Chester County, Tennessee
Wes Massengill

Massengill Cemetery is located in Chester County, Tennessee. The entrance road is 1.5 miles north of the Sweet Lips Store intersection on the left hand side of the Sweet Lips Road. The cemetery is located about a third of a mile back on a wooded hill top, on the Ray Bingham Farm.


Recorded Gravestones:

David W. Massengill, May 16, 1816-Feb. 27, 1862 (Son of Blake Massengill) (GG Grandfather of Wes Massengill)

Lucendie Massengill, Mar. 21, 1821-Mar. 1, 1844 (David's first wife)

Nancy E. Massengill, Mar. 26, 1840-Mar. 13, 1862 (Dau of David & Lucendie)

Polly J. Massengill, Feb. 19, 1844-Aug. 6, 1868 (Dau of David & Lucendie)

Celina Weaver Massengill, Dec. 30, 1821-Feb. 24, 1896 (David's second wife) (GG Grandmother of Wes Massenginn)

Marion W. Massengill, Sep. 13, 1849-Sep. 28, 1866 (Son of David & Celina)

Sarah H. Massengill, July 6, 1854-Feb. 19, 1883 (Dau of David & Celina)

M.F.M., Oct. 27, 1820-Apr. 7, 1867 (Mordecai, son of Blake Massengill)

Simpson Massengill, July 18, 1806-Aug. 30, 1891 (Son of Blake Massengill)

Baxter Massengill, Apr.15, 1882-May 4, 1893

Jackson Massengill, Apr. 26, 1840-June 8, 1892 (Son of Stephen Massengill)

Madeline Massengill, Dec. 14, 1852-Mar. 2, 1907

Isaac Monroe Massengill, d. Dec. 15, 1918, WWI Pvt.49 Inf. (Son of Jackson Massengill)

Vera Brush, Oct. 10, 1897-Sep. 11, 1898 (Dau of Pearl Massengill & Charles Brush)

Manervia E. Hodge, Feb. 11, 1862-Sept 17, 1885

Cyrena Ann McCann, Dec. 25, 1857-Oct. 12, 1897


Miscellaneous Graves Found:

Two hand made stones for sons of R. E. & Ruby C. Massengill (one appears to be a Carl, Jan 4, 19??-June 6, 19??)

One unmarked infant grave with sandstone head & foot markers

One adult unmarked grave with large sandstone head & foot markers (This grave in line with Mordecai's)

Three other unmarked adult graves with sandstone head & foot markers.

Several unmarked depressions with no markers noted.

Documents indicate that Blake Massengill (the first of the local Massengills) was the first buried here, thereby giving it the name. He and wife Elizabeth are in one of the unmarked graves.


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