Tombstone Inscriptions, Et Cetera from the Black Cemeteries of Chester County, Tennessee
By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


(Page 29)

            Located in southwest Henderson County, Tennessee several miles northeast of Mifflin, Chester County; as several former Chester County residents are buried here the cemetery is listed in this publication. It is about .7 mile east of the juncture of the Luray and Harris roads and about .3 mile over the Buckley Cemetery Road from Harris Road. This is a black-white cemetery, an outgrowth of a plantation graveyard, that of the family of John H. Buckley (1795-1857), buried here with many of his relatives. Mr. Cleo Buckley, a senior citizen and descendant of J. H. Buckley, informed the writer that several Buckley family slaves are buried in this cemetery; that burials have continued occasionally at this place, on the north side of the enclosed burial area.


Mr. REEDER BUCKLEY, Died July 21, 1971, aged 83 yrs. 5 mos., Parham Mortuary Marker

ABE BUCKLEY, July 5, 1878-September 6, 1947

WAYNE HOLLIDAY, Died October 10, 1971, Aged 8 yrs. 9 mos. 18 days, Parham Mortuary Marker

FRANCIES PARKER, Died October 10, 1971, Aged 5 yrs. 5 mos. 21 days, Parham Mortuary Marker

ELSIE MAE HARMON FRYE, wife of J. L. Frye, June 30, 1913-____, Asleep in Jesus

Mrs. BARBARA ANN GODWIN, 11-3-1933 - 11-16-1989, Bledsoe Fun. Home Marker

ROGER L. McCURRY, JR., Tennessee Cpl Us Marine Corps Korea, January 12, 1949-May 12, 1973

SANDRA JEAN HOLLIDAY, Died October 10, 1971, Aged 12 yrs. 8 mos. 6 days, Parham Mortuary Marker


            The LEXINGTON PROGRESS, October 14, 1971 carried an article that explained how Francies Parker, Sandra Jean and Wayne Holliday, all children, were killed from being struck on a highway by a car; the girls died instantly, the boy died somewhat later. Children of Robert Mitchell and wife.

            There are several unmarked graves in this cemetery.


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