(Blount, Brewer)

Blunt Cemetery, December 1999


            Blunt Cemetery is located in Natchez Trace State Park west of the main park road north of I-40. A sign at the access drive calls this cemetery Brewer Cemetery. The sign at the cemetery notes it as Blunt Cemetery (a misspelling of Blount). There are more than 50 concrete blocks. David Donahue recorded Blunt Cemetery December 30, 1999.


Blount, C. P., d. 1869, "Aged about 15 years" "Son of J. G. & Kiziar Blount"

Blount, Empire, d. 1856, "Aged about 38 years" "Wife of J. G. Blount" (broken and repaired)

Blount, Kiziar, d. 1864, "Aged about 48 years" "Wife of J. G. Blount"

Brewer, Pat'k B., no dates, military marker "Co. D. 7 Tenn. Cav."

Brewer, Septar E., Sept. 7, 1885-Oct. 10, 1886

Davis, B. H., no dates, military marker "Co. K. 2 Tenn. Mtd. Inf."

Hatch, William B., Aug. 30, 1862-Dec. 9, 1881, "Son of R. & O. Hatch"(?) "Erected by his grandfather C. C. Williams" (broken and repaired) [broken through name of parents/last name]