1900 TO 1985

North (white) G. Washburn and wife Elizabeth Reed Smith, children: Sam, Ernest, Luevinnia (Lou), Laura, and Clevie - Sold to Hugh and wife Balzada Ryalls Young, children: Adell, J. C., Mae, Molie, Euda, Sada., Elve, Jeraldine, Mabel, and Syvilla., who died in infancy. Sold to Edward (Ed) and wife Alice Wilson Bailey, children: Robert, Roy, Lance, and Allen Dean, sons, and Fayrene, Geneva Gray, Jane, and Charlotte, daughters. The Heirs own the farm in 1985 - David and Beth Wadley Cratis and D. Joe Wadley, Lance and Ann Bailey.

North (white) J. R. Reed (father), L. Tom and wife Maggie Reed, children: Leonard and Ray. Sold to Wm. Sidney and wife Edna Wadley Rhodes, son: Harvelle, granddaughters Harvette and Nancy own the farm in 1983. They sold it to David and Beth Wadley in August, 1983.

North (white) Henry W. and Catherine G. McCall, children: Walter, John, Fenner, Josie, Jenny, and Cornelia (Neely). The heirs own the farm in 1985 - Mrs. Grace Bell McCall, her daughter Mabel McCall Jones and husband Miles Jones.

North-West (white) Joel and wife Elvira Pierce. 18 acre tract North and 57 acre tract on the west in 1911 sold to W. L. and wife Martha Benson Smith. In 1985 this land is owned by Minnie S. Bailey and Martha E. Smith.

West (black) Aunt Caroline McCorkle Trice (slave) wife of Jackson Trice (slave) inherited this farm from her owners the Trice brothers (white) who deeded it to her sons Marshall and Luke Trice. Luke and wife Allie Dickson Trice, children: Shelby, Brady, Clevie, Hazel, and Lorena. Shelby and Brady bought the sistersí shares at Allieís death. Shelby sold his half (except house and 1 acre) to Thomas and wife Sue Connor in 1981. Brady and Catherine own their share in 1985 Marshall and wife Minnie Muse Trice, children: Thurman, Manley, Royal, Woodrow, Lona, Averline, Elerina, Vashti. Thurmanís heirs and Woodrow own the farm 1985. They bought the shares of the brothers and sisters in late 1970ís.

West (white) Hubert (Doc) and wife Sadie Stewart Woodruff sold their tract of 65 acres to Luke and Allie Trice and through default by Shelby and Brady, the land was sold to I.W. Helm and Eugene Turner. Later sold at Public Auction Henderson to John and wife Carolyn Potter who own the land in 1985.

West (white) Charlie and wife Lucy Moss Brewer, children Albert, Tompsey, Coiner, Ora, Nannie, Marydonna, Roxie, and Ethel. Albert was deeded a tract of land for the care of his parents as long as they lived. The rest of the farm was bought at their death by Leon Brewer who sold it to R. C. and wife Lois Cherry Burross, children: Bobby Wayne, and Randy. The Burrosses sold the land to Isaac (Pug) and wife Connor. They sold it to Gene and wife Wanda Connor, who sold 6.2 acres to John Potter. The Albert and Mary Brewer tract was sold by bits and pieces to Thomas and Sue Connor except 7 acres where the house and barns were. Thomas Connor sold 1 acre to W. L. and Zelma Jacobs. At Albertís death, Leon Brewer sold 2 acres to Thomas Connor. Then he sold 2.5 acres to Shelby Trice. Leon sold 2.5 acres to Jon C. and Constance Neely Miller. The Millers sold to Carroll Joyce Smith Lott in 1984. All owners as of 1984.

South West (white) W. H. and wife Sara Trice Lott deeded this tract to W. R. (Will) and wife Marydonna Brewer Lott, children: Tillman, Truman, Lera, Maurine, Allene (2 died when infants). Truman and Lera sold their shares to M. C. and wife Estell Jones who are owners in 1985. Tillman sold his share to Al Nelson and a subdivision builder.

South (white) John T. and wife Nannie Young Trice purchased this 100 acre tract from J. M. McCallum in 1877 and deeded it to Newt and Bell Holmes McGill to care for them as long as they lived. Later at Aunt Nannieís death, Uncle Johnie was placed in the County Poor House where he remained until death in 1936. Lide Watlington Tignor wanted to get him and care for him, but with twelve children and stepchildren, there was no room in her home. After Newt McGill had a fight and killed a man at Pinson over a dispute concerning seed and fertilizer, he (Newt) deeded the farm to atty. Lige Ross, Savannah, Tenn. for an acquittal. In 1942 Atty. Ross sold the farm to the Smith heirs - W. L. Jr., Minnie S. Bailey, Dexter S. McCall, Monnie S. Sims and Martha E. Smith. Later W. L. Jr., Dexter, and Monnie sold their 3 shares to Minnie S. Bailey and Martha E. Smith, who are owners in 1985.

South East Willie D. and Adeline Trice Farrow; children: Bob, Billy, Lafayette, Wilks, Gilbert, Edward Gatewood and Carrie (McCorkle). Edward (Ed) bought shares of the hiers and deeded 3/4 share to the Jacks Creek Church of Christ, 1/4 share to Freed-Hardeman College in Henderson (via his will). In 1979 and 1980 the Elders of the church reversed the shares 3/4 to College, 1/4 to Church. The name "Farrow Hall" was placed on a new dormitory in exchange. Jane Oliver Farrow, wife of Edward, holds a lien on the farm her lifetime.

East (white) Joe and wife Suzie Stewart, children: Lomax, Ophelia. Ozeal. Sold to Oscar and wife Effie Rhodes Nobles, child: Raymelle Elder who is the owner in 1985.

