Trinity Cemetery was established about 1970 behind Trinity Tabernacle in Decaturville. It is not shown on the U.S.G.S. Perryville quadrangle. David Donahue recorded this cemetery October 16, 1990, with an additional brief visit in the summer of 1991. He checked and updated the cemetery in March 2002.


Bailey, Bettye Faye, May 24, 1948-Mar. 22, 2001
Bailey, Paul, June 11, 1947-____

Baker, Mary Lou, Feb. 27, 1935-____
Baker, Bolton (Jack), Jan. 18, 1931-Dec. 8, 1985, "Married June 2, 1951" "Our children Joe Neil/Kerry Lanne"

Battles, Arthur Dee, 1919-1988, "Father," military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"

Battles, Ethel Mae, 1924-1998, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Arthur Dee Battles]

Battles, Gary Dee, Dec. 7, 1951-July 9, 1999, "Brother," military marker as footstone "SN US Navy Vietnam"

Bledsoe, Lisa Joy, Jan. 5, 1964-Feb. 25, 1984, "Daughter of J. B. & Allene"

Brasher, Christopher D., 1953-1986, "Rev." "Father"
Brasher, Jana M., 1958-____, "Mother" "Wed Apr. 10, 1977" "Our children Robert Wesley, Jon Christopher"

Brown, Margaret, Oct. 6, 1943-____
Brown, Irie L., May 27, 1925-May 18, 1994, military marker as footstone "Irie Leon Brown" "1st Lt US Air Force World War II"

Clenney, Sadie J., Nov. 10, 1932-June 24, 1995, "Your loving children Pat Mike Tony Kenny O'Neal Dennis Nancy"; temporary marker as footstone, Boyd Funeral Home, "Sadie McClure Clenney"

Courtwright, Leonard L., 1903-1978

Davis, Glen O., 1935-____
Davis, Mary L., 1942-1981

Davis, Lillian V., 1936-____
Davis, James G., 1930-1997, military marker as footstone "James Glen Davis" "Sgt US Army Korea"; dates on military marker Apr. 22, 1930-Dec. 25, 1997

Dickson, Frank, 1924-1992, military marker as footstone "Fleetwood Dickson" "Cpl US Army Air Corps World War II"; dates on military marker May 8, 1924-Apr. 24, 1992

Grice, Lois D., June 19, 1930-Oct. 6, 1998, "Wife & best friend"
Grice, Paul D., Feb. 1, 1931-____ [shares a base with the marker for Margaret Hayes]

Griffin, Fannie T., 1896-1980
Griffin, Jesse C., 1888-1973

Griffin, Melba Lou [see Higdon, Melba Lou Griffin]

Hayes, James Rogers, Oct. 27, 1931-June 30, 1997, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"
Hayes, Ginny M., no dates

Hayes, Margaret, May 11, 1947-____ [shares base with double marker for Lois D. and Paul D. Grice]

Hayes, Robert Neal, Nov. 26, 1935-____
Hayes, Peggy Jane, June 2, 1940-Sept. 24, 1999, temporary marker as footstone, Brewer Funeral Home,"Peggy Kindle Hayes"; "Wed Jan. 24, 1959" "Our children Robert Keith, Tracy Neal, April l, Bell"

Higdon, Melba Lou Griffin, Aug. 4, 1931-____, unplaced "Mom" footstone
Higdon, William Randolph, Aug. 10, 1926-Mar. 3, 1996, "Married June 14, 1953" "Our children William Randy Terri Lee Traci Lou"

Hobbs, V. Lucille [see Pratt, V. Lucille Hobbs]

Jones, ______, "Mother"
Jones, Warren L., Jan. 21, 1922-Feb. 13, 1983, "Our sons Phillip-David-Robert," military marker as footstone "Warren Lee Jones" "Sgt US Army World War II"

Kelley, Margaret M., May 3, 1933-July 21, 1995
Kelley, Dwight W., Oct. 13, 1932-____

Kindle, Peggy [see Hayes, Peggy Jane]

Kroft, Velma, Mar. 1, 1909-Feb. 22, 1990, "Mother" footstone
Kroft, V. E., Oct. 19, 1904-____, unplaced "Father" footstone, "Wed Feb. 22, 1925"

Lampley, M. Todd Sanders, Jan. 18, 1992-Mar. 17, 1997

Maness, Bethany Gwenn, Feb. 28, 1990-Feb. 28, 1990, "Daughter of Chris and Tracy Maness"

McClure, Alpha M., 1918-____
McClure, Kelsey C., 1915-1977

McClure, Sadie J. [see Clenney, Sadie J.]

Messer, Myrtle, July 18, 1921-____
Messer, Powers, Oct. 27, 1920-June 25, 1992, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"; "Wed May 22, 1943" "Our children: Betty Lou, Drucilla, Wanda Sue"

Overton, Ola [see Scott, Ola Overton]

Pratt, J. Fred, Oct. 13, 1917-____, "Father"
Pratt, Gary Don, Dec. 1, 1947-Jan. 5, 1991, "Rev." "Son"
Pratt, V. Lucille Hobbs, Aug. 22, 1920-____, "Mother"

Rigsby, Mary, d. June 11, 1990, "Aged 56 Years 7 Months 2 Days." "Mrs.," temporary marker, Parsons Mortuary, approximately half way between markers for Lisa Joy Bledsoe to east and J. Hasten Rushing to west

Rushing, J. Hasten, Feb. 17, 1917-Oct. 28, 1984, "Father" "Children Jerry-James-Johnny-Janet-Jimmy"

Rushing, Naomi T., Aug. 15, 1922-Jan. 7, 1999, "Children Jerry-James-Jonny-Janet-Jimmy"

Scott, Ola Overton, June 27, 1907-Nov. 9, 1998
Scott, Frank Cooper, Oct. 15, 1902-Jan. 11, 1991, "Our children Rhodena Franklin Jr. Joe"

Semans, Lowell R., 1916-1991, , "Maj.", military marker as footstone "Maj US Air Force World War II Korea'; dates on military marker Mar. 23, 1916-Apr. 11, 1991
Semans, Virginia I., 1924-____

Sipes, Brandon Thomas, Mar. 4, 1978-May 1, 1978, "Son of Steve & Vicky Sipes"

Smith, Elizabeth L., Aug. 12, 1900-Mar. 17, 1991, "Mother" footstone

Stout, ______, no dates, "M.S.S." footstone [ground disturbance indicates a burial here]
Stout, James Wyly, 1886-1976 [only name on double marker]

Stout, Harwood, Nov. 28, 1909-Mar. 21, 1994
Stout, Mary J., Mar. 10, 1910-Feb. 2, 1995

Stout, James Wyly, Jr., Dec. 9, 1922-Sept. 1, 1992, military marker "TSgt US Air Force WWII Korea Vietnam"

Williams, Mary Louise, May 25, 1919-Feb. 14, 2001


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