Tombstone Inscriptions, Et Cetera from the Black Cemeteries of Chester County, Tennessee
By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000 


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            At a point in Montezuma, on Silerton Road about .2 mile from this road’s juncture with Old Montezuma Road, turn south (right) onto a field road and drive about .2 mile to this cemetery.

JOHN WEST DAVIS, 1861-1942\JENNIE L. ANN DAVIS, 1865-1932

WILLIAM H. SNEED, SR., February l1, 1890-Feb. 25, 1960\EMILY SNEED, March 15, 1895-April 30, 1981

ALLEN W. HOWELL, 12-12-1912 - 2-13-1998\MARTHA M. HOWELL, 9-15-1921 - 6-29-1969, Children: Brenda , Liz , Barbara, Gene, Anita , Donnie, Sandra, Ann

LULAR BLAIR, May 27, 1877-Dec. 26, 1922

"Mother" only inscribed on marker

GEORGE MORTON, 1889-1955\LIDDIE MORTON, 1894-1943


GLOSSIE, wife of Will SPEARS, 1891-1956

HALLIE JOHNSON, 1905-1930, She was the sunshine of our,home


            There are many unmarked graves in this very old burial ground. Among those buried here, according to their death certificates:

PHILL ROGERS, March 1, 1850-March 24, 1915; son of Phill Backwell and Dorkis Backwell

JOSANA CASON, 1830-July 14, 1918; daughter of ____Williams (father)

SAM BROWN, died August 3, 1919, aged 75 years

ANNA WOOD, 1830-January 2, 1920

MARY RODGERS, died January 13, 1920, aged about 70 years

JESS OZIER, April 10, 1915 (died), aged about 52 years


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ALBERT CAYSON, Died July 30, 1922, aged about 68 years; parents, Chat Cayson-Emly Winn

BEN BLAIR, 1833-May 27, 1928 (born North Carolina)


March 30, 1853-October 27, 1924; mother, Lucendy Black

MARIKA CASON, nee DAVIS 1858-June 20, 1925

MANDY ROWSEY 1845-August 31, 1925


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