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The following list of 56 Cemeteries in Polk County, Tennessee, are found on USGS maps. This listing has been abstracted from the USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) site.

This is not a complete listing of all Cemeteries in Polk County but a listing only of those whose locations are marked on the USGS maps. This listing will be very helpful for individuals who desire to make a personal visit to the cemetery.

Links to sites offering map viewers are provided from the USGS Mapping Service Home Page to enable a geographical display of the cemetery's exact location. Use the GNIS Query feature to locate these and other features of interest. Other features noted on the USGS maps include populated areas, streams and rivers, lakes, schools, churches, post offices, roads and another 50 or so items. There is location information about each feature as well as a link to a map showing that features' exact location.

You can also use the GNIS QUERY form to find similar features of interest in all Tennessee counties.

The maps indicated below are the standard 7.5 minute X 7.5 minute USGS Topographic Maps.

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map Name
Amburn Cemetery 350011N 0842002W Isabella
Baker Chapel Cemetery 351352N 0843921W Benton
Ball Play Cemetery 350145N 0844206W Parksville
Bates Cemetery 350833N 0843034W Oswald Dome
Beckler Cemetery 350453N 0843500W Caney Creek
Bethlehem Cemetery 350231N 0842038W Isabella
Brock Cemetery 350852N 0841945W Farner
Brock Cemetery 351333N 0843402W Oswald Dome
Burchfield Cemetery 351343N 0842728W McFarland
Butler Cemetery 350947N 0842420W McFarland
Campbellite Cemetery 351143N 0843631W Oswald Dome
Campground Cemetery 351436N 0842645W McFarland
Carden Cemetery 350411N 0844023W Parksville
Carden Cemetery 350410N 0844019W Parksville
Chastain Cemetery 345948N 0842539W Epworth
Crestlawn Cemetery 345922N 0842400W Epworth
Crestlawn Cemetery 345923N 0842357W Epworth
Cumberland Shed Cemetery 350524N 0844259W Parksville
Cumberland Shed Cemetery 350524N 0844258W Parksville
Curbow Cemetery 350154N 0843604W Caney Creek
Delano Cemetery 351549N 0843246W Etowah
Dills Cemetery 350358N 0844413W Parksville
Dills Cemetery 350358N 0844411W Parksville
Dunn Cemetery 351332N 0843701W Oswald Dome
Fitzsimmons Cemetery 350208N 0844454W Parksville
Fitzsimmons Cemetery 350207N 0844453W Parksville
Freeland Town Cemetery 350345N 0842148W Isabella
Hampton Cemetery 351216N 0842256W McFarland
Hillard - Ladd Cemetery 350336N 0844023W Parksville
Hillard-Ladd Cemetery 350337N 0844022W Parksville
Hooker Cemetery 350223N 0844114W Parksville
Hooker Cemetery 350222N 0844113W Parksville
Lindner Cemetery 351209N 0842838W McFarland
McJunkin Cemetery 350438N 0842239W Ducktown
McNair Cemetery 350019N 0844404W Parksville
McNair Cemetery 350020N 0844404W Parksville
Memorial Gardens 351055N 0843919W Benton
Morgan Cemetery 351415N 0842754W McFarland
Mueller Cemetery 350617N 0844043W Parksville
Mueller Cemetery 350618N 0844041W Parksville
Nancy Ward Cemetery 350951N 0844052W Benton
Neal Chapel Cemetery 350652N 0842007W Isabella
Nicholson Cemetery 351443N 0843623W Oswald Dome
Old Fairview Cemetery 350609N 0843101W Caney Creek
Old Fort Cemetery 350307N 0844432W Parksville
Old Fort Cemetery 350307N 0844432W Parksville
Padgett Cemetery 350336N 0842118W Isabella
Parker Cemetery 350621N 0843021W Caney Creek
Parris Cemetery 351208N 0843518W Oswald Dome
Price Cemetery 350647N 0843436W Caney Creek
Reliance Cemetery 351035N 0843020W Oswald Dome
Runyon Cemetery 350745N 0843238W Oswald Dome
Spurling Cemetery 350710N 0841942W Isabella
Stephens Cemetery 351148N 0842910W McFarland
Threewit Cemetery 350503N 0842031W Isabella
Witt Cemetery 351305N 0842506W McFarland

Created by former Polk Coordinators
Cathy Hall
Connie Baumann

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First Created on January 5, 1999

Last edited on 01/22/2008