Lafferty cemetery is indicated on the U.S.G.S. Thurman quadrangle (1972). It is a small cemetery serving several closely related families and is located south of Decaturville on the west side of Dunbar Road about a mile north of Highway 114. A loop gravel drive goes up into the cemetery. There is a sign for the cemetery at the southern drive. The cemetery is well maintained. It is a bit difficult to guess the age of the cemetery. The earliest dates on the readable markers are in the 1870s, but there were several dozen fieldstones here in 1991 [replaced by concrete blocks by 2001], so the cemetery may be a couple of decades older.

            David Donahue recorded Lafferty Cemetery December 26, 1991, and updated it December 28, 1996 and April 16, 2001. Margarett Alexander and Blanche Tuten recorded Lafferty Cemetery on February 28, 1976. Their record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 300-302. Reference is made to this earlier record where appropriate.


Barber, A. L., Nov. 16, 1825-Feb. 7, 1890 (broken)

Barber, Elizabeth, Sept. 27, 1879-Jan. 5, 1881, "Dau. of J. T. & Elvira Barber"

Barber, Elvira E., Oct. 6, 1857-Apr. 2, 1931, "Wife of J. T. Barber"

Barber, John T., Feb. 21, 1854-July 8, 1922, "Husband of Elvira Barber"

Barber, Leonard L., d. Jan. 1, 1918, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 157 Depot Brig"

Barber, Leonard L., Nov. 3, 1896-Jan. 1, 1918 [two separate markers; probably son of J. T. and Elvira E. Barber]

Barber, Omer, Jan. 19, 1891-Aug. 18, 1918, "Son of J. T. & L. E. Barber" [Woodmen of the World Memorial]

Barber, Winney, Jan. 19, 1926-Nov. 19, 1883 (broken) [adjacent to marker for A. L. Barber]

Brasher, Ben M., July 4, 1891-June 14, 1983
Brasher, Hester Vilo, Feb. 18, 1895-Dec. 3, 1952

Brasher, Blanco, Feb. 11, 1924, "Dau. of Fannie-R. A. Brasher"

Brasher, David, Oct. 13, 1880-Aug. 5, 1881, "Son of W. R. & S. E. Brasher"

Brasher, Fannie, d. Apr. 2, 1924, "Wife of R. A. Brasher" "Mother" footstone [replacement]

Brasher, Farris W., Aug. 29, 1917-Nov. 17, 1999

Brasher, Inez, Oct. 5, 1920-Nov. 6, 1920, "Dau. of B. M. & H. V. Brasher"

Brasher, Infant, no dates, "Infant son of Ben M. & Hester Brasher" [replacement]

Brasher, Joseph L., Oct. 4, 1883-Oct. 11, 1883, "Son of W. R. & S. E. Brasher"

Brasher, M. V., May 12, 1846-July 4, 1908, "Husband of M. C. Brasher"
Brasher, M. C., Nov. 22, 1851-Mar. 11, 1920, "Wife of M. V. Brasher"

Brasher, Maggie [see Johnson, Maggie Brasher]

Brasher, Marlene, July 4, 1974; also another marker identifying her as "Dau. of M. V. & J. M."
Brasher, Jettie, 1936-____
Brasher, Marles, 1925-1981 [probably son of Ben M. and Hester Vilo Brasher]

Brasher, Marlene, d. July 4, 1974, "Dau. of M. V. & J. M."

Brasher, Marther, Feb. 6, 1924-Feb. 9, 1924, "Infant of H. V. B. M. Brasher"

Brasher, Mary J., Oct. 24, 1906-____

Brasher, Myrtle N., 1894-1988
Brasher, Elison C., 1885-1925
Brasher, Lois N., 1910-1919 [Alexander and Tuten note that she was daughter of Myrtle N. and Elison Brasher]

Brasher, R. A., 1885-1967, "Husband of Bertha Tucker, Fannie Lee - Mary Thompson"

Brasher, W. G., Nov. 3, 1888-Nov. 18, 1918, "Rev." "Son of J. A. & R. Z. Brasher" [Woodmen of the World Memorial]

