This is a well maintained cemetery located just off State Highway 114 between Scotts Hill and Bath Springs. This is the unnamed cemetery indicated on the U.S.G.S. Thurman quadrangle (1972) just west of the label for the Red Walnut community. A number of years ago, someone replaced fieldstone and marked unmarked burials with concrete blocks. An exception is two fieldstone-marked graves near the southeast corner of the cemetery.

            David Donahue recorded this cemetery December 27, 1992; checked and updated February 3, 2001; and updated it December 28, 2003. Margarett Alexander and Blanche Tuten recorded Red Walnut Cemetery on November 2, 1976. Their record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records published by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 494-497. Alexander and Tuten note 69 unmarked graves.


Possible Black Burials

            Near the southeast corner of Red Walnut Cemetery are two fieldstone-marked graves off by themselves. They are about 20 yards away from any other graves. All other fieldstones were replaced with concrete blocks years ago. It seems likely that these fieldstones represent black burials which were allowed on the periphery of the cemetery.


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