Hicks, Joe Danny, 64, of Reliance, Tn. d. Sat., 5/18/13 at home.  Parents:  Virgil and Gladys Biggs Hicks.


Reynolds, David Eugene, 52, of Old Fort, Tn., d. Thurs., 5/16/13 in Chattanooga, Tn.  Mother:  Wilma Woody Reynolds.


McClary, Dr. Ben Harris, 81, d. 5/18/13 in East Ridge, Tn.  Born Polk Co., Tn. 7/8/1931 to Ray and Arlene McClary.

Freeman, Barbara Jo, 72, of Reliance, .Tn., d. Fri., 5/17/13.  Born in Polk Co., Tn. to Carson and Donnie Evelyn Morgan.


Jones, Inez Mary, 85, of Blue Ridge, Ga., d. Fri., 5/24/13 at home.  Born Fannin Co., Ga. 4/26/1928 to Homer C. and Ollie Patterson Davenport.


Kirkland, Dewey Lindell, 65, of Benton, Tn. d. Sat., 5/25/13.  Mother:  Margaet Bain Kirkland.


Mealer, Kenneth Daris, "K.D.", 81, of Epworth, Ga. d. Tues, 5/21/13 in Athens, Tn.  Born Postelle, Tn. on 5/4/1932 to Gus and Mae Bell Howard Mealer.


Thomas, Ida Mae, 96, of McCaysville, Ga. d. Wed., 5/22/13.  Born 2/13/1913 in Reliance, Tn. to L.C. and Eliza Jane Hammons Goss.


Housley, William Glenn, "Shorty", 92, of Copperhill, tn. d. Tues., 5/21/13 @ home.  Born 9/2/1920 in Epworth, Ga. to John Henry and Lovenia Clementine Goss Housley.


Lillard, Janice Sue Ledford, 63, of Benton, Tn. d. Sat., 6/8/13 in Chattanooga, Tn.  Parents:  Charlie and Dorothy Mikel Ledford.


McCormick, Earlon, "Cotton", 55, of Decatur, Tn. d. Thurs., 6/6/13 at home.  Parents:  Claude Sr. , "Rob" and Mamie McCormick.


McGill, Virginia Christine, 88, of Jackson, Ga. d. Mon, 6/3/13.  born 5/18/1925 in Forsyth, Ga. to Charles B. and Ethel Branton Collis.


Setser, Carl Eugene,82, of Mineral Bluff, Ga. d. Mon., 6/3/13 in Chattanooga, Tn.  Born Fannin Co., Ga. 8/20/1930 to Edward and Eula Cox Setser.


Stedman, Frank, "Maynard", 73, of Calhoun d. Sun.,  6/9/13.  Parents:  Fred and Molly Mae Strickler Stedman.


Thomas, Virginia  Lee Patterson, 76, of Ocoee, Tn., d. Sat., 6/8/13.  Born Fannin Co., Ga. to Leonard Bert and Ina Ensley Patterson.


Dobbs, Eddie. 70, of Copperhill, Tn., d. Wed., 5/8/13.   Born Atlanta, Ga. to Alex John and Madrie Marie Phillips Dobbs.


Finney, Beatrice May Taylor, 81, of Brooklyn, Mi. d. Mon., 6/1/13 @ home.  Parents:  Thomas and Josie Craig Taylor.


Giovannoni, Peggy Diros.  B. 11/11/1940.  D. 6/13/13.


Shields, Thomas Vernon Jr., 65, of Turtletown, Tn. d. Fri., 6/14/13.  born Polk Co., Tn. to Thomas Sr. and Billie Jane Simonds Shields.


Towe, Jerry Ray Sr., 71, of Etowah, Ga. d. Sat., 6/8/13.  Born Rome, Ga. to Fred M. and Pearl Key Towe.


Woodyard, Mary Elizabeth, 89, of McCaysville, Ga., d. 6/11/13 in Copper Basin, Tn..  Born 10/17/23 in Hale Co., Alabama to Thomas Alexander and Maude Florence Puckett McDonald.


Allen, Jack Edward, 57, of Benton, Fri. 6/7/13.


Lisk, Craig E., 24, of Blue Ridge, Ga. d. Thurs., 6/13/13.


Prince, William Kenneth, 70, of Copperhill, Tn., d. Sun., 6/16/13 in Chattanooga, Tn.  Born Polk Co., Tn. 10/28/1942 to Robert Lee and Mary Lou Prince.


Walden, Dale Edmund, "Uncle Buck", 58, of Murphy, NC, d. 6/9/13.  born 3/8/1955 in Polk Co., T. to James and Bernice Hughes Walden.