Brasher, W. R., Nov. 9, 1851-Dec. 13, 1927

Brasher, ____ [no marker; identified as Brasher by cards on flowers, burial 5 feet north or marker for Farris W. Brasher] [from other sources this is known to be Robert Lester (Lek) Brasher, Dec. 13, 1912-Apr. 8, 2001]

Butler, Mary [see Hay, Mary Hudley]

Davis, Ulysses J. H., Feb. 5, 1891-Sept. 28, 1898, "Son of G. W. & F. E. Davis"

Hardison, Wm. Kenneth, July 25, 1942-Jan. 2, 1987
Hardison, Flora Mae, May 1, 1943-____, "Married July 22, 1963" "Our children Shawn and Monty"

Hay, Betty E., 1860-1876 [replacement]

Hay, Mary Hudley, Jan. 25, 1863-May 1, 1900, "Married to T. C. Butler Jan. 25, 1884" [replacement]

Johnson, Maggie Brasher, d. 1909 [replacement; seems to be daughter of M. V. and M. C. Brasher]]

Lafferty, Clinton H., Nov. 6, 1813-Jan. 21, 1890
Lafferty, Adaline B., Dec. 15, 1838-Nov. 12, 1903

Lafferty, Herman M., Nov. 2, 1918-Dec. 25, 1969, unplaced "Father" footstone, military marker as footstone "Tec 5 US Army"
Lafferty, Ruth M., May 16, 1922-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone, "Married Nov. 24, 1949"

Lafferty, Infant, born & died Mar. 5, 1903, "Infant son of W. H. & L. M. Lafferty"

Lafferty, Infant, born & died Mar. 28, 1904, "Infant son of W. H. & L. M. Lafferty"

Lafferty, Jerry Loyd, Oct. 9, 1935-Oct. 3, 1993, "Son of Webster and Bradie Lafferty," military marker as footstone A3C US Air Force"

Lafferty, Jessie D., May 26, 1912-____
Lafferty, Chester H., Sept. 30, 1911-Apr. 28, 1995, "Married Dec. 25, 1934"

Lafferty, Joyce Enlo, Apr. 20, 1934-June 24, 1934, "Son of Webster and Bradie Lafferty" [replacement]

Lafferty, Walter H., Dec. 28, 1880-Apr. 13, 1956
Lafferty, Lonie M., May 1, 1886-Feb. 1, 1966, "Married Mar. 20, 1902"

Lafferty, Webster, May 7, 1906-Nov. 11, 1986, "Father" footstone
Lafferty, Bradie, June 26, 1915-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone, "Married Jan. 8, 1931" "Our children Enloe Doris Jerry FloraMae"

Lafferty, William C., Sept. 24, 1872-Mar. 30, 1873, "Son of O. H. & A. C. Lafferty"

Magers, Infant, no dates, "Infant daughter of Leonard & Olive Magers"

Magers, Infant, no dates, "Infant son of Leonard & Olive Magers" [note: Alexander and Tuten reported markers for two infant sons of Leonard and Olive Magers; only one was present/readable in 1991]

Magers, J. Lenard, Aug. 10, 1906-Oct. 20, 2000
Magers, Olive L., Apr. 30, 1906-Feb. 16, 1966 [she seems to be the daughter of Walter H. and Lonie M. Lafferty, whose double marker is adjacent]

Magers, W. A., no dates, "Son of Leonard & Olive Magers" [replacement]

Presley, Mary Lucinda, Nov. 15, 1877-Oct. 26, 1900, "Wife of J. W. Presley"

Tucker, G. W., d. Dec. 15, 1895, "Age 94 ys, 5 ms, 8 ds"

Tucker, Milley, Aug. 11, 1806-Oct. 8, 1876, "Wife of G. W. Tucker"

Tucker, Sarah Jane, 1828-1917
Tucker, James Jackson, 1826-1920, "Erected by Willie E. Tucker" [replacement]

Wade, E. D., 1812-1882
Wade, A. N., 1836-1920 (homemade)


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