Early Land Record Entries for the Ocoee District

Reprinted with permission by Polk County Historical & Genealogical Society.

Have you ever wondered if your ancestors entered land in the Ocoee District, of which present day Polk County is a part, but just have never had access to the microfilm to look it up? Although there were over five thousand entries from 1838 until 1903, what follows is simply a list of the people who entered claims. Further information about the number of claims entered, the location, date, and price paid, may be obtained from the microfilm RG-50 Series 2, Rolls No. 18 - 22 available from theTennessee State Library and Archives, at 403 7th Ave. N, Nashville, TN 37243-0312 or visit their website at <http://www.state.tn.us/sos/statelib/pubsus/by_mail.htm>
We have had excellent and speedy results making requests for information using this web site.

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Abney, Joel
Adams, Asa
Adams, Charles
Adams, James
Adams, Sarah
Ahl, John
Ahl, William
Ainsworth, James
Ainsworth, Mary
Airhart, James C.
Airheart, Henry
Airheart, Peter
Alexander, Hamilton L.
Alexander, Joseph M.
Allen, John
Allen, Robert J.
Alley, Erasmus
Allison, Lucy
Anderson, James M.
Anderson, John
Anderson, William W.
Armstrong, Absalom
Armstrong, Ambrose N.
Armstrong, Baker
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Samuel
Arthur, Charles
Arthur, Joseph
Arthur, Lewis
Atchley, Jesse
Atchley, John
Atchley, M. C.
Atchley, Thomas
Atkinson, Asbery
Austin, John
Ayreheart, Henry
Bacon, Josiah J.
Bailey, Alfred
Bailey, John
Bailey, Joseph
Ballard, George
Ballard, Jesse
Bandy, Bryant
Bandy, William
Bare, William
Bare, Andrew
Bare, Henry
Barger, John
Barker, Henry
Barkley, Lucinda
Barksdale, R. R.
Barnard, James
Barnes, Abraham
Barnes, William O.
Barnet, William
Bates, Ezekiel
Bates, James A.
Bates, Thomas
Bates, William
Beaty, James
Bedwell, Caleb
Beme, John
Bell, David N.
Bell, John W.
Bell, Silas
Bell, Zoila
Bennett, Benjamin
Benton, Apaline
Benton, Francis M.
Benton, Thomas
Bernard, James
Bernett, George
Berry, A. C.
Bettis, Nancy
Biggs, William M.
Billingsley, Jesse
Billingsley, Joseph
Blackburn, J. O.
Blackburn, J. R.
Blackburn, J. S.
Blackburn James
Blackburn, John
Blackburn, Maise
Blackburn, Margaret
Blackburn, Robert
Blackwell, Silvester
Blackwell, William
Blair, Allen
Blair, Franklin
Blair, George L.
Blair, William
Blankenship, John
Blankenship, Stephen
Blawn, George L.
Blevins, Allen
Blick, Robert
Blount, Ainsworth
