A copy of Acrobat Reader, in both Windows and Macintosh versions, can be downloaded from Adobe's Website. As of this writing, Version 3.0 is the latest version.

You will also need to be sure your browser is configured to save Acrobat files. Otherwise it may bring the file into your screen as a text file, full of PDF/PostScript commands; i.e., it won't display the image. It might be possible to save this text file and then open it successfully in Acrobat Reader, but I haven't tried this.

It is possible configure Netscape to display PDF files by using Acrobat as a "Helper," but I've had problems with this and don't recommend it (I don't know about other browsers). Just download the file and then run the Acrobat Reader to display and/or print the image. You can also use the zoom feature of Acrobat Reader (the tool that looks like a magnifying glass with a plus sign in it) to enlarge sections of the image on the screen.

To configure Netscape to download .pdf files (this is for the Macintosh version; I suspect the Windows version is similar):

  1. Under the Options menu, access General Preferences...
  2. In the General Preferences Window, click on the Helpers tab.
  3. Look in the list that comes up to see if you have anything that mentions .pdf or Acrobat files.
  4. If you don't have a listing, click on New; if you do find one, click on Edit.
  5. Description: should be Adobe Acrobat Files or something similar (it isn't critical).
  6. Mime Type: should be application/pdf
  7. Suffixes: should be .pdf
  8. Click on the Save to disk radio button.
  9. Click on the OK button to save these changes.

Charles A. Reeves, Jr.
July 14, 1997