Rosson Cemetery is a family cemetery on Tomlin Chapel Road in Decatur County, Tennessee. Eleven graves here are marked by pairs of concrete blocks. Most of these at one time had a name written in a bit of mortar, but these are so weathered as to be mostly unreadable. Only two of these were fully readable in 2003. "Baby" can be read on the foot position of four more of these graves, "Rosson" can be read at some head positions. One branch of the family seems to practice mounding; 11 graves in two rows are mounded. David Donahue recorded this cemetery October 28, 2003 and checked it October 29, 2003.

            Two previous records of this cemetery are available. Bobbie Bartholomew recorded this cemetery on March 10, 1976. Her record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records produced by the Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, p. 500. She noted "18 unmarked graves."

            A list typed by Mark Rosson and written by Betty Louise (Cotham) Rosson and Willard Rosson has been available on the old Decatur County Cemeteries web site for several years. It is not based on the markers. However it is partially annotated and provides information such as maiden names not found on the markers and identifies some of the people in the unidentified graves. This list is appended below this 2003 record of the markers.


Bynum, Lily Golden, 1909-1937 (homemade)

Conway, George H., Jr., Feb. 24, 1921-Dec. 31, 1994, "Dad"

Currin, Geraldine [see Rosson, Geraldine Currin]

Douglas, Lela [see Rosson, Lela Douglas]

Goodman, Billy B., Dec. 13, 1932-____
Goodman, Opal M., Aug. 31, 1925-Oct. 5, 2000

Grooms, David W., July 30, 1942-____ [ground disturbance indicates he is buried here]

Houston, James, no dates ["Houston" is on the head position and "James" on the foot position of the concrete block pair immediately west if the grave of J. P. Taylor]

Ledbetter, Carmie Hazel [see Rosson, Carmie Hazel]

Liles, Allie [see Rosson, Allie Liles]

Lyles, Derek Gene, 1981-1981

Marr, Mary Sue Rosson, Sept. 1, 1942-____
Marr, L. V., Jan. 17, 1944-____, "Married Apr. 19, 1969" [ground disturbance and flowers indicate he is buried here]

Mathis, Mary [see Rosson, Mary Mathis]

Mays, Nancy H., 1875-1961

Oldham, Lawrence J., Nov. 13, 1931-June 11, 2001

Rosson, Alford, Feb. 25, 1940-____

Rosson, Alford, Jr., Sept. 16, 1965-Nov. 3, 1965

Rosson, Allie Liles, 1901-1931
Rosson, Ernest, 1900-1983

Rosson, Alton Lee, Mar. 19, 1940-Feb. 15, 2000

Rosson, Betty L., Feb. 22, 1930-____
Rosson, Paul, Mar. 4, 1928-Mar. 27, 1990, "Wed Jan. 6, 1945"
"Children Larry J.C. Pamela Billy"
"Grandchildren Patricia Randy Paula Mark Larry Tina Billy Logan"
"Great-grandchildren Darryl Justin Brandon"

Rosson, Carmie Hazel, Nov. 3, 1947-May 25, 1999, temporary marker as footstone, Parsons Mortuary, Carmie Hazel Ledbetter

Rosson, Cythhia O., 1908-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Rosson, Obie F., 1904-1989, "Father" footstone

Rosson, Elbert L., 1931-1969, "Daddy" footstone
Rosson, Mary Mathis, 1926-____, unplaced "Mama" footstone

Rosson, Elton, 1922-1924 [replacement]

Rosson, Ernestine, 1947-1948 [replacement]

Rosson, Frank, no dates, name on temporary marker at concrete block 8 feet west-southwest of marker for J. Albert Rosson

Rosson, Hazel, no dates, "Baby" footstone (homemade) [this is the southernmost of a line four pairs of concrete markers for clearly infant-size graves]

Rosson, J. Albert, 1894-1971, "Father" footstone

Rosson, J. R., Apr. 10, 1936-Oct. 30, 1995, "Wife Mavis Taylor-Married Jan. 3, 1995"