Boatman, William
Bogle, J. C.
Boman, Patsey
Bower, Alexander
Bower, Isaac
Bower, John
Bowerman, John
Boyd, Alexander
Boyd, Alston
Boyd, Bennet
Boyd, Erby
Boyd, Jeremiah
Boyd, John H.
Boydston, Cavanaugh
Boydston, John
Bradford, J. F.
Bradford, James
Brag, Nicholson
Bramlet, Nathan
Branam, Jefferson
Brannam, Jacob H.
Brannam, Jesse
Brannam, Martin
Brannum, Jefferson
Brannum, Landrey
Brewster, William
Brimer, William
Brooks, John
Brooks, Tarleton
Broomfield, James W.
Broomfield, Meedy
Broomfield, William
Broucher, William
Browder, Derius
Browder, James
Browder, Mathew
Browder, Simon
Brown, Hardin
Brown, Isaac
Brown, James R.
Brown, Joel K.
Brown, John
Brown, Thomas
Brown, William
Bruce, John M.
Bunyard, Ephriam
Bunyard, Larkin S.
Burch, John C.
Burger, Abrham
Burger, Adam
Burgess, Nathaniel
Burk, James
Burke, Effee
Burke, William P.
Burkett, T. M.
Burket, Tull
Burnett, Wesley
Burt, A. J.
Burton, J. B.
Burton, James
Cain, Jacob
Calldwell, Solomon M.
Calloway, Thomas
Cameron, James
Camp, John
Camp, Sterling
Camp, William B
Campbell, A. B.
Campbell, David
Campbell, E. B.
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, Evan
Campbell, James
Campbell, Jesse B.
Campbell, Joseph
Cannon, B. B.
Canon, Bartlett
Cannon, Benjamin B.
Cannon, George
Cantrell, David
Cantrell, William
Carden, John
Carden, Presley L.
Carmichaels, John B.
Carmichaels, Stewart
Carney, A. C.
Carpenter, John A.
Carr, David J.
Carroll, J. M.
Carroll, James
Carruth, G. W.
Carruth, John
Carson, Absalom
Carson, David
Carson, John
Carson, Joseph
Carter, Amos
Carter, Valentine
Carter, William B.
Caruth, Walter
Caruthers, George,
Casada, Reuben
Casey, Pleasant
Cassel, George
Casteel, William H.
Cate, Andrew J.
Cate, Charles
Cate, Elijah
Cate, Robert
Cavender, Henry
Chambers, Jeremiah
Champion, William
Chandler, B.
Chapman, Williford
Cheek, William
Chestnut, George
Chestnut, John
Chestnut, Nelson
Chilcutt, Edward
Chilcutt, James
Childers, Joseph
Childers, Josiah
Childers, William
Childres, Archibald
Choat, Thomas
Christian, Henry,
Cisco, James M.
Clark, John
Clark, Sevier
Clark, Thomas
Clark, William
Clawson, John M.
Clayton, Elijah
Clemmer, Jacob
Cleveland, Jesse F.
Cleveland, Robert
Clift, Benjamin D.
Clingan, Alexander A.
Clingan, Edward
Cloud, George,
Clouse, Mary
Cobb, James
Coe, West Allen
Coffee, Collins
Coker, William
Coeman, George M.
Collins, Thomas
Colville, George
Con, George
Conn, Robert
Conner, John
Conner, M. H.
Conner, William
Conner, Henderson
Cook, Isaac
Cooke, G. W.
Cooke, James B.

