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July 7, 1876


Edward R. McCann, janitor for 12 years at the Hynes and Hume and Fogg school buildings, Nashville, died July 5, 1876.


Thomas McHugh died in Edgefield, Tenn., July 5, 1876 aged 38 years; funeral today.


Thomas Francis "Tom" Kelly died in Nashville, July 6, 1876 aged 17 years, 7 months; mass

at the cathedral, today; an officer of the Aloysius Society. [Burial in Calvary Cemetery,



July 8, 1876


Annie Gleaves, wife of J. B. Gleaves, daughter of Moses Mack Ridley, Nashville, died July 7, 1876; funeral today.


July 9, 1876


George W. Reeder, aged 25 years, grandson of George Cox, Maysville, Ky., committed suicide,

July 4, 1876, shooting himself with a revolver in the White Hall saloon in that town.


During a quarrel, Henry Mainer stabbed Lawrence H. Neese to death, July 4, 1876. Neese and wife, Ellen, lived in Bell's Bend, seven miles from Nashville.


Waverly, Tenn., JOURNAL reported that Lucy, daughter of Alien Corbett. was killed by lightning

on Blue Creek in Humphreys County, July 5, 1876.


Tribute to memory of James L. Wells, Past Grand Dictator of/by Vanderbilt Lodge #79, Knights of Honor; a "good brother and affectionate husband." Undated.


David George Haynes, son of J. L. and Elizabeth Haynes, not quite a year old, died June 23,

1876. "Our baby boy came into the world sick and was sick all his little life."


July 11, 1876


Poem in memory of Ellen Kirkman Farrell, only daughter of Norman and Josephine Farrell, died July 10, 1876 aged 4 years, 5 months old.


William Julian and Ophelia Laferty were married July 10, 1876.


July 12, 1876


Charlie Shields, son of George Shields, formerly of Nashville and grandson of Charles E. H.

Martin and Benjamin M. Shields, was drowned in Village Creek, twenty miles west of Dallas,

Texas, a few days ago.


July 13, 1876


Jacob Davis and wife, Smith Co., Tenn. had been married sixty-nine years.


George Hawthorne, black, was shot and killed by Jordan Gray on the Nelson farm in Haywood

Co., Tenn., July 8, 1876.


July 14, 1876


Ida Powers, daughter of Mrs. Samuel Powers, Nashville, died July 13, 1876 in the 18th year of her age. [Burial in Jewish Cemetery. An effusive tribute to her memory, by a friend, Sarah, appeared in the July 16, 1876 issue, page 4; another one, by M. C. L., was also published.]


William Cooper, a member of the Primitive Baptist Church since 1830 and an ordained preacher in that church since 1871, died July 13, 1876; funeral from the Colored Primitive Baptist Church today.


July 15, 1876


John Brennan, infant son of M. Brennan and wife, Nashville, died July 14, 1876; funeral today.


Susie A. Nichol, wife of J. Edgar Nichol, Nashville, died July 15, 1876; funeral from residence

of William Nichol, esquire, Lebanon Pike, today.


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Captain James S. Hughes and Adelia Josephine Hewlett: of Robertson Co., Tenn. were married

July 13, 1876.


July 16, 1876


Paris, Tenn., POST-INTELLIGENCER reported that Willie Harris, son of C P Harris dec., while driving a wagon loaded with sacks of wheat was thrown to the ground with a jostle, the wagon passing over him, the injuries from which accident he died within a few minutes, July 3, 1876.


Calvin Waldron, Nashville, died July 15, 1876 in the 16th year of his age; funeral tomorrow.


Mrs. Bridget Deviney, Nashville, died July 14, 1876 aged 75 years; funeral from residence of her daughter, Mrs. John Quinn, today.


July 17, 1876


Missing issue


July 18, 1876


Jane Townsend, widow of John W. Townsend, Mobile, Alabama, died in the residence of Bishop

McTyeire, Vanderbilt University. Nashville, July 17, 1876; temporary interment in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.


Eva Bell McNeilly, infant daughter of James H. and Mary W. McNeilly, Nashville, died July 16

1876; funeral yesterday and burial was in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.


July 19, 1876


William Harris, a merchant at Cornersville, Tenn., died July 15, 1876. "His signature was bold as that of John Hancock and his life as upright and pure as the best of men."