Rosson, Fayett, 1870-1924

Rosson, Lela Douglas, 1923-1978

Rosson, Lemuel, Feb. 24, 1927-Oct. 13, 1993, "Son" footstone [probably son of Lillie and Clayton Rosson, whose double marker is adjacent]

Rosson, Lillie, Feb. 10, 1902-Aug. 27, 1985, "Mother" footstone
Rosson, Clayton, Dec. 22, 1898-Sept. 2, 1971, "Father" footstone

Rosson, Lona Kee, 1931-1992, "Mother" footstone

Rosson, Lori M. [see Young, Lori M. Rosson]

Rosson, Lowell, 1931-1999, "Daddy"

Rosson, Mary Jo, 1933-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone
Rosson, William F., 1926-____, unplaced "Husband" footstone, "Married Apr. 22, 1950"

Rosson, Mary Sue [see Marr, Mary Sue Rosson]

Rosson, Minnie, no dates, name on temporary marker at a piece of marble, 7 feet west of marker for Lowell Rosson

Rosson, Patrick Clay, June 15, 1983-May 1, 1984, "Son of Roger and Brenda Rosson"

Rosson, Sonny B., July 5, 1947-____, "Daddy"
Rosson, Geraldine Currin, Feb. 12, 1948-____, "Mama"; "Wed Aug. 14, 1965" "Our children Cythhia Faye Sonny James Freddy Lee Mary Katherine"

Rosson, Walter Thomas, Apr. 24, 1935-June 4, 1988, military marker as footstone "SP4 US Army Korea"
Rosson, Mary Sue, Oct. 16, 1939-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone, "Married May 29, 1954" ""Our children Thomas Lynn Tony Gene"

Rosson, Willard L., 1926-____, unplaced "Daddy" footstone
Rosson, Shirley C., 1937-____, unplaced "Mama" footstone, "Married June 28, 1953" "Our children Melba Steve"

Rosson, Wm. Elco, July 16, 1920-Apr. 22, 1996, military marker as footstone "William Elco Rosson" "Sgt US Army World War II"
Rosson, Lutie A., Apr. 21, 1922-____, "Wed Feb. 8, 1941"

Stegall, Eligie (Buddy), June 29, 1932-Jan. 11, 1992, "Father"
Stegall, Odie Lee, Dec. 23, 1928-____, "Mother" "Married June 29, 1957" "Our children Melvin Glenda Marie Patricia"

Taylor, J. P., Oct. 7, 1863-Mar. 29, 1911

Young, Kenneth Lee, Aug. 9, 1966-____, "DaDa"
Young, Kevin Jordan, Mar. 5, 1991-Dec. 2, 1991, "Son 'Punkin Doodle'"
Young, Lori M. Rosson, Oct. 2, 1969-Dec. 2, 1991, "MaMa"


Note on mounding:
Eleven graves in two rows are mounded, suggesting that these people are in the same line of the family. Not including spaces for people still living, they are:
Row 2 from east, south to north:
Walter Thomas Rosson, Opal M. Goodman, Lemuel Rosson, Lillie Rosson, Clayton Rosson
Row 3 from east, south to north:
Alton Lee Rosson, Alford Rosson Jr., concrete block pair, concrete block pair, concrete block pair, Fayett Rosson


Format has been altered for the presentation below:

Mark Rosson

The oldest grave in the cemetery is J. P. Taylor (buried in 1911). The cemetery was officially deeded 23 March 1931 (Book 35 Page 431) by Nancy Jane Herndon. Nancy Jane Herndon is the mother of Fayett (Fate or Lafayett Rosson)

The cemetery is maintained by the family still. There is a complete listing of where people are buried. Thanks to my grandmother and another relative. This is still an active cemetery, not very big. . . .