Cooke, William H.
Cooper, Alexander
Cooper, John P,.
Corbet, Susan
Cornwell, Hiram
Corvan, James
Corvin, Thomas
Cottrel, George
Couch, Isaac
Cowan, James
Cowan, Joseph
Cowden, James
Cox, George
Crainly, S. H.
Crrawford, James
Crawford, Priscilla
Crawford, Thomas
Crawford, William
Cross, John
Cross, Shadrick
Crossland, Samuel
Crow, Alfred
Crowder, William
Crutchfield, Cleages
Crutchfield, Thomas
Crye, James
Cummings, William
Cunningham, David
Curd, Richard
Daughtry, Henry
Daughtry, James
Davis, B. A.
Davis, Elias
Davis, Evan
Davis, H. B.
Davis, James
Davis, John
Davis, Leroy T.
Davis, W. B.
Davis, Young
Davis, Zecheriah
Dean, Thomas
Dearing, Jerimiah
Deaver, Gabriel
Defrees, John
Denny, Robert
Denton, Benjamin
Denton, James
Denver, Gabriel
Dickerson, John
Doxon, Alfred
Dixon, David
Dixon, Simon
Dobbs, James
Dobins, James
Dockery, Nancy
Dodd, Berry
Dodson, Edward A.
Dodson, Elisha
Dodson, Henry M.
Dodson, Warren
Donohoo, James
Donohoo, Joseph
Dotson, Elisha
Dougherty, Arthur
Dougherty, Henry
Dougherty, Josiah
Dougherty, Mary
Dougherty, Mary
Dougherty, William
Doyle, Jacob
Driskill, Henry
Dugan, George W.
Dugger, B. J.
Dunkin, Robert
Dunn, John
Dunn, Margaret
Dunn, Samuel
Dyer, R. H.
Dyer, Robert H.
Dyer, William
Eaton, Charles H.
Edwards, P. J. R.
Effort, J. J.
Eldridge, Rachel
Eldridge, Thomas
Ellis, John
Ellis, Joseph
Ellison, Robert H.
Epperson, Thomas
Eperson, Jesse, Jr.
Ervin, Geore
Erwing, Samuel A.
Esman, John
Evans, James
Evitt, Nehermiah
Fain, James C.
Fain, John
Fallen, Edmund
Falls, Ira
Fann, Malcath
Felker, Peter
Ferguson, George
Ferguson, Moses
Ferguson, William
Findley, Samuel S.
Findley, Joseph W.
Finley, Samuel
Finnell, George W.
Firestone,David J.
Fite, Elias
Fitzgerald, Aaron
Fitzgerald, Anderson,
Fitzgerald, Archibald
Fitzgerald, Asa
Fitzgerald, Elijah
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgerald, William
Fletcher, James A.
Forgurson, George
Foster, Frederick
Fout, Solomon
Fox, Ann
Fraley, John
Fraley, Samuel B.
Francis, Hugh
Francis, James
Francisco, Benjamin
Francisco, George
Franklin, John S.
Franklin, Martin
Franklin, Robert
Frazier, Berian
Frazier, Lorenzo L.
Frazier, Mary
Frazier, Samuel
Freeman, Britton
Freeman, John A.
Freeman, West W.
Frey, Harvey
Fry, John
Galifero, John
Gamble, Charles,
Gamble, John W.
Gamble, Samuel
Gant, John C.
Gardenhire, Alcy
Gardenhire, Benjamin
Gardenhire, George W.
Gardenhire, William
Gardner, Parish
Gassaway, Henry
Gassaway, Ira
Gatlin, Guilf.
Gatlin, John
Gent, William
George, Samuel
Ghormley, Ira
Ghormley, James
Gibson, Matthew R.
Gideons, Riley A.
Giles, T. B.
Gillean, Julian
Gillean, Moses
Gillespie, Charles K.
Gilliam, Isham
Gillian, John
Gilliland, William B.
Glass, E.A.
Glass, John G.
Glass, Lewis A.
Glasscock, Mosses
Glen, Squires S.
Glen, Tyre
Gold, Christopher
Good, Ephriam
Goode, Edward
Goode, Garland D.
Goodner, John
Gotcher, Henry
Gowens, Pryor Lea
Graham, Alexander
Graham, George B.
Graham, J. H.
Graham, Lewis E..
Grant, William
Gray, Benjamin
Gray, John
Green, A. B.
Green, Allen A.
Green, Edward M.
Green, John
Green, M. C.
Green, Philmer
Green, W. T.
Greenlee, Lewis
Gregg, Joseph L.
Gregory, Daniel
Gregory, David
Gregory, George
Gregory, Jathan
Gregory, Tapley
Grey, Morton
Griffeth, John J.
Grigsby, James Grigsby, Lilburn
Grisham, James
Grissum, Richard
Guffey, Thomas
Gunter, Reuben
Hagler, A. W.
Hagler, George
Hague, R.E.
Haire, James A.
Hale, Lewis
Hale, William
Hall, Ignatius
Hall, John
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Lewis
Hall, W. D.
Hambright, Amos
Hambright, Ann
Hambright, Eliza
Hambright, F. R.
Hambight, John
Hambright, Melesa
Hamilton, Joshua H.
Hammond, William
Hancock, William W.
Haney, Emanuel
Haney, Herekiah
Haney, Hiram
Hannah, John F.
Hannah, Samuel W.
Hannars, Avary
Hardin, Amos
Hardin, Isaac
Hargis, G. W.
Harper, Martin
Harris, George C.
Harris, Hilliard
Harris, Nathan
Harris, Sarah Ann
Harvey, Dudley
Harvey, John
Harvey, Jonathan
Harvey, Lemuel
Harvey, N. L.
Harvey, Thomas G.
Harvey, William
Harwood, Zachariah
Haskins, David C.
Hatfield, Hardy

