According to James Leon Rushing, who knew the cemetery well, there are supposed to be about three or four blacks buried near the southeast corner of Rushing Grove Cemetery. He reported that these were slaves and former slaves of the Rushing family. Their names are not known. There is no visible evidence of these graves now, and Leon Rushing also mentioned lack of visible signs of these graves when he wrote about 1990. As the white Rushing family graves are grouped mostly on the western side of Rushing Grove Cemetery, the black burials would have been at the back of the cemetery.  Burials

David Donahue, November 2004

**The page containing the burial information for this cemetery was in the repository waiting to be added.  I am sure David probably did not have time to get this done, so with the utmost respect and admiration for his work, it has been added March 2005.

Paulette Carpenter, Assistant Records Archivist

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