Jerry and Linda Butler

Located near Bath Springs on Butler Cemetery Lane which intersects Highway 114 between highway 202 and highway 69. Surveyed July 8, 2000.


Butler, C. C., July 2, 1855-Aug. 2, 1920

Butler, Cora E., 1877-1960

Butler, Currie, 1904-1904

Butler, Edgar E., 1879-1912

Butler, Fletcher D., 1899-1948

Butler, Ida [see Moore, Ida Butler]

Butler, Lottie, Feb. 5, 1861-June 11, 1917, "Wife of C. C. Butler"

Butler, Marvin E., 1922-1931

Butler, Mary E., May 7, 1860-July 30, 1894, "Wife of C. C. Butler"

Butler, P. H., Dec. 23, 1859-Feb. 18, 1889

Butler, Tina L., 1904-1959

Butler, Fletcher D., 1899-1948

Keeton, Carrie M., 1942-1942

Keeton, Sidney R., Aug. 25, 1917-Dec. 28, 1998
Keeton, Ruby P., Jan 1, 1913-____

Moore, Ida Butler, May 25, 1898-Feb. 18, 1936, "Wife of James Arthur Moore" "Children: Lorean, Ilene, Clyde, Louise, James and Charles"

Moore, Lorean, June 23, 1919-Jan. 11, 1920, "Dau. of James Arthur & Ida Moore"


4 unmarked graves

Total 18 graves

Margarett Alexander and Blanche Tuten reported on February 28, 1976 that there were 8 unmarked graves and a total of 20 graves. From the earlier recording, we see that the marker for Ida Butler [Moore] has been added to probably replace one of the unmarked graves. Sidney Keeton's grave has been added. This indicates that stones for 3 unmarked graves have been lost since 1976.

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Comment by David Donahue following April 16, 2001 visit: There may be no unmarked graves. Three graves marked with fieldstones at both head and foot probably account for six of the eight "unmarked" graves reported by Alexander and Tuten. The two Moore graves, which have recently-installed markers, would be the remaining two "unmarked" graves. There are 18 marked burials, 15 of which are identified.

This version of the record of Butler Cemetery by Jerry and Linda Butler has been edited. Their original record included epitaphs. Click here for their original record.


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