East (black) Jerry and wife Suzie Barham bought this tract of land from the McCallum brothers in 1900 and recorded deed in 1911; children: Hugh, Elbert, Tom, Merrit, Bernie, Roby, and Effie. Tinzie his 2nd wife had no children. Elbert and wife Rita Barham bought the shares of all brothers and sister and later sold the tract to Frank and wife Inez Ross, children: Tim and Chris, Freddie, Barbara, and Thelma who owned the farm in 1985.

East (white) J. R (Jim) and wife Mary C. Ragan Bland, child: Plummer Bland and 2nd wife Julia Perry Bland, children: Bertha, Sid, and Johnnie. Sold to Edward (Ed) and wife Mary Frances Martin Benson, children: Wylie, Mae, Edna, Myrtle. Dora, Fleeta, and Guy. Owner in 1985 is a daughter by a second marriage Euda Benson Garner.

G. W. (George) and wife Mary Smith Stewart, children: James (Jim), Callie Rosella, Samantha, and Sadie. In 1911 bought 126-1/4 acre tract a part of the original Hamlett farm from W. L. Smith and wife Martha Benson Smith. When the Hamlett farm was put up for sale in 1907-08, the Stewarts drove their wagon and mules to Henderson Co. Reagan, Tenn. to notify W. L. Smith and encourage him to buy the 750 acre tract and sell him the 126-1/4 acre tract he was renting at that time. An agreement was reached and W. L. Smith sold it to him in 1911.

George and Mary Smith Stewart deeded the farm to son, James (Jim) and wife Sally Woods Stewart to care for them as long as they lived, children: Lee, Ruby, Harley. After their death lost it through mismanagement and Claude Odle, Lexington, Tenn., bought it and later sold it to Erby and Elston Kolwyck, Parsons, Tenn., Erby owning the north half and Elston owning the south half. Erby sold to Burlin and wife Lunelle McPeake and son Ricky who own it in 1985. Elston Kolwyck sold to Mrs. Margie Bailey McAdams. She sold 1 acre building lot to Bobby and Linda Coady who built a large brick home. Later he sold it to Lance and Ann Wallace Bailey who bought 3.5 acres from the McAdams tract to make a total of 45 acres; they are the owners in 1985. Children: Andrea, Earline and Wade. Lewis and Lay McAdams Jones bought 3.5 acres south of the Bailey lot and on the outer south border of the farm from Mrs. Margie McAdams, and they are owners in 1985. Children: Jenny Jones Fletcher and Lucy Jones. At Mrs. Margie McAdamsí death the remaining tract was sold to Burlin and Lunelle McPeake who built a beautiful brick home and are owners in 1985.

W. L. Smith Jr. sold Lewis and Lay Jones a 1 acre building lot on Hwy. 22A. They built an all timber house and own it in 1985.

W. L. Smith Jr. sold 1-1/2 acres to Burlin and Lunelle McPeake who built a brick home located on Hwy. 22A across the road from his tract. They sold it to his mother Mrs. Wylie Tucker, who owned it in 1985.

North East (white) W. R. Jones sold his 141 acre tract to W. L. and Martha Benson Smith in 1911 for resale to Mrs. Margaret A. Woods, children: John, Lannie, Arch, Nora, Sallie, Mollie, Edna, and Jessie. At Margaret A. Woodsí death her daughter Jessie Woods Brower and husband John Bradley Brower bought the shares of all the brothers and sisters except sister Mollie Coady which she deeded to her son Guy and wife Lela Ross Coady. John B. and wife Jessie Woods Brower deeded this tract to their sons William and John B. Jr. William received land, in same amount as John did in money for college. Children: Mack, Bradley, Cindy, and Danny Record (son by a previous marriage of Mary-Nell) bought the share of John Bradley Jr. (Wmís brother) and later Mack and Brad bought the shares of Cindy Cherry and Danny Record who are owners of the entire tract in 1985. Mack and Brad Brower sons of William and Mary Nell McCall Record Brower, grandsons of John B. and Jessie Woods Brower and great grandsons of Mrs. Margaret A. and the late Joel Woods are owners of the land in 1985. FHA Loan Adm. foreclosed in 1985.

South East - Mrs. H.O. McCall (Dexter Smith) daughter of W. L. and Martha Benson Smith inherited a 116 acre tract of land lying across the road (now 22A), her share of the original Hamlett farm. She sold the land to Newt B. and wife Mae Anderson (timber and sawmill operator) in early 1940ís, children: Glenn, Thelma, Mary, Lucille, and Robbye. The Andersons sold 62 acre tract to Mark and Lillie Bell McAdams who sold the land to Rayford and wife Bobbye Fletcher Nobles in 1946 who are owners in 1985. Frederick Rhodes husband of Robbye Anderson Rhodes who bought shares of Thelma1 Mary, Lucille, and Glenn sold the land to Jerry Miller who sold 2 acre building lot to Adrian Pusser; the Anderson home and lot to Jimmy Connor and wife who are owners in 1985.

In 1953 W. L. Smith Jr. sold 7.7 acre tract on the south end of his original inherited tract to Edward (Buddy) and wife Juanita Jamerson Rush who built a brick home on it and later sold farm and land to Charles and wife Jean Gogel, owners in 1985. John B. and Jessie Woods Brower bought the tract (part of the 116 acre tract) of land lying north of the canal and between the 3.5 acres owned by Lewis and Loye Jones, from Frederick Rhodes. This tract bordered on 22A Hwy. to west and the G. W. Stewart land on the east owned by Burlin and wife Lunelle McPeake. Lewis and Loye bought the 3.5 acres from Mrs. Margie Bailey McAdams. All the above tracts were part of the original 126-1/2 acres owned by G. W. and Mary Stewart in 1911.


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