David Cemetery is a small family cemetery off the old road from Decaturville to Scott's Hill. It is indicated on the U.S.G.S. Scotts Hill quadrangle (1986). When visited in 1990, the cemetery is very well maintained. However, as the last burial was in 1949, the cemetery is no longer in use.

            David Donahue recorded Davis Cemetery October 18, 1990. Margarett Alexander recorded Davis Cemetery on February 15, 1976. Her record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records produced by the Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 162-164.


Bright, Lillian, May 17, 1879-Jan. 7, 1916, "Wife of J. A. Bright" "Mother"

Davis, Cora Mae [see Turner, Cora Mae Davis]

Davis, Eliza [see Lacy, Eliza Davis]

Davis, Elizabeth, July 6, 1835-Feb. 14, 1917, "Wife of L. F. Davis"

Davis, Green, Dec. 16, 1856-Dec. 7, 1893
Davis, Serena, Aug. 17, 1857-Mar. 17, 1932 [replacement]

Davis, Louis, July 10, 1795-Jan. 10, 1879 [replacement; in 1977 his name was recorded as Lewis]

Davis, Louis F., Dec. 7, 1833-Aug. 27, 1902, military marker "Co. H 31st Tenn. Inf. C.S.A."; second military marker as footstone "Louis Franklin Davis" "Pvt Co H 31 Regt Tenn Inf Confederate States Army"

Davis, Margaret Zelphia, Nov. 10, 1871-Oct. 5, 1875, "Daughter of L. F. & Elizabeth Davis" [replacenent; name recorded in 1977 as Magharet Zilphia Davis]

Davis, Sarah L., Mar. 9, 1805-Nov. 6, 1876, "Wife of Louis Davis" [replacement; in 1977 she was recorded as "Wife of Lewis Davis"]

Davis, Mittie, July 20, 1889-Oct. 21, 1963, "Sister"
Davis, Will Davis, Nov. 14, 1878-Nov. 5, 1951, "Brother"

Lacy, Eliza Davis, 1858-1914 [replacement]

Lacy, Hale H., 1855-1934 [replacement]

Roberts, Ada J., Dec. 24, 1880-Feb. 23, 1898

Roberts, Alice M., July 13, 1883-Dec. 17, 1909

Roberts, Bertha A., Dec. 31, 1879-Jan. 19, 1880

Roberts, Infant, born & died Feb. 1890, "Infant son of James M. & Mollie Roberts" [Alexander listed his birth date as Feb. 18, 1890]

Roberts, J. Walter, Dec. 4, 1885-Oct. 10, 1886

Roberts, James M., Jan. 15, 1855-Jan. 31, 1940, "Father" footstone [Alexander listed him as James Monroe Roberts]
Roberts, Mollie R., Aug. 13, 1860-June 2, 1937 [Alexander listed her as Mollie (Mary) R. Davis Roberts]

Rushing, Maggie E., Dec. 23, 1877-May 25, 1901, "Wife of J. M. Rushing"

Turner, Cora Mae Davis, Aug. 15, 1869-Aug. 25, 1938, "Wife of Thomas Turner"
Turner, Thomas, Apr. 21, 1870-May 13, 1949



"Baby," no name [probably a child of Hale H. Lacy and Eliza Davis]


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