From Family Findings
Vol. VI, No. 1, January 1974, p. 24
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1974
Appears on this web site by permission


Located about 4 miles S of Hwy 100 E of Henderson, Tenn. near old Jerusalem Church. Submitted by Mrs. M. A. Dees, Jr. (Lena Mae Sykes) 1278 Campbell, Jackson, Tenn.


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J.W. Stewart, hus of Mary Stewart, 4 Mar 1828-30 Aug 1923

Mary wife of J.W. Stewart, 12 Sept 1827-d 20 July 1909

Infant dau of R. M. & Van Stewart, b 18 Sept 1903

George W. Stewart, 1859-1919

Colly A. M. Dees, dau of J. M. Dees & M.A. Dees, 5 Mar 1889-1882, aged 62 yrs 9 mos

One wood marker and 3 sand stone markers and possibly several unmarked graves. J.W. & Mary Stewart were Great Grandparents of M. A. Dees, Jr.


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