Brigance Cemetery is located south of Decaturville at the intersection of Brooksie Road and Concord Road. The cemetery is labeled "Briggins Cem." on the U.S.G.S. Scotts Hill quadrangle (1986). The cemetery is probably very old for the area. At some time in the past someone replaced fieldstones and marked unmarked graves with 61 plain concrete blocks. Their effort was not totally successful as one recent burial and double marker intrudes into two of the earlier burials marked by concrete blocks.

            David Donahue recorded Brigance Cemetery October 15, 1990; updated it November 14, 1996; and checked and updated it December 12, 2003. Margaret Alexander and Blanche Tuten recorded Brigance Cemetery on July 14, 1976. Their record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records published by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 80-83. Reference is made to this work where appropriate. They reported 56 "unmarked" graves.


Brasher, Arbia, Dec. 19, 1874-Feb. 2, 1920, "Wife of G. W. Brasher"

Brasher, George Walter, July 28, 1871-June 25, 1942, "Dr."

Brasher, Joe, Nov. 5, 1907-Nov. 28, 1908, "Son of G. W. & Arbia Brasher"

Brawley, Clauis, d. Oct. 13, 1900, Age 4 Ms. 13 Ds., "Daug. of F. M. & L. E. Brawley"

Brawley, _____, no dates, ""Wife of T. G. Brawley" (broken) [recorded in 1991 but not found in 2003; she probably is the marker base with no marker]

Brigance, Festus, May 3, 1912-Apr. 11, 2000, military marker as footstone "William F. Brigance" "PFC US Army World War II"
Brigance, Opal W., Oct. 4, 1911-____

Brigance, J. H., Feb. 21, 1825-May 28, 1911

Brigance, Margaret C., Dec. 18, 1853-Jan. 22, 1880

Brigance, R. C., Dec. 22, 1824-Oct. 30, 1882, "Wife of J. H. Brigance"

Brigance, Virginia, Nov. 30, 1833-Sept. 16, 1908, "Wife of J. H. Brigance"

Bright, Mahala, July 30, 1848-Aug. 25, 1925, "Wife of G. W. Bright"
Bright, G. W., Sept. 24, 1833-Apr. 2, 1908, "Husband of Mahala" "Our father and mother", military marker as footstone "George W. Bright" "Capt Co H 31 Regt Tenn Inf Confederate States Army"

Bright, Mary J., born & died Apr. 18, 1878, "Dau. of G. W. & Mahala Bright"

Bright, Napolian, Oct. 24, 1871-Oct. 29, 1871, "Son of G. W. & Mahala Bright"

Bright, Phelan F., Aug. 9, 1889-Sept. 9, 1896, "Son of G. W. & Mahala Bright"

Broadway, Namonia, Sept. 9, 1926-Jan. 9, 1927
Broadway, Tommy L., May 8, 1936-Sept. 1, 1937

Carver, Gradie, 1902-1987
Carver, A. B., 1900-1980

Curry, J. F., May 5, 1869-Apr. 12, 1925, "Husband of Mattie Curry" "Father"

Curry, Mattie Joe, 1868-1953

Funderburk, James T., born & died Jan. 14, 1927, "Son of G. E. & B. M. Funderburk"

Funderburk, Julie, July 11, 1902-Jan. 24, 1986
Funderburk, Erskin, Nov. 10, 1895-Sept. 8, 1979
Funderburk, Beulah, July 11, 1898-Jan. 20, 1927 [from earlier marker for Beulah reported by Alexander and Tuten: Beulah M. Funderburk, "Wife of C. E. Funderburk"]

Harrell, Abraham, July 24, 1793-July 27, 1877 (broken, fallen) [death date unreadable in 2003]

Harrell, Rebecca, d. Mar. 16, 1864, Aged 63 Y'rs 5 m's 20 d's, "Wife of Abraham Harrell"

Jones, Addie M., 1872-1964, "Mother"
Jones, Henry W., 1870-1942, "Father" [Odd Fellows symbol]

Jones, Bessie B., 1902-1952
Jones, Hulon W., 1899-1984 [Masonic symbol], footstone with "Mother and father"

Jones, Infant, Jan. 13, 1912-Jan. 14, 1914, "Infant daughter of H. W. & A. M. Jones"

Jones, O. C., Jan. 18, 1932-June 28, 1932, "Son of Luther & Nona Jones"

Jones, Oscar N., Oct. 9, 1896-Dec. 1, 1918, "Son of H. M. & A. M. Jones" "Died in the U.S. Army in France," military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I"; dates on military marker Oct. 9, 1896-Dec. 2, 1918

Jones, Thomas Lesley, Aug. 22, 1904-Aug. 3, 1905, "Son of H. W. & A. M. Jones"