Havens. Charles
Hawkins, Benjamin
Hawkins, James
Hawkins, Joseph
Hawkins, Michael
Hawley, Thomas C.
Hayes, John T.
Hayes, William
Haynes, Laxarus
Haynes, William
Hayse, John G.
Hedgecock, David E.
Hellums, John
Henderson, J. W .C.
Henderson, W. D.
Henley, Abner H.
Henley, James M.
Henry, James M.
Henry, William W.
Hess, Mary
Hester, Abraham
Hicks, John
Higgins, Enoch
Higgins, William
Hildebrand, Michael
Hill, Bird
Hill, Robert W.
Hiwassee Railroad Co.
Hixon, William
Holaway, William
Homer, Lucy
Hood, Martha
Hood, Robert
Hooper, Absalom
Hooper, Andrew
Hooper, Enos. C.
Hopper Augustus
House, George W.
Hoser, Joseph
Housley, G. W.
Houston, Mathew
Howard, John P.
Howard, Samuel
Howard, William
Howell, Michael
Hoyal, John
Hudson, Clinton
Huffaker, Christian
Huffaker, Isaac
Hughes, E. W.
Hughes, John
Hughes, Josiah
Hughes, Leander
Hughes, Pryor
Hughes, L. Heirs (Act of '54)
Humbard, Arthur
Humbard, Elizabeth
Humbo, William
Humphries & Miller
Hunter, Samuel
Hutchison, Charles, Jr.
Hutson, Amstead
Hyten, Anderson,
Igou, John
Igou, Samuel T.
Inman, Benjamin R.
Irvin, George
Irvin, William
Isabel, Benjamin
Jackson, Archibld
Jackson, Richard C.
Jackson, Thomas
Jamison, Benjamin
Jamison, Eliza
Jarnagin, William
Jenkins, David
Job, Joshua
Johnson, A. H.
Johnson, Asahel
Johnson, Campbell
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, James M.
Johnson, Jerimiah
Johnson, John H.
Johnson, Joseph A.
Johnson, M. F.
Johnson, Madison B.
Johnson, Robert C.
Johnson, Samuel H.
Johnson, Samuel M.
Johnson, Scot
Johnson, T. C.
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, William
Johnson, Willie B.
Johnson, Zacheriah
Johnston, Andrew H.
Johnston, Elizabeth H.
Johnston, James M.
Johnston, James A.
Johnston, John H.
Johnston, Joseph A.
Johnston, Josiah
Johnston, Madisan B.
Johnston, Robert M.
Johnston, Samuel H.
Johnston, Samuel M.
Johnston, William B.
Jones, Abrham
Jones, Benjamin F.
Jones, Jesse F.
Jones, Richard
Jones, Stephen
Jones, Thomas
Jordan, A. P. H.
Julian, George
Julian, Samuel
Julin, Marcina
Karr, William, Jr.
Keith, C. F.
Keith, Charles
Keith, Zechariah
Kelly, John
Kelly, William C.
Kelly, William J.
Kennedy, Allen
Kenendy, John C.
Keith Smyth Co.
Killingsworth, Isaac
Kincanon, Andrew
Kincannon, F.
King's Point Town Co.
King, Adam
King, Ele
King, Samuel
Kinzy, William
Knox, David L
Lacy, Allen
Lad, Bayless E.
Ladd, Constant
Lain, John M.
Lambert, John
Lane, Daniel
Lane, Lindsey
Lane Pleasant W.
Lane, Samuel A.
Lanefelt, Jacob

