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Located on a high rise house site, on left (south-west) side of Deanburg-Medon road or highway, about 1 mile from Deanburg, Chester; formerly Hardeman, County, Tennessee. Copied by Roy W. Black, Senr., & Quinnie Armour, Bolivar, Tn. 4/15/1968.


In Memory of, Mastin Corner Dean, Apr. 6, 1853; June 5, 1863; Aged 10-Y, 1-Mo, 29-D.

In Memory of, Henry Franklin Dean, June 5, 1848; Mar. 15, 1863. Aged 14-Y, 9-M, 10-D.

In memory of, Rebecca, Wife of Aulsey Dean, Apr. 20, 1783; July 5, 1854. Aged 71-Yrs., 2-Mo, . & 15-D.

In memory of, Aulsey Dean, June 20, 1778; Mar. 31, 1866; Aged 87-Yrs, 9-Mos, 11-Da.

In memory of, Martha E. (L?) Dean, July 15, 1861; May 30, 1863; Age 1-Yr, 15-Da.

(Field Stone marker inscribed H. W.)

(Field Stone marker inscribed L. W.)

(Three or four other field stones unmarked)


The old Dean Home was blown away by a cyclone in 1923 along with some other buildings in its community. This was the same cyclone that blew Concord M. E. Church, on Grays Creek, Hardeman County, Tennessee away, 1923. Roy W. Black, Sr. Bolivar, Hardeman County, Tennessee.


Handwritten note:
Photocopy courtesy of Nell Cassatta, Holly Springs, MS, 10 June 1998, from original in the Bolivar, TN library.


[HTML editor's note: The vertical file for this cemetery includes a map misidentifying the location of the Lowery Cemetery as that of the Dean Family Cemetery.]


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