This is an old cemetery just off the left side of U.S. 641 about 1 miles north of Jeanette. It is the southern most and larger of the two Bawcum cemeteries indicated on the U.S.G.S. Sugar Tree quadrangle (1986). The cemetery is well maintained. It may be full but is still in use. Fieldstone removal and ground leveling make estimating the total number of graves difficult. A large portion of the enscribed markers here are much newer than the death dates they report.

            David Donahue recorded Bawcum Cemetery December 27, 1996 and checked and updated it December 25, 2003. Margarett Alexander, Blanche Tuten, and Nancy Jones on recorded Bawcum Cemetery on June 10, 1976. Their record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records published by the Captain Daniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 31-33. They note "175 unmarked graves." This is referred to as the Alexander et al. in notes below.


Baugus, Arloe J., d. July 14, 1896, Aged 1 Yr 9 Ms 7 Ds, "Son of M. J. & Alice Baugus" (eroded)

Bawcum, C. A., d. May 23, 1925, Aged 75 Ys 2 Ms 7 Ds, "Wife of G. W Bawcum"

Bawcum, G. W., d. Jan. 2, 1906, Aged 66 y 8 m 16 d, "Husband of C. A. Bawcum"

Bawcum, John W., 1845-1914 [Masonic symbol]
Bawcum, Frances, 1840-1907 [replacement]

Bawcum, Nicholas, Jr., 1750-Jan. 11, 1846, "Born . . . in N.C." [replacement]

Bratcher, Sonia G., Nov. 26, 1958-Sept. 5, 1997

Buckingham, Billie, 1856-1902
Buckingham, Mandia, 1860-1932 [replacement]

Cagle, Jasper A., July 11, 1894-Apr. 29, 1983
Cagle, Viola B., Nov. 6, 1902-Apr. 8, 1952, "Wed Oct. 1918"

Cagle, Loiuse, Sept. 2, 1919-Mar. 4, 1999, "Mama"
Cagle, Paul, Jan. 27, 1921-Oct. 15, 1998, "Pap"; "Wed Mar. 3, 1939"

Cagle, M. E., d. Sept. 24, 1896, Aged 3 Ys. 1 Mo. 20 Ds., "Dau. of M. C. & E. E. Cagle" [not found or not readable in 1996; reported by Alexander et al.]

Cagle, Ruth [see Mills, Ruth Cagle]

Collett, Nena, Sept. 28, 1897-May 5, 1971

Conrad, Eller E., 1872-1953
Conrad, Albert P., 1873-1907 [replacement]

Conrad, J. J., Sept. 10, 1862-Apr. 17, 1925 [replacement]

Conrad, Mary E., 1888-1919 [replacement]

Conrad, Ruby, Aug. 27, 1919-Oct. 10, 1919 [replacement]

Conrad, ______, no dates, "Baby" [probably child of Eller E. and Albert P. Conrad, whose double marker is adjacent]

Crawse, J. C., May 18, 1833-July 28, 1874 [Masonic symbol]

Crues, Clevie, 1910-1910, "Brother" footstone [replacement]

Crues, Ella, 1886-1937 [Eastern Star symbol]
Crues, E. C., 1888-1945 [Masonic symbol]

Crues, Grandmother, no dates

Crues, Ishmal, 1924-1936, "Brother" footstone [replacement]

Crues, Nettie, 1894-1898, "Sister" footstone [replacement]

Crues, Roberta, 1915-1929, "Sister" footstone [replacement]

Crewse, M. F., Feb. 20, 1860-Oct. 2, 1884, "Father" (broken, repaired)

Crewse, S. E., Dec. 7, 1868-Dec. 14, 1873

Cruse, Annie, Dec. 1864-July 1940, "Mother" footstone
Cruse, Granville, Apr. 1861-Mar. 1911, "Father" footstone [replacement]

Cruse, John, June 1892-Mar. 1911 [replacement]

DeLong, James, 1868-1938 [replacement]
DeLong, Hettie, 1872-1936

Doyle, Donnie M., Oct. 23, 1886-June 8, 1950

Enoch, David, "departed this life on the 18 _____ __ year of his age" (scratched on fieldstone)

Gibbon, Alvin, 1913-1913 [replacement]

Juarez, Muriel Laird, June 6, 1921-Mar. 10, 2003

Laird, Muriel [see Juarez, Muriel Laird]

Laird, Roy H., Sr., 1909-1991, temporary marker, Boyd Funeral Home, 3 feet north of marker for Muriel Laird Juarez

Marchbanks, John, Lou & Family, n.d. [on concrete border of family plot]

Mills, Connie Chester "Toad," Dec. 9, 1922-Dec. 13, 1984
Mills, Ruth Cagle, Aug. 5, 1929-____, "Married Feb. 28. 1948" "Our children Wilma Shirley Brenda Elise Ida Marty William"

Morris, J. T., d. Sept. 16, 1904, "Aged 56 ys 4 ms 27 ds" "Husband of M. E. Morris"

Morris, Leonard, d. Sept. 28, 1904, "Age 2 ys 16 days" "Son of J. A. & N. J. Morris"

Murphy, Jettie Crues, 1914-____ [Eastern Star symbol]
Murphy, George Washington, 1894-1973 [Masonic symbol], military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt US Army World War I"; dates on military marker Aug. 28, 1894-Sept. 19, 1973; "Married 3-5-1933"

Petty, Mary J., d. Sept. 2, 1894, "Aged 36 Ys 6 Ms 23 Ds" "Wife of C. A. Petty"

Samples, Edna, 1898-1989, "Mother" footstone
Samples, Richard, 1891-1971, military marker as footstone "Richard T. Samples" "Missouri Eng1 US Navy World War I"; dates on military marker Oct. 14, 1891-Mar. 23, 1971

Sisco, Jesse, 1908-1909 [replacement]

Sisco, W. T., 1888-1922 [replacement]

Wheat, Mary, Oct. 28, 1829-Aug. 28, 1886, "Wife of Silas Wheat" (broken, repaired) [repair obliterated birth month and death year]



Baby, no dates [probably a Crues]

Baby, no dates [probably a Crues]

Baby, no dates [probably a Crues]

H.V.R. (footstone, no corresponding marker)

Infant son, Feb. 2, 1908 [replacement; with Conrad replacement markers]

Two infants, Sept. 21, 1901-Sept. 21, 1901 [probably DeLong]


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