Langley, John C.
Langston, Martin
Larrison, John F.
Lauderdale, James
Lawson, Housan
Lawson, Isham
Lawson, John F.
Lawson, Nelson
Lawson, Reynolds
Lawson, Russell
Lea, Caswell
Lea, Francis W.
Lea, James A.
Lea, Pleasant J.
Lea, Pleasant M.
Lea, Wm. Park
Legg, Merdith W.
Lemerick, David
Lenoir, A. S.
Lenoir, Thomas
Leopard, Benjamin
Lesly, James
Lesly, Thomas
Lewis, Alfred
Lewis, David
Lewis, Rezin
Lillard, Abraham
Lillard, D. F.
Lillard, Jeremiah
Lillard, Luther
Lindsay, Anna M.
Lingerfelt, Jacob
Littleton, Mark
Locke, Thomas J.
Loftes, Joseph
Login, John
Long, Alexander
Long, Harry
Long, Isaac
Long, John P.
Longley, Andrew J.
Longley, James
Lovel, Leon
Low, John
Low, William C.
Lowrey, Thomas
Lusk, Hugh B.
Lusk, Joseph
Lusk, Josiah
Lutteell, Caswell C.
Lutrell, George

Maberry, Reese
Maberry, Yrapts
Maddux, Adam
Maddux, Nathaniel
Magill, Hugh
Mahan, Alexander
Mahon, Robert S.
Mahoney, Philip
Manas. George
Manker, J. J.
Martin, Isaac
Martin, John
Martin, P. P.
Martin, R. K.
Martin, Thomas
Martin, Travner
Masey, Nancy
Mason, Seba
Mason, Selah
Maston, John B.
Maston, P. T.
Maston, R. K.
Maston, T. W.
Maston, Thomas
Maston, John B.
Mathes, Pleasant
Mathis, Elijah
Matlock, Jason
Matlock, John
Matthews, John
Mayfield, James
Mays, James
McAllister, James
McAndrew, William
McBrian, Richard
McBride, Pleasant
McCaleb, Andrew
McCaleb, Samuel
McCallie, John R.
McCallie, Thomas
McCamy, A. C.
McCamy, James
McCamy, Samuel
McCarty, John L.
McCarty, Thomas
McCasland. Stephen
McClain, Austin D.
McClary, Robert W.
McClary, Thomas R.
McClelland, John
McCombs, Sheldrake
McConnell, Samuel W.
McCormick, William F.
McCoy, Neal

McCuley, D.
McCullugh, Alexander
McDaniel, John
McDaniel, William
McDermit, William P.
McDonel, William
McElrath, H. D.
McFarland, Hamders
McFarland, Thomas
McGee, George
McGhee, John
McGhee, Nehemiah H.
McGhee, Willie B.
McGwin, Edward
McGwin, Edward
McHenry, Robert
McJukin, Daniel
McJunkin, Elizabeth
McJunkin, John B.
McJunkin, Samuel
McKamy, James
McKamy, Samuel
McKamy, W. H.
McKeehan, Sandlow
McKissack, Abraham
McLeod, Lafayett
McMillan, Joseph W.
McMillan, William H.
McMinn, John
McMinn, JosephMcNabb, Alfred W.
McNabb, David
McNabb, Robert
McNutt, Joel
McNut, Peter
McNutt, Thomas
McPherson, John
McReynolds, John
McReynolds, James
McSpadden, Joseph
McSpadden, Samuel
McSpadden, Stewart
McWilliams, J. W.
McWilliams, Wm.
Mee, John
Mee, Joseph R.
Melton, David
Melton, William P.
Meredith, Cyrus B Meroney, Augustus D.
Mesimer, Thomas
Mesony, A. D.
Millaway, John T.
Miller, Jonathan
Miller, O. W.
Miser Isaasc
Mitchell, Henry
Mitchell, Ples.
Mitchell, R. D.
Mitchell, Samuel L.
Mitchell, William
Mizer, Elijah
Mizer Michael
Montgomery George
Moon, Jonas
Moon, L. T.
Moon, William
Moore, Col. N.M. L.
Moore, Daniel
Moore, Gen. A. J.
Moore, Gov. G. W.
Moore, Jesse C.
Moore, Jonas
Moore, Littleberry
Moore, Nathaniel D.
Moore, Sarah
Moore, Thomas A.
Moorland, John
Morris, Jesse
Morris, Shadrick C.
Morrison, Joe L.
Morrison, M. L.
Morrison, Robert
Moses, Samuel

