Butler Cemetery, April 2002


            Butler Cemetery is a well maintained church cemetery located on McKee Levee Road on the northern border of Natchez Trace State Park and Forest. There are 11 graves marked with concrete blocks and approximately 11 more unmarked graves. David Donahue recorded Butler Cemetery April 30, 2001.


Bell, Ethel Butler, 1899-1980, "Sister" footstone

Bowers, A. E., May 4, 1888-Dec. 29, 1901, "Wife of W. E. Bowers" "Mother"
Bowers, W. H., d. Oct. 25, 1920, "Husband of A. E. Bowers" [Masonic symbol]

Bracken, H. M., Sept. 7, 1888-Aug. 3, 1891, "Son of W. A. & J. P. Bracken"

Brackin, W. A., no dates
Brackin, J. P., no dates, "wife"

Brown, Maude Walker, 1888-1952, "Mother" footstone
Brown, John Eli, 1881-1965, "Father" footstone

Butler, A. A., Aug. 3, 1900-____, "Father" footstone

Butler, Aaron G., Sept. 22, 1870-June 28, 1947, "Rev."
Butler, Nora, Mar. 18, 1877-May 24, 1962

Butler, Ava Mae, July 25, 1907-Aug. 9, 1909 [replacement]

Butler, Donnie, Aug. 18, 1898-May 11, 1900 [replacement; probably child of Aaron G. and Nora Butler]

Butler, E. T., 1854-1888, "Husband of M. F. Butler"
Butler, Kay, 1883-1886, "Son of E. T. & M. F. Butler"

Butler, Ethel [see Bell, Ethel Butler]

Butler, Jadie E., 1875-1959, "Mother" footstone
Butler, James M., 1875-1964

Butler, L. J., June 30, 1837-July 22, 1915
Butler, W. E., Feb. 7, 1820-Jan. 20, 1902

Butler, Lillian Hargrove, Nov. 7, 1906-Sept. 7, 1999, "Mother" footstone
Butler, Neil, Jan. 27, 1904-Aug. 1, 1986, "Rev." "Baptist Minister"

Butler, Lillie, Dec. 25, 1905-Feb. 19, 1908 [replacement; probably child of Aaron G. and Nora Butler]

Butler, Lyman Greer, May 9, 1903-Feb. 7, 2000

Butler, M. E., d. June 25, 1891, "Aged 2 Ys. 3 Ms. $ 29 Ds." "Dau. of G. J. & S. E. Butler"

Butler, Media Rhodes, 1899-1978
Butler, Clyde, 1896-1976, "Married Oct. 2, 1916"

Butler, Olan D., 1918-____
Butler, Margaret A., 1920-1992

Butler, Rupert, 1933-1933, temporary marker, 1 yard south of marker for David Lynn Payne and 1 yard north of double marker for Media Rhodes and Clyde Butler

Butler, Susie C., 1869-1931, "Mother" footstone
Butler, Seborn J., 1861-1960, "Daddy" footstone, also temporary marker as footstone, Brewer, "Sebern Johnson Butler"

Butler, Susie, 1867-1965, "Wife" footstone
Butler, W. A., 1864-1942, "Husband" footstone [Masonic symbol]

Butler, William F., 1894-1957

Butler, Wm. Earl, 1899-1986, "Brother" footstone

Camp, Infant, Aug. 23, 1930, "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. J. M. camp' (homemade)

Camp, Mattie S., Apr. 21, 1891-Sept. 15, 1985
Camp, James M., June 8, 1888-Apr. 6, 1967, military marker as footstone "James Madison Camp" "Tennessee Pvt Btry F 138 Fld Arty World War I"

Carter, James Robert, 1878-1979

Clark, Brooxie, 1921-1923, "Dau."
Clark, E. Lonnie, 1900-1991, "Mother"
Clark, J. Carvin, 1897-1973, "Father"

Elkins, Cora C., 1878-1952, "Mother" footstone
Elkins, Hawkins, 1873-1942, "Father" footstone

Fondren, Lucille, 1912-2001, temporary marker, Dilday Funeral Home, 4 feet north of marker for Mark Stephen Fondren

Fondren, Mark Stephen, 1947-1985, "Son" footstone

Goodwin, Elsie V., 1902-1944

Hargrove, Lillian [see Butler, Lillian Hargrove]

Hoy, A. M., d. 1905, "Age 74"

Norwood, Thomas J., no dates, military marker "Co. G 7 Tenn. Cav."

Norwood, W. W., 1869-1921
Norwood, Emily Elizabeth, May 28, 1942-June 29, 1921

Pardue, Mildred Sue, Jan. 5, 1948-____
Pardue, Roger Dale, Jan. 10, 1948-Jan. 5, 1981, carved rings and "1976"

Payne, David Lynn, 1969, "Son" footstone

Payne, Wanda Sue, 1943-____
Payne, Wilburs S., 1922-1972, "Father" footstone

Rhodes, Media [see Butler, Media Rhodes]

Robinson, James M., 1866-1940, "Father" [Masonic symbol]
Robinson, Eunolia, 1872-1954, "Mother"

Spellings, David D., Oct. 27, 1898-May 1, 1967, military marker "Tennessee Pvt US Army World War II"; "Son" footstone ["II" is correct]

Spellings, Henry, Apr. 26, 1907-Sept. 11, 1967, "Son" footstone

Spellings, Louesia J., 1861-1934, "Mother" footstone
Spellings, Gideon C., 1859-1933, "Father" footstone

Spellings, Lula Adeline, July 29, 1896-Mar. 4, 1974, "Dau." footstone

Temple, Lydia Jane, 1903-1939, "Mother" footstone [replacement]

Walker, Clarice F., 1907-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Walker, John W., 1902-1971; also temporary marker, Briceton Funeral Home, "John Wendell Walker"

Walker, Maude [see Brown, Maude Walker]

Walker, Ruth Ann, May 23, 1892-Oct. 12, 1974, "R.N."; "Sister" footstone

Walker, S. C., Jan. 6, 1857-Nov. 21, 1924
Walker, Vanie, May 10, 1862-June 1934, "His wife"