is referred to as the Monday farm and is presently owned by the Spence Family. The Spences' live about 12 miles from Parsons, last brick house on the left, just before reaching I-40. The Spence family were most helpful in helping me locate the graveyard. Miss Sally Spence told me about it and Phillip Spence served as guide and drove us to the location. A special thanks to each of them and to Fred Alexander for helping locate the graves. Philip remembered hearing his late Uncle Felix Spence talk about the Kelley Ridge. This information may be helpful in locating the graveyard. This is very close to the Decatur-Benton county line.

TOTAL 13 graves

This cemetery was indexed by Margarett Alexander on September 12, 1976.


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