Joel Flippant Hamlett's family
Stephen B. Hamlett 5-26-1788 to 9-13-1843
Mary Johns Harnlett 7-24-1790 to 11-25-1850
Children: Dianisha, Joel Flippant, George, Whitfield, James, Stephen B., Jr., and John Griffith

Florina Trice Hamlett's family
John Calvin Trice 1-23-1804 to 4-30-1895
Elizabeth (Betsy) Crook Trice 11-10-1805 to 10-12-1887
Children: John H. (1830), Demarius (1831), William Crook (1833), and Florina E. (1837)

Joel Flippant Hamlett and Florina Trice Hamlett's family
Children: J.E. (Jody) 1873 to 1936, Elizabeth (Miss Bess) 1878 to 1954

Joel Flippant Hamlett, known as "Major", was born in North Carolina in 1821 and died here in 1895. Florina Trice Hamlett was born here in 1837 and died at the home of her relatives Jesse B. and Olivia in Henderson, Tennessee. A daughter, Elizabeth (Miss Bess), was born in 1878 and died in Los Angeles, California in 1954. A son, Joel E. (Jody), was born in his house soon after it was finished around 1873. He died in San Angelo, Texas, in the mid 1930's. Mrs. Hamlett was the daughter of John Calvin and Elizabeth Crook Trice, from whom she inherited this land. Elizabeth and Jody were educated in local schools and colleges here, Jackson and Memphis. Miss Bess graduated from Memphis Conference Female Institute.

Elizabeth was married to John B. Gillespie about 1906 and moved to Bisbee Arizona. He was a leather craftsman and designed, made, and hand-tooled bridles and saddles for Roy Rogers, Gene Autrey and other cowboys. When they became elderly, they moved to Los Angeles, California. After her death in 1954, he sold their home and moved into a retirement center. He died in 1963. Both were cremated. They had no children.

Joel E. (Jody) Hamlett, son, married Mary Swayn, and they had one child. They moved from here to Texas near San Angelo. He died in the mid 1930's. Little is known about his lifestyle.

When Mrs. Hamlett died in 1907, Elizabeth (Miss Bess) and Jody decided to sell the farm. A farmer named George Stewart lived on the edge of the land, and he drove his mules and wagon to Henderson County, Reagan, Tennessee, where we lived to tell my father the land was for sale. That was July, 1908. My father came and started negotiations which lasted until November, 1908, at which time the sale was made and closed. We moved about Thanksgiving. Jody sold his share to Elizabeth (Miss Bess) in 1908, and all dealings and monies were with her.

Joel E. (Jody) Hamlett was the only baby ever born in this house in 120 years.

In the 1900 census, Florina Trice Hamlett age 63 was living in this house with son J. E. (Jody) and daughter Elizabeth (Miss Bess), Drucilla (Druce) family attendant age 44 (black), and a border Gladuyn James (white male) age 72.

The 1880 census shows J. E. (Jody) Hamlett -7 years (died at 63 in 1936), Elizabeth (Miss Bess) - 2 years (died at 76 in 1954), Drucila (Druce) - 14 years (died at 54 in 1910), Florina Trice Hamlett - 43 years (died at 70 in 1907) and Joel F. Hamlett - 59 years (died at 74 in 1895 (16 years older than Florina).

The Jesse B. and wife Olivia Crook family who lived in a house in Henderson, TN on the corner of White and 2nd Street, is where it is believed Florna died. They were cousins and the only Crook family living in Henderson in the 1900 Census. She had returned from her daughters in Bisbee Origan.

We bought the farm in 1908 from Jody (35) and Bess (30) Florina died 1907 and Druce in 1910.

Jody Hamlett

Miss Bess Hamlett


Betsy Crook Trice (her grandmother)


Only one wedding, Minnie Esterlee Smith and Ernest Wesley Bailey were married in front of the mantle and fireplace in the parlor March 14, 1917.

Only one couple spent their honeymoon in this house, Will and Mary Ward Smith.

Only four deaths in this house, Joel F. Hamlett November 2, 1895; Cinda Melissa Smith June 10, 1930; William Levi Smith May 6, 1936; Martha Benson Smith November 19, 1940.

One murder in 1860, slave Joe killed John Harrison Trice a brother to Florina Trice Hamlett.

One drowning John H. Hoppkins 1915 in Ole Blue Hole (Ed and Mary)

Injured was Jack Massengill team ran away hitched to a plow (leg).

One tenant evicted.

Three tenants verbal rental agreement cancelled.

One Tenant first divorce ever.

First white baby girl born in 1960 May 23 (Will House) to Lance and Ann Bailey daughter Andrea.

First white baby girl ever to be born in slave cabin on May 23, 1983, Mary Catherine to Paul and Terry Yelding (rental cottage)

One baby born 1873 J. E. (Jody) Hamlett, sister Elizabeth (Bess) born on the way to the doctor in Henderson, Tenn. and Jesse and Olivia Crooks Home 1878.

Four people died in this house, Joel F. Hamlett (1885) front room; Cinda Smith (1930) screen porch; W. L. Smith Sr. (1936) front room; Martha Elizabeth Smith (1940) front room.

One wedding in parlor March 17, 1917 - Minnie Smith and Ernest W. Bailey; Joel and Florina were married on the farm but not in this house.

One wedding anniversary 50th Celebration for Minnie and Ernest Bailey (1967) over 200 were here.


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