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Bradley County Tax List - 1837, 1838, 1839

District 5

As most of you already know, Polk County was formed in the fall of 1839 from parts of Bradley and McMinn Counties. These District 5 tax lists were taken in the part of Bradley County which was to become Polk County, and many of the names are recognizable as prominent Polk pioneers who were instrumental in the early settlement and organization of our county. Names are spelled and alphabetized as on the original list, so look carefully for your ancestor. (Example: Evan Campbell is written 'Even Camil', and Valentine Harbison is 'Valantine Harveson'.) The list was compiled in 1978 by Dr. William Snell, present Bradley County historian, and begins with the year 1837.

Adams, Thomes
Higdon, Thomas
Adams, Isaac
Helterbran, Petor, 3 slaves, $1,300
Butenur, James
 Helterbrann, Michel, 4 slaves, $1,900
Baker, George, 1 slave $500
Harverson, George
Brown, James
Jones, Tinsley
Biggs, William, 1 slave, $500
Jones, Thomas
Carson, John
Jones, Levi J.
Cunmug, David
Jones, William, Sen.
Chookson, Joseph
Jones, William, Jun.
Couch, Isaac
Kinester, Ruben
Catran, John
Kilpatrick, Joshua
Camil, Even
Knox, David L., 7 slaves, $3,400
Dail, Joseph
Lillard, Jeramiah
Dale, Anthony
Lawson, Nelson
Dale, Daved
Lane, Beard
Dougin, Samuel
Linder, Hiram
Daugherty, Heston
Lillard, Abraham, 1 slave, $400
Donahoo, Evens
Merrett, Samuel
Deuggen, Robert
McNabb, Nathen
Deugen, Hugh
McCotester, Jesse
Evens, James
McKissick, Abraham, 1 slave, $600
Evens, John
O'Nele, John
Evens, John E.
Oar, Robert
Erby, Henry
Patterson, John, 3 slaves, $1,300
Fagg, William
Pharris, Robert
Fitsgeral, Isaac
Pharris, William
Gillinwatters, Eligah
Prinse, Ephream
Guinn, Almon
Ray, Thomes L.
Green, Elisha
Summary, Soloman
Green, Joseph
Sanford, Bengeman
Howel, Willam
Shelton, Cutbreth
Higens, William
Swafford, Thomes
Summers, Samuel H.
Helemes, James
Williams, Elisha
Hood, Robert
Williams, John
Harveson, Valantine
Williams, Isaac
Adams, Elijah
Hittenbury (Hilderbrand) Michall, 4 slaves, $1,900
Butram, James
Harberson, George
Baker, George, 1 slave, $500
Horne, Riley
Brown, James
Hugs, (Hughes) John
Biggs, Williams, 1 slave, $500
Henry, Nathaniel B.
Bowman, Josiah
Higdon, William
Breadwill, Armsted
Hancock, W. W.
Bayless, Joseph
Jones, Lindsey
Biggs, Hamilton
Jones, Thomas, Sr.
Carson, John
Jones, William, Sr.
Cunningham, David
Jones, William Arthur
Couch, Isaac
Jarret, Aaron
Campbell, Evan
Jackson, Archibald
Cunningham, Jeremiah
Keneastor, Reuben
Climor, Jacob
Knox, David S., 8 slaves, $3,900
Cross, Jacob
Lillard, Jeremiah
Copeland, Alexander
Lawson, Nelson
Cardin, John, Sr.
Lane, John B.
Coker, William
Linder, Hiram
Danrumple, George
Lillard, Abraham, 1 slave, $400
Dale, Anthony
Lawson, James
Duggin, Samuel
Longley, John C.
Daugherty, Preston
Meritt, Samuel
Duggin, Robert
McNabb, Matthew
Duggin, Hugh
McKissic, Abraham, 1 slave, $600
Duggin, William
McGonigal, Lloyd
Duggin, Daniel
Matlock, Jason
Evans, James
Morgan, Albert
Fogg, William
Orr, Robert
Fetzer, Isaac
Onley, John S.
Foute, Solomon, 1 slave, $400
Pharris, William
Guinn, Almon
Pharris, Ephraim
Green, Elisha
Pharris, Samuel
Griffin, Sanders
Glass, James
Pharris, John
Gilles, Wayde
Pharris, Robert, Sr., 1 slave, $300
Giddins, Samuel F.
Prince, Andrew
Howell, William
Pugh, Nathaniel
Higgins, William
Ray, Thomas S.
Hood, Robert
Rogers, Traviss
Harbinson, Valentine
Richey, John
Higdon, Thomas