Bynum, Lily Golden, b. 1909 d. 1937

Conway, George H. Jr., b. 1921 d. 1994 (Father of Brenda Rosson, wife of Roger)

Cotham, Betty L., b. 1930 (wife of Paul Rosson)
Cotham, Shirley Jean b. 1937 (Wife of Willard Rosson)

Grooms, David, b. 1942

Hays, Nancy H., b. 1875 d. 1961. (Mother of Jess Hedgpath)

Houston, Baby

Lyles, Allie Mae b. 1901 d. 1931 (1st wife of Earnest Rosson)
Lyles, Derek Gene, b. 1981 d. 1981 (Grandson of Charley and Fay Lyles)

Marr, L. V. b. 1944 d. 1996

Mathis, Mary Louise, No Dates (Wife of Elbert Rosson

Rainbolt, Lutie, b. 1922 (wife of William Elco Rosson)

Rosson, Alford Jr., b. 1965 d. 1965 (Son of Alford Rosson)
Rosson, Alford b 1940 (Son of Clayton Rosson and Lillie)
Rosson, Alton, b. 1922 d. 1924 (Son of Earnest Rosson and Allie Mae Lyles)
Rosson, Baby (Elbert Rosson & Mary Louise Mathis
Rosson, Baby (Clayton Rosson & Lillie)
Rosson, Baby (Clayton Rosson & Lillie)
Rosson, Baby (Clayton Rosson & Lillie)
Rosson, Clayton, b. 1898 d. 1971
Rosson, Cynthia Moore, b. 1908 (Wife of Obie F. Rosson)
Rosson, Dorthy, No Dates (Daughter of Obie F. Rosson and Cynthia)
Rosson, Earnest, b. 1900 d. 1983
Rosson, Earnestine, b. 1945 d. 1946 (Daughter of Earnest Rosson and Lelar Pratt)
Rosson, Elbert, b. 1931 d. 1969
Rosson, Elvert, No Dates (Son of Obie F. Rosson and Cynthia)
Rosson, Elzie, No Dates
Rosson, Fayett, b. 1870 d. 1924 (Earnest Rosson's Father)
Rosson, Geraldine, b. 1948 m. 1965 (Wife of Sonny Boy Rosson)
Rosson, Hazel, No Dates (Daughter of Obie F. Rosson and Cynthia)
Rosson, James, No Dates (Son of Obie F. Rosson and Cynthia)
Rosson, James Albert
Rosson, J. R., b. 1936 m. 1995 d. 1995 (Husband of Marvis Taylor)
Rosson, Lamuel, b. 1927 d. 1985 (Son of Clayton Rosson and Lillie)
Rosson, Lelar Douglas, b. 1923 d. 1978 (3rd wife of Earnest Rosson)
Rosson, Lillie Moore, b. 1902 d. 1985 (Wife of Clayton Rosson)
Rosson, Lonnie, d. 1992
Rosson, Lorimi, b. 1969 m. 1989 d. 1991 (Wife of Kenneth Lee Young)
Rosson, Mary Joe, b.. 1933 m. 1950 (Wife of William F. Rosson)
Rosson, Mary Sue, b. 1939 m. 1954 (Wife of Walter Rosson) ?
Rosson, Mary Sue, b. 1942 m. 1969 (Wife of L. V. Marr)
Rosson, Odie Lee b. 1928 m. 1957
Rosson, Patrick Clay, B. 1983 d. 1984 (Grandson of Earnest)
Rosson, Paul, b. 1928 d. 1990 m. 1945
Rosson, Sonny Boy, d. 1949 (Son of Obie F. Rosson and Cynthia</li)
Rosson, Walter, b. 1935 d. 1988 (Son of Clayton Rosson and Lillie)
Rosson, Willard b. 1926 m. 1953
Rosson, William Elco, b. 1920 d. 1996
Rosson, William F., b. 1926

Stegall, Eligie Buddy, b. 1932 d. 1992

Taylor, J. P., b. 1863 d. 1911

Tennon, Devonna Lashay, dates unknown (grandchild of Opal Rosson Goodman)

Young, Kenneth Lee, b. 1966
Young, Kevin Jorden, b. 1991 d. 1991 (Son of Kenneth Lee Yound and Lorimi Rosson)



There are 5 people buried here that are unknown.


Typed by Mark Rosson, 23 May 1998. Written by Betty Louise (Cotham) Rosson and Willard Rosson.


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