Arp, Jacqueline Anne, 81, of McCaysville, Ga. d. Thurs., 6/20/13 in Chattanooga, Tn.  Born Tures, 10/20/1931 in Copperhill, Tn.


Goforth, Wesley "Kirby", 58, of Murphy, NC d. Mon., 6/17/13 in Jasper, Ga.  Born Copperhill, Tn. 10/17/1954 to Wesley Kirby Sr. and Clymenia Jones Goforth.


Nari, Bertha Mae, 82, of McCaysville, Ga. d. Tues., 6/25/13 in Blue Ridge, Ga.  Born 8/30/1930 in Union Co., Ga. to Gordon R. and Laura V. Abernathy Golden.


Sullivan, William Park, 94, of Blairsville, Ga. d. Fri., 6/28/13 in Blairsville.  Born 11/18/1918 in Townsend, Tn. to John Franklin and Millie Sullivan.


Tanner, Evelyn Anna, 86, of Mineral Bluff, Ga. d. Wed., 6/26/13.  Born Fannin Co., Ga. to John Thurlow and Anna Pearl Garren Waldon.


Akin, Herman D., 90, of Ocoee, Tn. d. Tues., 6/18/13.  Parents:  Robert Arthur and Dora Smith Akin.


Allen, Jack Edward, 57, of Benton, Fri. 6/7/13.


Bailey, James Edward, 86, of Blue Ridge, Ga, d. Sun., 7/28/13.  Born Etowah, Tn. to James and Bertha Mull Bailey.
Davis, William Young, 70, of Douglasville, Ga. d. 7/23/13.  Born Fannin Co., Ga. to George and Nora Milsaps Davis.
Johnson, Laura Delores Beaver, 80, of Ducktown., Tn. d. Thurs., 8/1/13 @ home.  Born Unaka, NC to Charles and Bessie Craig Bates.
Newman, Mildred Hilton, 87, of Cleveland, Tn. d. Tues., 7/30/13.  Parents:  Lee and Emily Padgett Hilton.
Robinson, Joyce Ann, 72, of Morganton, Ga. d. 7/24/13 @ home.  Born Fannin Co., Ga. to George and Ruth Hembree Bennett.
Beaver, Clyde "Frank", 81, d. 7/09/13 in McCaysville, Ga.  Born 10/28/1931 in Greenville, SC. to James H. and Ruth Panter Beaver.
Fabus, Robert James, 62, of Blue Ridge, Ga. d. Sat., 7/6/13 in Ellijay, Ga.  Parents: on P. and Frances Luznak Fabus.
Garrett. Barbara Jean, 76, of Hayesville, d. Wed., 7/100/13 in Clay Co., Ga.  Parents:  Euclid Elihue and Bertha Beatrice Price.
Harbison, Marie Gurley, 91, of Polk Co., Tn. d. Tues., 7/9/13 in Etowah, Tn.  Parents:  James Wesley and Donne Jenkins Gurley.
Hughes, Claudine Ellieanne Holmes, 91, of McCaysville, Ga., d. Sat., 7/6/13 in Ellijay, Ga.   Born 2/7/1926 in Pickens Co., Ga. to Floyd and Estelle Grizzle Holmes.
Hughson, Catheine Anita, 54, of Blairsville, Ga., d. Sat., 7/6/13 @ home.  Born Tues., 4/28/1959 in Wyandotte, Mi. to Clyde and Elsie Carson Rhodes.
Key, Arlene D., 91, of Blue Ridge, Ga., d. 7/12/13 in Cleveland,Tn.  Born 4/5/1922 in Fannin Co., Ga. to Charles Homer and Ollie Patterson Davenport.
Martin, Ruby Lewis, 92, of Benton, Tn., d. Thurs., 7/11/13.  Parents:  James Oliver, "Boss", and Illa Clemmer Lewis.
Patterson, Charles Eddie, "Chuck", 62, d. Wed., 7/10/13 in Blue Ridge, Ga.  born 4/3/1951 to Edd and Louise Colwell Patterson.
Payne, Charlie, 87, of Turtletown, Tn. d. Wed., 7/10/13.  Born Cherokee Co., NC to Isum and Estie Taylor Payne.
Waters, Mae Brown, 88, of McCaysville, Ga. d. Wed., 7/10/13 @ home.  born 4/19/1925 in Fannin Co., Ta. to John C. and Radie Earley Brown.
Weeks, Lesia D. Walker, 50, of Benton, Tn., d. Sat., 7/6/13.  Mother:  Betty Lowe Garrison.
Wilkinson, Annie Mae, 65, of Tellico Plains, Tn. d. Sun. 7/14/13 in Sweetwater, Tn.  Born 5/10/1948.   Father:  Hubert Cecil Hamby.