From Family Findings
Vol. XIII, No. 4, October 1981, pp. 21-22
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1981
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This cemetery is in the Glendale Community of Chester Co., Tn. From the crossroad where Glendale School once stood go E about 1 mile. The cemetery is behind Eva Mae Jones home in a field. It is very clean having been recently cleaned by the Jones family. Copied May 1, 1977 by Mr. & Mrs. F. R. Haynes.


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George R., son of G. W. & M. A. D. Bond, Nov 17, 1874-Aug 22, 1875

Elisha Bond, Jan 4, 1796-July 15, 1873

Elizah T., son of Elisha & Elizabeth Reid Bond, Sept. 15, 1826-Jan 5, 1846

Mary Ann, dau of A. K. & A. K. Jones, Sept 12, 1839-June 19, 1847, aged 7y 9m 2d

Terry E., wife of A. P. McGee, June 18, 1828-Dec 1882, age 54y Sm 22d

Sarah E., wife of Joe E. Truett, dau of A. K. & Ann K. Jones, Oct 23, 1836-Sept 9, 1872

D. E., dau of H. Mc. & S. F. Jones, D. Nov 3,1902, age 11y 2 m

Sarah Frances Spencer Jones, Nov 13, 1852-Apr 20, 1930

John Elder, hus of M. A. Brewer, Sept 20, 1816-July 28, 1898, 81y 10m 8 ds

Lanoda A., dau of G. W. & M. A. Bond, Nov 19, 1869-Jan 13, 1874

Nancy Bond, Oct. 11, 1835-Nov 19, 1899

Mrs. Elizabeth Bond, dau of Elizah & Sarah Truett, Born in Wilson Co.,Tn. May 7, 1798, married to Elisha Bond, Died Jan 18, 1871

Margaret A., dau of Elisha & Elizabeth Bond, Dec 9, 1824-Jan 1, 1829

Allen Kincaid, sonof A. K. & A. K. Jones, Oct 11, 1840-Nov 30, 1843, 3y 11m 19d

Ann K., wife of Allen K. Jones, Sept 25, 1805-Jan 28, 1853, 47y 4m 3d

Allen K. Jones, Born in South Carolina 1804, Died Sept 4, 1885 (Mason)

H. Mc. Jones, consort of S. F. Jones, Apr 27, 1833-Mar 12, 1898, aged 54y 10mo 15 ds

M. A., wife of Jack Brewer, Aug 26, 1822-Oct 5, 1865, 48y 1m 19ds

Mary Joe Jones, dau of Hugh N. & Vassie Jones, Feb 11, 1928-Mar 16, 192?

Row of sand stones with no names

Lurinda, _______ of Jack Brewer, Oct 19,1921

More unmarked graves

Wincy E., wife of W. F. Arendall, Mar 20, 1853-Jan 10, 1900

William F. Arendall, May 20, 1850-Nov 1, 1904

Elizabeth Arendall, d. Aug 3, 1907, aged 21y 5m 12ds
A loved one gone from our circle. A voice we loved is still A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled.

Cora M., wife of L.W. Faucett, d. Jan 31, 1909, aged 30y 7m 23d, A loving wife A mother dear Lies buried here


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