(New Hope Road)

New Hope Cemetery, 1990


            New Hope is a small, old cemetery at New Hope Baptist Church. The church and cemetery are indicated on the U.S.G.S. Scotts Hill quadrangle (1986). The church was founded in 1842. The cemetery is at least that old if not slightly older. It is full and is generally no longer used.

            David Donahue recorded New Hope Cemetery May 20, 1990 and added military marker information July 7, 2004. The cemetery was recorded at an unknown date by Bobbie Bartholomew. Her record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records published by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 398-399. Reference is made to this earlier record where appropriate.


Carver, Robert N., 1853-Mar. 24, 1913, "Born in Kentucky"
Carver, Josephine Louisa, Sept. 13, 1857-Jan. 1, 1925 [replacement]

Carver, Stripling P., 1861-1902
Carver, Emma H., 1866-1915 [replacement]

Carver, William H., 1891-1893 [replacement]

Cooley, Alice C., 1870-1934, "Mother" footstone
Cooley, James E., 1870-1959

Emerson, M. A., Sept. 21, 1831-Nov. 6, 1858 (fragmented) [one of the two piles of rubble west of the marker for Asa Rushing; this is his daughter Mary Ann]

Ferguson, Eunice V., d. Feb. 14, 19??, Age 73 yrs 3 mos 6 days, "Mrs." [not found in 1990; reported by Bobbie Bartholomew]

Finch, Eliza, Dec. 7, 1828-Aug. 14, 1916, "Wife of Thomas Finch"

Freeman, G. W., July 4, 1890-Mar. 7, 1946

Harrington, Emma K., 1872-1950

[Harrington, Francis Marion] F. M. H., 1850-1924 [not found in 1990; reported by Bobbie Bartholomew]

Hendricks, A. K., May 28, 1830-Aug. 12, 1879 [Masonic symbol]

Hendricks, Matilda, Feb. 6, 1829-Feb. 20, 1911, "Wife of A. K. Hendricks"

Holley, Maude, Dec. 19, 1880-Dec. 20, 1880, "Dau. of G. C. & N. A. Holley" (broken, repaired)

Holley, Nannie A., Feb. 17, 1859-Nov. 6, 1893, "Wife of G. C. Holley"

Jones, J. C., Mar. 8, 1825-Oct. 16, 1907

Jones, Mary A., Aug. 26, 1837-Apr. 28, 1866, "Consort of J. C. Jones"

Lomax, James, d. Nov. 30, 1892, Aged 73 ys 11 ms 4 ds, "Husband of Malinda Lomax"

Lomax, Malenda, Apr. 28, 1821-July 31, 1880, "Wife of James Lomax"

Moore, Agnes L., Nov. 11, 1812-May 1, 1864, "Erected by her brother L. P. Moore"

Moore, John J., Apr. 1, 1864-Apr. 11, 1864?, "Son of L. P. & Mary A. Moore" (eroded; difficult to read)

Moore, Leroy P., May 27, 1830-May 21, 1887 [replacement; fragments of older broken marker read "Erected by his children"
Moore, Mary A., Jan. 4, 1833-Mar. 13, 1878

Rushing, Asa, Dec. 25, 1801-Oct. 15, 1851

Rushing, G. B. D., Aug. 22, 1826-Nov. 26, 1905 [Masonic symbol], military marker as footstone "Green Berry D. Rushing" "Sgt Co A 28 Regt Tennessee Cav Confederate States Army"

Rushing, E. M., d. June 18, 1888, Aged 59 ys. 10 ms. 8 ds., "Wife of G. B. D. Rushing" "Daughter of John R. & Sallie Shipman"

Rushing, Flaura J., d. 1870, "Dau. of G. R. & Laura F. Rushing" [not found in 1990; reported by Bobbie Bartholomew]

Rushing, Joel, d. Dec. 3, 1889, Aged 84 Ys 2 Ms & 27 Ds

Rushing, John G., d. Feb. 24, 1865, Aged 24 Y's 8 M's 12 D's, "Co. C 7th Tenn U.S. Cavalry died and buried at Camp Chase"; military marker as footstone "Pvt Co C 7 Tennessee Calvary Confederate States Army" [The military marker has him on the wrong side!]

Rushing, T. A. [see Welch, T. A.]

Rushing, Z., Sept. 17, 1808-June 6, 1879, "Wife of Joel Rushing"

Welch, T. A., May 27, 1825-May 22, 1866, "Wife of Elijah Welch and dau. of Asa Rushing" (disintegrated concrete marker; one of two piles of rubble south of marker for Asa Rushing; this is his daughter Tempy Alice]

Williams, Infant, Dec. 4, 1901-Dec. 16, 1901, "Infant son of W. E. & N. A. Williams"

Williams, Lavinia, Apr. 10, 1817-May 10, 1899, "Wife of Noah Williams"

Williams, Noah, Aug. 7, 1879-Mar. 5, 1885, "Son of W. E. & N. A. Williams"

Williams, Noah, b. May 15, 1803 (fallen, broken)

Williams, R. A., Aug. 17, 1907-Feb. 2, 1909, "Son of J. E. & R. C. Williams"

Williams, William T., Feb. 18, 1885-Feb. 22, 1885, "Son of W. E. & N. A. Williams"


Marker for Asa Rushing


Killdeer Defending Her Eggs


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