To reach Antioch Cemetery turn south on Antioch Cemetery Road from McKee Levee Road. Watch for sign on right-hand side. You may miss it. The sign is near the gate to the access road. The gate may be locked. It is about 0.4 mile to the cemetery. There are 147 concrete blocks marking burials. Six loose blocks have been dumped on one side. Recorded April 30, 2001.


            Edwin and Clella Carter recorded the cemetery circa 1974 and published the information as part of their three-volume set on Carroll County cemeteries. This is referred to as Carters in notes below.


Blakely, Martha, Apr. 11, 1870-Aug. 17, 1900 [not found in 2001; reported by Carters]

Blakeney, J. M., Feb. 4, 1862-Aug. 22, 1893, "Son of Martha Blakeney"

Bracken, Martha B. [see Cooper, Martha B. Bracken]

Bybee, Zebulon, no dates, military marker "Co. I. 11 Pa. Inf."

Cooper, Martha B. Bracken, Mar. 10, 1848-May 28, 1887. "Wife of J. G. Cooper" "Mother"
Cooper, Infant, May 22, 1887-July 16, 1887, "Infant dau."

Smothers, C. B., May 1, 1826-Apr. 7, 1856, "First husband of Martha Blakeney" [the Carters read these initials as G. B.]

Smothers, Martha J., Nov. 22, 1856-Mar. 5, 1861, "Dau. of G. B. & Martha Smothers" [replacement]

Smothers, Sarah E., Jan. 24, 1850-Nov. 15, 1923

Smothers, Z. T., June 23, 1851-Feb. 3, 1907, "Husband of S. E. Smothers"


            Edwin and Clella Carter reported the following individuals to be buried in Antioch Cemetery without markers:

Abbott, Bill
Barnhart, Robert
Brackin, Preston
Clark, Isaac
Cooper, Charlie
Diggs, ______, wife of Gruber Diggs
Hay, Abraham (Rock)
Hay, ______, wife of Rock Hay
Joiner, ______, mother of Henry Joiner
Noles, Francis
Norwood, James (Hawlk)
Smothers, Gill
Smothers, Wylie
Smothers, ______, children of Taylor Smothers