July 20, 1876


 p. 2:


   The following valedictory appears in the Clarksville Tobacco-Leaf of yesterday:


   It is hare to take leave of a community in which one has labored for ten years.  I began life here in 1866, and in all the struggles of life I have met nothing but kindness and good will from the people of Clarksville and of Montgomery county.  I can say that I have held the interest of the public above my own.  I have tried to discharge my duty to the public.  I can say, too, with pride and with affection for the people of my adopted home, that they have been generous to my faults and overlooked the shortcomings which every man must detect in looking back over his career.  Wherever my lot may be cast I shall always look back with a feeling of affection for the people of this community.  I can never form ties elsewhere that will be harder to sever than those which have bound me to the people of Clarksville.  If it is hard for me to sever ties binding me to the whole people, I hope it is not presumption in me to believe that kind friends will view my departure with some shade of regret.  Parting is sad at best.  To prolong it but adds poignancy and lengthens a sad hour.  Then a hearty, heart-felt good-bye.

   My friends of the Chronicle and its able and high-toned editor, Dr. Wright, I have to thank for many journalistic courtesies and for relations which have been friendly and courteous – which have not allowed differences of opinion to alter friendly and cordial relations.

   My successor, Mr. M. V. Ingram, is well-known as a newspaper man, thoroughly alive to the interests of the public.  No man is more capable of fully presenting every occurrence and every point of interest.  He takes the paper next week and will be assisted by T. M. Riley, Esq., a gentleman who wields a facile pen, of good education and capacity to interest the public.  They will be found strong and capable newspaper men.

   In accepting a position on the editorial staff of the AMERICAN, I have obeyed what seemed the dictates of interest of myself and family.  The AMERICAN is the leading paper among strictly Southern journals, and offers a wide field of usefulness in the world of opinions.

   I have put off good-bye to the last, avoiding a sad duty; I find I have done worst that I would have done best.  It is well enough, for no words will express the pain of severing ties so strong as those which bind me to the people of Clarksville, and which have grown up through social and business intercourse of ten years in which I can recall in this hour nothing but the pleasant – nothing disagreeable to even assuage the pain of leave-taking.

                                                                             H. M DOAK.


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Boyd M. Cheatham died at home in Springfield, Tenn., July 19, 1876 aged 38 years; a sometime member of the state legislature.


The new Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 40 by 66 feet, was being built in Franklin, Tenn; construction by Hugh Thompson of Edgefield.


July 21, 1876


James S. Williams, administrator of the estate of Philip Baits, dec., Davidson Co., Tenn., suggested its insolvency, July 12, 1876 and notified persons with claims against the estate file the same with the county court clerk within six months.


Lizzie Orr, sister of John, W. F., Robert Orr, died near Columbia, Tenn., July 19, 1876.


Nora Treanor, youngest daughter of Thomas O. and Mary E. Treanor, Tulip Grove, died July 20, 1876 aged 2 years; interment in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, today.


Dr. H. M. Compton, aged 42 years, died Nashville, August [July] 20, 1876; funeral tomorrow.


July 22, 1876


Abram Markoweiz received his naturalization papers. [The account of this procedure, copied by the compiler in the metro archives, Davidson County Court Minute Book P, page 351:


ABRAHAM MARKOWEIZ                                                        

Ex Parte



Be it remembered that this cause came on to be heard before the Honorable J. C. Ferriss, Judget &c. on this 21 day of July 1876 and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the said ABRAHAM MARKOWEIZ was born in Russia Poland on the13th day of August 1833; that he immigrated to the United States in the year 1852 and that he has resided here more than five years and that at the November Term 1854 of  Circuit Court of Davidson said A. MARKOWEIZ made his declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States, agreeably to the statute in such cases made and provided; that the said A. MARKOWEIZ is a man of good moral character and is attached Co the principles of the Constitution of the United States and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the same. And it further appearing chat he has in all things complied with the laws in regard to naturalization and having taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, it is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed by the Court, that the said ABRAHAM             MARKOWEIZ be admitted to citizenship and that he be entitled to all the rights and privileges and immunities of naturalized citizens.                                                            

(July 21, 1876)]


July 23, 1876


Margaret Mandy, wife of Dennis S. Mandy, Nashville, died July 22, 1876; funeral today.


July 24, 1876


Missing issue


July 25, 1876 


Covington, Tenn., RECORD reported that “Col. R. H. Munford was the first person who rode in a stage which ran between Louisville and Nashville. This was in 1837.”


Brownsville, Tenn., STATES reported that Jack Sheen, black, was killed by lightning, July 21, 1876. On July 16, 1876 Lewis Sangster, black, shot and killed Jim Harper, black, in Civil District 6, Haywood Co., Tenn.; their difficulty arose “about a woman.”


Robert Sheegog, Nashville, died in Warm Springs, N. C., July 21, 1876 in the 40th year of his age.


