Lunsford Cemetery, November 1998


          This cemetery is located on a hill off Davis Mill Road (formerly Bunches Chapel Road). Traveling north, about 200 yards beyond Odos Graves Road a gravel roar road turns off to the left, just opposite a group of barns. Turn left onto the farm road. About 100 feet from Davis Mill/Bunches Chapel Road a second gravel road branches off to the right and climbs steeply up hill. Lunsford Cemetery is at the top of the hill. The cemetery is kept cleaned off. There are six graves marked with fieldstones and two graves marked with old, blank temporary marker plates. Leaves on the ground made estimation of sunken spots impossible. There are many muscle shells and shell fragments in the cemetery, which would seem to indicate that some of the older graves may have been shell covered at one time. David Donahue recorded this cemetery November 27, 1998 and checked and corrected it October 29, 2003.

          An earlier record of this cemetery was made by Margarett Alexander on May 26, 1976. Her record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records, Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1984, pp. 323-324.


Bankston, Clara May, Sept. 13, 1908-Sept. 30, 1910, "Dau. of G. P. & L. M. C. Bankston"

Campbell, Buck, Aug. 10, 1910-Nov. 11, 1928, "Son of S. H. & E. Campbell"

Campbell, Charlie A., May 25, 1846-Apr. 12, 1916

Campbell, Hobert, 1929 [replacement]

Campbell, Infant, Jan. 4, 1926-Jan. 9, 1926, "Infant dau. of S. H. & E. U. L. Campbell"

Campbell, Margaret J, Apr. 3, 1844-July 15, 1926

Earls, W. D., June 28, 1874-Dec. 5, 1905

Lunsford, Abram G., Oct. 4, 1857-July 28, 1930, "Husband of Julia Lunsford" [old wording of marker which has been filled in and recarved for Martha A. Rickman see below]

Lunsford, David G., Sept. 6, 1869-May 18, 1911 [replacement]

Lunsford, Elbert, July 1889-July 1893, "Son of J. S. & M. Lunsford"

Lunsford, Hassalee, Oct. 19, 1889-Apr. 12, 1897, "Dau of M. C. & M. E. Lunsford"

Lunsford, Infant, b. May 13, 1904, "Infant dau. of A. J. & L. G. Lunsford"

Lunsford, Julia O, 1880-1935
Lunsford, Abraham G., 1857-1930 [replacement]

Lunsford, Louisa, Nov. 15, 1825-Feb. 2, 1907, Wife of J. C. Lunsford

Lunsford, Martha J., d. June 19, 1914, "Wife of J. S. Lunsford"
Lunsford, J. S., Mar. 13, 1854-Mar. 13, 1893]

Mays, Sallie, d. Aug. 16, 1910, "Aged 85 ys 5 ms 28 ds"

Mays, Samuel, Aug. 16, 1838-Apr. 6, 1902, "Aged 66 ys, 7 ms, 20 ds," "Erected by Sallie Mays" (broken through death date)

Rickman, Martha A., 1884-1936 [this has been recarved from the older marker for Abram G. Lunsford see above]


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