Ivey Cemetery is a very old cemetery at the end of Ivey Cemetery Road. It is shown near the northwest corner of the Bath Springs quadrangle (1972) near the headwaters of Whites Creek. It retains its fieldstone-marked graves. Most are upright and remain in pairs. Probably only a third or less of all graves here have markers with inscriptions. David Donahue recorded this cemetery December 27, 1991 and checked and updated it November 1, 2003. In 1991 there were several shell-covered graves similar to the old Aaron family graves at Pleasant Hill Cemetery. By 2003 the shells had mostly disintegrated.

          Margarett Alexander and Blanche Tuten recorded this cemetery on February 15, 1976. Their record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records published by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 283-285. This is referred to as UDC transcription in the notes below. Alexander and Tuten estimated 100 unmarked graves.


Autrye, Lucy Matilda [see Lucy Matilda Helmer]

Black, Benny R., 1931-1933 [replacement]

Butler, M. A., 1867-____, "Mother"
Butler. A. M., 1859-1918, "Father"

Davis, Millie [see Ivey, Millie Davis]

Funderburk, James S., Jan. 26, 1866-Nov. 15, 1943 [replacement]

Funderburk, Mattie Ivey, d. Nov. 3, 1920

Hay, Nora May, Apr. 8, 1894-Feb. 26, 1895, "Sister" footstone[replacement]

Hay, Thomas Arnold, Nov. 30, 1872-June 27, 1896 [replacement]

Helmer, Lucy Matilda, Mar. 16, 1830-Oct. 13, 1874, "Nee Autrey"

Ivey, Amon J., July 31, 1862-June 23, 1940, "Father" footstone
Ivey, Manda Ora, Mar. 2, 1865-July 3, 1947, "Mother" footstone

Ivey, Bessie Ida, Apr. 17, 1906-Apr. 1951 [adjacent to marker for Carson Luther Ivey]

Ivey, Carson Luther, July 7, 1889-Nov. 11, 1943

Ivey, Edward, no dates, "brother of Martha Jane and Leona Bell Ivey"

Ivey, Franklin C., Oct. 6, 1852-Oct. 2, 1854, "Son of P. & N. Ivey" [in 1991 this was one of a row of five shell covered graves]

Ivey, Jerlden, Oct. 23, 1919-Nov. 19, 1922

Ivey, Martha [see Yarbro, Martha Ivey]

Ivey, Mary B., Mar. 31, 1906-____
Ivey, Oscar R., Aug. 17, 1889-July 23, 1978

Ivey, Mary E., Aug. 1839-Oct. 1919
Ivey, John J., Oct. 1830-May 1885 [the UDC transcription notes that he was a CSA soldier]

Ivey, Mattie [see Funderburk, Mattie Ivey]

Ivey, Millie Davis, 1851-1923 [replacement]

Ivey, Phillip E., Sept. 12, 1856-Feb. 10, 1857, "Son of P. & N. Ivey" [this is one of a row of five shell covered graves similar to the older Aaron family graves at Pleasant Hill Cemetery]

Ivey, Rachel, 1856-1906
Ivey, Carson, 1850-1887 [in 2003 loose muscle shells had placed on granite base of marker]

Ivey, W. R., d. Aug. 9, 1913, "Age 64 ys 10 ms 6 ds" "Husband of M. A. Ivey"

Jackson, John, d. Sept. 19, 1830, "Aged about 51 years" "He was a volunteer in the War of 1812"

Jackson, Sally, Mar. 18, 1791-Aug. 28, 1873 (broken, eroded) [only "Sa" of first name was readable in 1991; "Sally" was obtained from the UDC transcription]

Scott, Ida, d. July 7, 1954, "Age 65 yrs, 6 mos, 22 days" [not found in 1991 or 2003; from UDC transcription which noted this as a temporary marker]

Scott, Lillie, Mar. 20, 1905-Oct. 16, 1926 (homemade)

Scott, Malcolm Woodrow, d. July 28, 1993, "Aged 79 Years 5 months 20 Days," temporary marker, Parsons Mortuary, 3 yards east of double marker for Mozell and Joe Scott

Scott, Marie, 1938-1940 [probably daughter of Mozell and Joe Scott]

Scott, Martha I, 1888-1954, "Mother" footstone
Scott, Amon L., 1877-1956, "Father" footstone

Scott, Mary B., Mar. 31, 1906-____
Scott, Oscar R., Aug. 17, 1889-July 22, 1978

Scott, Mozell, 1915-____
Scott, Joe, 1907-1947

Scott, O. W., Oct. 20, 1880-Sept. 30, 1910 (broken, fallen)

Tucker, Dolly E., Sept. 21, 1883-Mar. 24, 1904. "Dau. of A. L. & M. C. Tucker"

Tucker, Flora J., 1915-1998
Tucker, James H., 1916-1979

Tucker, James W., Oct. 28, 1879-Sept. 1, 1887, "Son of A. L. & M. C. Tucker" (fallen)

Tucker, M. A., Sept. 10, 1849-Oct. 29, 1893, "Wife of Solomon Tucker"

Tucker, Solomon, Apr. 26, 1839-Jan. 30, 1902, military marker "Co. G. 23 Tenn. Inf. C.S.A."

Turner, J. A., May 4, 1928-May 5, 1928, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. Alver Turner"

Turner, Nancy A., 1943-1946

Turner, Nancy, 1904-1958
Turner, Alver, 1906-1986

Turner, Wilburn B., 1941-1946

VWilburn Lee, June 18, 1948, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Scott" [infant-size grave]

Yarbro, B. Dud, 1877-1951, "Father" footstone/Bell, 1880-1956

Yarbro, Martha Ivey, 1879-1896, "Wife of B. D. Yarbro" "Mother of William Yarbro" [replacement; death date conflicts with birth date of William Yarbro]

Yarbro, Pauline Gulledge, no dates, "Wife of William Yarbro"

Yarbro, William Martin, Aug. 13, 1898-Dec. 16, 1966



Elmer ____, d. Feb. 5, 196_, "Age 77 Years," temporary marker, Wylie Funeral Home, 4 yards east of double marker for Carson and Rachel Ivey


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