Rhodes Cemetery, October 1999

            This small cemetery is on the south side of Nobles Road near its intersection with Grissom Lane. This is an interesting cemetery because it retains somewhat of a nineteenth century appearance. Header and footer fieldstone are in place on some of the graves. Carved marker probably represent about 15 percent of all burials here. This cemetery was recorded October 31, 1999.


Griswell, Rachel E., Dec. 24, 1825-Feb. 23, 1889

Jones, Elkana, June 21, 1801-Aug. 29, 1884

Jones, Rebecca, May 14, 1806-Apr. 2, 1891, "Mother"

Rhodes, John W., Aug. 9, 1809-May 5, 1885

Rhodes, Moses G., Aug. 10, 1842-Aug. 20, 1844, "Son of J. M. & Nancy Rhodes"

Rhodes, Nancy, Sept. 5, 1812-Dec. 28, 1896, "Wife of J. W. Rhodes"

Rhodes, William W., Feb. 1, 1840-Aug. 29, 1844, "Son of J. W. & Nancy Rhodes"


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