Moss, David
Mount, John
Mountcastle, George
Mueller, E.
Muler, Lemuel
Muncy, Benjamin
Minford Elisha J.
Murdock, William C.
Murphy, James B.
Murphy, Zachariah
Nance, John
Narmore, John
Nashville University
Neil, John D.
Nelson, Geore
Nelson, M. M.
Nelson, R.M.
Newton, James
Nicholson, Lucretia
Norman, John
Nowlin, Hardin
O'Kelly, Francis
Oaters George W.
Oatts, Sarah
Obar, Clark
Odell, John
O'Donnald, Frederick
O'Donnell, Isaac W. H.
O'Neal, John L.
Ooslow, Polly
Ooten, George W.
Orr, Robert
Orr, William
Osborn, Lewis
Osment, John
Oxford, Jonathan
Palmer, Thomas
Paris, Moses
Park, Thomas J.
Parker, Aaron H.
Parker, Elisha
Parker, Evan
Parker, George T.
Parker, John I.
Parker, Preston
Parker, Allen
Parkerson, Peter
Parks, James
Parks, Paul
Parks, Samuel
Parmentier, Rosine M.
Parmley, Stephen
Parsons, James
Patterson, Thomas G.
Patty, Benjamin
Payne, Nancy
Peal, Thomas
Pearce, Edmond
Pearce, Thornton G.
Pearce, William
Peck, Elliot
Pelham, Edward
Pendegrass, J. (Mill Q)
Penick, Henry
Perry, Alexander
Pettit, Benjamin
Pettit, Gideon
Pettit, James
Pettit, Thomas
Pettit, William P.
Paris, Robert H.
Phariss, John
Phariss, Robert H.
Piburn, Riley
Pickens, J. R.
Pickens, John
Pickens, Robert
Pierce, Robert
Pierce, William
Plowman, Jacob
Plowman, Thomas, H.
Polk County Commission
Pollard, Winston
Potts, Amps
Powell, A. T.
Powell, Scott
Paynor, William
Presly, John
Prever, Huey
Price, Ephriam
Price, Henry
Price, John E.
Price, Josiah S.
Price, Richard
Price, William
Priddy, Davis
Priddy, Tinsley
Prince, Ephriam
Prince, J.E.
Price, Josiah
Prock. John
Prosser, William B.
Prowell, A. T.
Prowell, Sampson H.
Pruit, Alvy
Pryor, Green H.
Pursselley, Alexander
Pyburn, Thomas L.
Ragan, D (Mill Q)
Ragon, David
Ragon, Eli
Ragsdale, Benjamin
Ramsey, Edmond
Ramsey, Lewis
Ramsey, R. J.
Ramsey, R. R.
Randolph, Robert
Rankin, David
Raper, James L.
Raper, James S.
Raper, Johm M.
Rawlings, A. M.
Rawlings, Aaron
Rawlings, Daniel
Rawlings, R. M.
Rawlings, Rozen M.
Ray, William J.
Rayl, William
Read, James P.
Reagan, David
Regan, EliRagsdale, Benjamin
Ramsey, Edmond
Ramsey, Lewis
Ramsey, R. J.
Ramsey, R. R.
Randolph, Robert
Rankin, David
Raper, James L.
Raper, John M.
Rapt, Julian E.
Rawlings, Aaron M.
Rawlings, Daniel J.
Rawlings, J. R.
Rawlings, Rizen M.
Ray, Wm. J.
Rayl, William
Read, James P.
Reagan, David
Reagan, Eli
Reagan, James A.
Rector, Landon
Reese, Hiram
Reid, Mitchel
Reid, Samuel M.
Reneau, Russell
Rhodes, John R.
Rice, E. C.
Rice, George W.
Rice, John
Richards, William
Richardson, Abel
Richardson, Samuel
Ridley, William
Rinkle, John
Rinkle, Rufus
Rippeto, James M.
Ritchee, John

Roark, Joseph
Roberts, Joseph
Roberts, Nehemiah H.
Roberts, Sary
Robertson, H.P.
Robins, Stephen
Robins, Neely S.
Robison, William H.
Rogers, G. C.
Rogers, John
Rogers, Lebern Rogers, S. C.
Rogers, Travis
Rogers, William
Rogers, Russell
Roller, Jacob
Rose, Zachariah
Ross, John K.
Rowan, Samuel
Roy, James
Royston, B.S.S.
Rucker, James
Rucker, Marg.
Rucker, Martha
Rucker, Mary
Rucker, Min
Rucker, Wilford
Rucker, Wm.
Runyan, William
Rutherford, Larkin
Rymer, Jesse
Rymer, Leroy
Rymer, Solomon
Rymer, William
Rymer, David