Jones, Vera, 1903-1985
Jones, Locie, 1902-1972

Jones, W. O., Feb. 14, 1929-Aug. 22, 1932

Jones, William Carrell, Jan. 15, 1895-Jan. 13, 1921, "Son of H. W. & A. M. Jones," military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I"

Lee, Stanley E., Oct. 27, 1946-____
Lee, Linda Faye, Apr. 3, 1944-____, "Married May 30, 1982"

Milam, Beckie, 1866-1931

Milam, Bettie, 1859-1946

Milam, James, 1874-1927
Milam, Lora, 1873-1951, "Mother"

Milam, M. A., Oct. 19, 1829-Dec. 26, 1916, "Wife of W. H. Milam"

Milam, Mollie, Apr. 19, 1866-Jan. 20, 1929, "Wife of W. G. Fisher"

Milam, W. C., 1922-1994, military marker as footstone "SSgt US Army Air Corps World War II"; dates on military marker Jan. 14, 1922-Mar. 20, 1994
Milam, Mary Lou, 1927-1974, "Married Mar. 28, 1947"

Milam, W. H., Apr. 10, 1828-Nov. 3, 1899, "Husband of M. A. Milam"

Milam, William Green, Feb. 28, 1861-Oct. 15, 1938

Moody, Henry, Oct. 7, 1892-Aug. 30, 1941
Moody, Clara, Jan. 22, 1892-Mar. 17, 1971

Moody, Infant, Aug. 13, 1927, "Inf. son of Henry & Clara Moody"

Myracle, Louise [see Wyatt, Louise Myracle]

Taylor, James C., 1911-2003, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II Bronze Star Medal"; dates on military marker jan. 27, 1908-Feb. 27, 2003

Taylor, Verbia W., 1916-____

Warden, S. C., no dates, military marker "2 Lieut. Co. G 27 Tenn Inf. C.S.A."

West, James, Sr., 1874-1955
West, Verba, 1890-1977 [Alexander and Tuten reported death date as July 25, 1977]

West, Mattie M., 1908-1987
West, Louis L., 1908-1982, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"; dates on military marker June 28, 1908-June 19, 1982

Wright, Arbie Z., 1869-1927, "Mother"
Wright, John N., 1870-1957, "Father" [Masonic symbol]

Wright, Martha A., Mar. 12, 1847-Oct. 23, 1878 [replacement]

Wright, Martha L., Feb. 4, 1876-Feb. 13, 1876

Wright, Minnie A., 1880-1948
Wright, William T., 1874-1950

Wright, Ouida M., 1893-1895

Wright, William M., Jan. 16, 1841-Feb. 1, 1897 [replacement], military marker as footstone "Pvt Co G 1 Regt Tenn Cav Civil War"

Wright, Zelma L., 1916-____
Wright, Willie B., 1915-1998, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"; dates on military marker May 22, 1915-Aug. 24, 1998; "Wed Aug. 24, 1940

Wyatt, Louise Myracle, Apr. 17, 1923-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Wyatt, Clifford C., Sept. 17, 1919-July 20, 1990, "Father" footstone [Masonic symbol]; also military marker as footstone "SSgt US Army World War II"

Wyatt, Sopha, Oct. 21, 1900-Oct. 22, 1900, "Dau. of W. G. & Laura Wyatt"

Wyatt, W. G., Aug. 24, 1856-July 1, 1939, "Husband of L. J. Wyatt" "Father"
Wyatt, Laura J., Feb. 5, 1859-Sept. 19, 1920, "Wife of W. G. Wyatt" "Mother"

Wyatt, William C., 1884-1978
Wyatt, Nora B., 1887-1979


Other People Known To Be Buried Here

Brigance, John (July 28, 1782-Jan. 10, 1856)

Brigance, Rebecca (July 28, 1799-after 1850)


Other People Probably Buried Here

Brigance, John S. (June 30, 1862-June 21, 1864), son of John H. Brigance and Rachel Caroline Harrell

Brigance, Julian E. (Aug. 18, 1855-c1875), son of John H. Brigance and Rachel Caroline Harrell.

Brigance, Tranquilla (Apr. 25, 1850-Sept. 1, 1855), daughter of John H. Brigance and Rachel Caroline Harrell

Curry, Mollie (d. c1898), Mollie Campbell, first wife of Jess F. Curry.

Welch, Rebecca (Mar. 10, 1853-c1882), daughter of John H. Brigance and Rachel Caroline Harrell and wife of John Welch.

Wright, Amanda, second wife of William M. Wright; William M. Wright married Amanda Anderson, Feb. 10, 1880, Decatur County.


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