George W. Spain died at home on Nolensville Pike near Nashville, July 24, 1876 in the 60th year of his age; funeral today.


"In Memoriam, "a poem, to Mrs. Sabrina Sutherland, dec.


July 26, 1876


Mrs. W. E. Stones died McMinnville, Tenn., July 25, 1876.


Sophronia L. Turner, widow of Major Robert B. Turner, formerly of Davidson Co., Tenn., died

in Karnes Co., Texas, July 2, 1876 in the 66th year of her age.



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July 27, 1876


Jennie Shapard, wife of George Driver and eldest daughter of W. B. and Cordelia Shapard, died Opelika, Alabama, July 22, 1876.


Page 3:   [Concerning Desdemona Taylor Turley, 1788-1877 and family]

Knoxville Chronicle:  There will be a reunion of the Turley family today at the old homestead, near Morristown, Tenn., at which the mother, now 88 years old, and living at the old home place, where the family were all raised, will preside.  This is certainly a remarkable family.  There are nine children, all living and married, and the only death that has occurred in the family was that of the father, who has been dead many years.  There are six sons, viz.: Judge Turley, of Franklin, Tenn.; Hon. W. H. Turley, of McMillan’s station; our fellow townsman, Mr. Jno. H. Turley; James Turley, a citizen of Texas; Daniel and Robert, the former of whom owns the Turley mill place (the mother living with him) and the latter lives near by.  There are three sisters, all living near the old homestead.  All of these will be gathered at this reunion to-day.  The oldest of the family is sixty-six years old, while the youngest is forty-three and is a grandparent.


 July 28, 1876


Charles B. Barthell, adopted son of J. P. and Fannie Barthell, Nashville, died July 28, 1876.


Colonel R. C. McNairy, native of Nashville; son of Nathaniel McNairy, died in residence of son-in-law, Mr. Clifton, near Louisville, Ky., July 27, 1876 aged about 54 years. [July 30, 1876 issue, page 1, tribute of respect in his memory by the mayor, city council and board of education, Nashville, dated July 29. Another tribute, by the Nashville Commercial Insurance Company, appeared in same issue, page 4.]


July 29, 1876


The body of William Cross who drowned near Hickman, Ky. a week ago was recovered July 27, 1876; formerly a merchant at Woodland Mills.


Robert Woods McDaniel, only child of H. C. and Julia W. McDaniel, died July 28, 1876, aged 3 years, 11 months, 8 days [Sept. 20, 1872]; funeral today.


Kate E. Barr, wife of William Davis, died July 28, 1876 aged 34 years, 9 months.


Major R. C. McNairy died near LouisvilIe, Ky., in residence of son-in-law, C. H. Clifton, July 27, 1876 in the 57th year of his age; funeral tomorrow in Nashville.


Elmira P., wife of Thomas J. Allen, daughter of John E. Reed, dec., Concord. North Carolina,

died July 28, 1876 in the 38th year of her age.


July 30, 1876


Page 4:  [Concerning Desdemona Taylor Turley, 1788 – 1877 and family]

A Veritable Mother in Israel.

   Judge T. W. Turley, of Williamson, left Franklin recently to annend a family reunion at the home of his mother, on Holston river, in Grainger county.  She is in her 89th year, and has not taken a dose of medicine in upwards of fifty years.  She is the mother of nine children, six sons and three daughters, all yet living, the youngest 47 and the oldest 64 years old.  There were all with her on the 25th for the first time in thirty-eight years.  The most remarkable fact of all was, she and her descendants numbered precisely one hundred living souls, embracing four generations.  She was brought to the banks of the Holston by her father, Daniel Taylor, in the year 1795, and has lived there ever since.  She is in fine health and spirits, and has a memory rich with reminiscences of early frontier life.  While her children all use spectacles, she uses the needle deftly and skillfully with her natural eyesight.


July 31, 1876


Mary E. Patton, aged 50 years, died in the residence of Gen. B. F. Cheatham, near Beech Grove, Coffee Co., Tenn., July 28, 1876.


Resolutions of respect for J. F. Eubanks, recently deceased, by Olympus Lodge #67, Knights of Honor, dated July 28, 1876.


August 1, 1876


Miss Margaret E. Patton, aged 50 years, died July 28, 1876 near Beech Grove, Coffee Co., Tenn. in residence of Gen. B. F. Cheatham.


Haiden Curd Howell, son of Morton B. and Bettie C. Howell, Nashville, died July 31, 1876.


Funeral of Kate E. Barr, wife of William Davis held today.



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