Keeton Cemetery is an antebellum cemetery on Keeton Cemetery Road. The cemetery is not indicated on the U.S.G.S. Bath Springs quadrangle (1972) but lies near the western edge of the map on the road shown just northwest of the Simmons Cem. Keeton Cemetery is well maintained. Most burials here are nineteenth century. There are 17 fieldstone-marked graves and several depressions indicating additional burials. Through the twentieth century the cemetery was used rarely but continuously, receiving one or two burials in a decade. David Donahue recorded this cemetery December 27, 1996 and checked and updated it November 9, 2003.

            Margarett Alexander and Blanche Tuten recorded this cemetery on December 29, 1975. Their record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records published by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 294-295. They note "at least 26 graves with no names." This is referred to as the UDC transcription in notes below.


Blankenship, Dennis M., 1956-1976, military marker as footstone "PFC US Marine Corps Vietnam"; dates on military marker Apr. 3, 1956-Dec. 16, 1976

Garrard, William A., Apr. 25, 1859-Sept. 3, 1949, "Erected by friends"

Haney, David B., Apr. 1, 1798-July 20, 1840, "Husband of Sarah W. Haney"

Haney, Sarah W., May 15, 1803-May 11, 1885, "Wife of David B. Haney"

Holland, Frances E., d. Oct. 23, 1855, "Aged 23 Years" "Wife of John H. Holland"

Keeton, Albert, born & died July 15, 1852, "Son of Dr. J. L. & M. L. Keeton"

Keeton, Catharina, Feb. 4, 1806-July 9, 1870 [replacement; adjacent to marker for Dr. Robert Keeton]

Keeton, Charles E., July 27, 1920-Apr. 23, 1995, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"/M. Lucille, Nov. 1, 1926-____

Keeton, E. Clyde, d. Jan. 28, 1897, "Aged 2 Ys, 1 Mo, 2 Ds" "Son of S. L. & A. E. Keeton"

Keeton, Emily, Feb. 19, 1866-June 15, 1955, "Wife of R. F. Keeton" [Eastern Star symbol]

Keeton, Flora C., Oct. 1, 1896-Jan. 7, 1919, "Dau. of S. L. & A. E. Keeton"

Keeton, J. L., May 25, 1826-June 14, 1881, "Dr." [replacement]

Keeton, John Clinton, Mar. 9, 1859-Sept. 30, 1859, "Son of Dr. J. L & M. L. Keeton"

Keeton, Lester Cloyce, Aug. 16, 1910-Jan. 18, 1911, "Son of O. U. & F. M. Keeton"

Keeton, Margaret M., July 19, 1823-Apr. 6, 1893, "Wife of Dr. J. L. Keeton" (broken)

Keeton, Margaret, June 18, 1827-Feb. 14, 1856, "Wife of Dr. J. L. Keeton" [replacement]

Keeton, Mary Elizabeth, Feb. 27, 1851-July 30, 1852, "Dau. of Dr. J. L. & M. L. Keeton" (broken) [broken at birth date; birth date from UDC transcription]

Keeton, Ora D., 1895-1983, "Mother" [Eastern Star Symbol]
Keeton, Bedford B., 1896-1975, "Father" "Married Oct. 5, 1919," military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I"; dates on military marker Sept. 19, 1896-Mar. 4, 1975 [masonic symbol]

Keeton, R. F., Aug. 13, 1848-Jan. 2, 1911 [replacement; Masonic symbol]

Keeton, Robert, d. June 8, 1858, "Age 59 Years" "Dr." [replacement]

Tucker, M. J., d. Sept. 12, 1916, "Age 78 Ys, 1 Mo, 12 Ds"
Tucker, J. W., d. Apr. 29, 1917, "86 Ys, 6 Mo, 5 dDs" (fallen) [the UDC transcription notes him to have been a CSA soldier]


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