Rue, John
Haney, William
Rogers, James
Hitterbrand, Peter, 3 slaves, $1,300
Ray, William J.
Riley, Levi, 1 slave, $500
Copeland, Alexander, 1 slave, $400
Reagan, David
Carter, John & Robert
Rogers, William
Carter, William
Rogers, Caswell
Clemons, Abslom & Jacob
Ray, William, 1 slave, $400
Cromwell, John B.
Rogers, George, 1 slave, $600
Daugherty, Preston
Sumner, Solomon
Dickerson, John
Sanford, Benjamine
Dugan, Hugh
Shelton, Cutburth
Dalrumple, George
Swafford, Thomas
Evens, John
Stephenson, William
Farmer, Joseph
Stephenson, Andrew
Firestone, David
Smith, Thomas C.
Fag, William W.
Stone, James
Fergusun, Moses C.
Timmons, Samuel H..
Fout, Solomon, 1 slave, $300
Taylor, John N.,
Fetzer, George
Taylor, James B.
Greenlee, Lewis
Williams, Elisha
Harbinson, Valentine
Williams, John
Hawkins, Michael
White, Edan
Haskins, Dennis
White, Isaac
Hawkins, William
Weaver, Alfred
Harbison, George
Young, Pleasant,
Haggard, John
Young, James
Hannah, John T.
Hannah, Joseph
Higdon, Thomas
Higdon, William
Horn, Riley
Arthur, Lewis
Jones, Thomas
Austin, John, 3 slaves, $1,400
Joice, Tinsley
Brown, John
Jones, Thomas, Jr.
Butram, James H.
Jones, William
Butram, James
Knox, David L. 8 slaves, $4,127
Bowman, Josiah
Lawson, Nelson
Bolin, Joseph
Lawson, James
Bowman, James H., 1 slave, $500
Love, Jeremiah D.
Biggs, William M.
Lillard, Jeremiah
Brown, James
Lambert, Aaron
Biggs, Hamilton
Lillard, Abraham
Carburgh, Thomas
Lane, John B.
Coleman, Jesse
Langley, John B.
Cinch, Isaac
Langley, Joel
Coleman, William
Mayes, William
Cunningham, Jeremiah
Morgan, Albert
Cunningham, David
McKissak, Abraham
Matlock, Jason
Stephenson, William
McCamey, James
Stephenson, Andrew
McNabb, Matthew
Summey, Solomon
Norman, John
Shoemaker, Alfred
Norris, Myot
Stout, Bunan
Orr, Robert
Silcock, Burton
O’Neil, John I.
Shields, Robert
O’Neil, James
Stephens, Max F.
Prince, Ephriam
Stephens, Ralph
Price, Aron
Taylor, John N.
Rogers, John
Thompson, John B
Rymer, Isaac
Turner, John
Rhea, Thomas L.
Thornburg, Ellis
Richie, John
White, Comodore
Rogers, Francis
White, David
Runnions, John
White, Eden
Reagen, David
White, Isaac
Rogers, James
Williams, John
Rice, John
Williams, Elisha
Spencer, Jessee B.
Wise, David
Smith, Isaac
Weaver, John
Sloan, James
Weaver, Alfred
Shelton, Crethbert
Whitten, Thomas
Stephenson, William
Whittock, Jas. T.

Note:  We believe that some of our Polk Folk were also in the 4th District Bradley County (later Polk County) list and have pulled out a few names with which we are familiar.  We’ll be glad to check the list for your folks if you think they might have been here, but are not listed here.

4th Dist. – 1837                                    4th Dist. - 1839

Blankenship, Stephen                                       Barnes, Abraham
Crumwell, Isaac & John                                   Boyd, Erby
Dunn, Samuel                                                    Blankenship, Stephen
Howell, Robert                                                  Cromwell, Isaac & John
Wann, Silas                                                       Clark, Daniel
Young, Isaac                                                      Davis, Alfred

4th Dist. – 1838
Howell, Robert H.
Barnes, Abraham
Shamblin, George
Blankenship, Stephen
Smith, John I.
Blankenship, John
 Wann, Silas M.
Dunn, Ezekiel & Samuel
White, Isaak
Howell, Robert
Yokum, John & Isaac
Shamblin, George
Young, John

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