Salee, George W.
Sanders, Ransom
Scott, Elijah
Scott, Goodman
Scott, Martin
Scroggin, Burgess
Seabourn, James
Seabourn, John
Seahorn, Abraham
Seahorn, Alex
Secrest, Thomas
Sehorn, William
Sellars, David
Sellers, Calvin
Sellers, Sampson
Selvidge, John
Seymour, Charles
Shadle, James
Shambley, Thomas
Shamblin, John
Shane, John
Sharp, Edward
Selane, George W.
Shelton, James
Shepherd, Lewis
Shepherd, Sarah
Shields, John
Shields, Will
Shiflet, Anderson
Shiflet, Austin
Shively, John
Shoemaker, William S.
Shook, Jacob
Shropshire, William M.
Shugart, Lemuel
Simmons, John
Simpson, Richard
Simpson, Robert
Sivly, Absalom
Sloan, Andrew M.
Sloan, James
Smith, Anderson
Smith, B. F.
Smith, G. W.
Smith, Henderson
Smith, Isaac
Smith, Joseph G.
Smith, Martha
Smith, Nathan
Smith, Peyton
Smith, Reuben
Smith, Robery M.
Smith, Thomas C.
Smith, W. R.
Snodgrass, Allen W.
Snodgrass, Elliot
Snow, William
Southern, John
Spillman, N. J.
Spitser, John G.
Spriggs, Ezekiel
Stamper, Asa
Standifer, Leroy
Stansberg, Jno.
Starratt, John G.
State of TN
Stephenson, Andrew R.
Stephenson, Robert
Stephenson, William M.
Stewart, Isaac
Stewart, John H.
Stewart, Joseph
Stewart, Margaret
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, Samuel
Stewart, William
Still, J. L.
Stone, Nathan
Stone, Soloman
Stone, William
Stout, Benjamin
Stover, Isaac
Stubblefield, Wyatt
Stubling, Francis
Suet, Samuel
Sullens, Joseph
Swaford, Moses
Swan, Isaac W.
Swan, John
Swan, Joseph L.
Swan, Robert W.
Swisher, Henry R.
Syler, Peter H.
Talent, William
Tankesly, Roland
Taury, George
Taylor, Alfred
Taylor Archibald
Taylor, Benjamin F.
Taylor, George
Taylor, James
Taylor, Jno. N.
Taylor, Larkin
Taylor, Thomas S.
Taylor, Wm. B.
Teale, William
Tedford, James H.
Teenor, Adam H.
Telford, Ralph E.
Temples, Daniel
Terry, William
Thatch, Henderson
Thomas, Abraham
Thomas, Enock
Thomison, Thomas W.
Thompson, Ann
Thompson, Gideon
Thompson, Ransom
Thompson, Samuel
Thompson, William
Thornhill, Robert
Thrasher, Uriah H.
Thurman, Elijah
Thurman, William
Tibbs, Charles
Tibs, William H.
Timmons, Mathew
Tipton, Jacob
Tipton, John B.
Tipton, Johathan C.
Toomey, Thomas L.
Torbet, John W.
Towns, John
Townsley, James
Towry, James
Traynor, John D.
Treevitt, John
Trewhitt, L. L.
Trewhitt, Levi
Triplett, Green
Triplett, William
Tucker, John
Tucker, Joseph
Tucker, William
Tullock, William L.
Tunnell, Robert
Turman, Alexander
Turman, Gideon
Tyner, Lewis
Van, Joseph
Vaugn, James
Walden, James
Walker, James E.
Walker, Margaret
Waller, George
Wallin, James M.
Wan, Silas M.
Ward, Joseph
Ward, J. M.
Ware, James
Washburn, Nancy
Wasson, David C.
Wasson, William
Waterhouse, Euclid
Watkins, Thomas J.
Watson, George
Watson, John
Waugh, William
Wayland, James C.
Weatherly, Wilson
Weatherly, Woodson
Weaver, John
Web, Willie
Weir, Thomas J.
Welch, John
Westfield, David
Wetmore, George
Wheeler, Henry
White, Commodore
White, George
White, Hugh A. M.
White, Jesse
White, William
White, Willis
Whitel, George
Whiteside, James
Whitmore, John
Wiggins, William
Wilkins, Anderson S.
Willhite, Joseph
Williams, Elisha
Williams, George
Williams, John
Williams, Samuel
Williams, Silas
Williamson, William
Williford, James
Willis, Stephen
Wilson, Isabella
Wilson, James
Wilson, John W.
Wilson, Samuel
Wilson, Thompson
Winne, Mathew
Witt, Burg.
Witt, Ephriam
Witt, Hezekiah
Wtt, James H.
Witt, Mich.
Witt, Polly
Witt, Samuel
Witt, Taney
Witt, William
Womack, Alexander
Womble, George W.

Womble, William
Wood, Harrison
Wood, John
Wood, Jonathan
Wood, William
Woods, Arch.
Woods, John
Wyan, Mathew
Yancy, Cyrus
Yarnell, John N. Yates, Noah
Yokum, Isaac
York, Rachel
Young, John

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