This is a very old cemetery on Batty Road between Pete Tucker Road and Keeton Cemetery Road. It is labeled near the right edge of the U.S.G.S. Thurman quadrangle (1972) on the north side of Turnbo Creek. Most burials here probably took place before 1870. There is one twentieth century carved marker and two dozen or more fieldstones and grave shaft depressions.

            David Donahue recorded Johnston Cemetery was recorded December 26, 1996. Margarett Alexander recorded Johnston cemetery on Febryuary 9, 1976. Her record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records published by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 291. She noted "15 unmarked graves." This note was included: "Mrs. Mozelle Scott was interviewed on June 19, 1976 and she states Dr. & Mrs. Johnston had one son buried in this cemetery in an unmarked grave next to his parents. His name was William, called Bill, and he was about 75 or 80 years old at the time of his death on May 14, 1936."


Johnston, W. D., Mar. 22, 1820-Feb. 29, 1865, "Dr.," "Father" footstone
Johnston, S. F., July 26, 1834-July 15, 1926, "His Wife," "Mother" footstone


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