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  1.  Abercrombie, William Bobby 60, of Ducktown, Tn. d. Tues, 8/2/2011.; born in McCaysville, Ga. to Ivan Rufus and Connie Gray Abercrombie.

  2. Allen, Jewell, 75, of Turtletown, d. Wed. , 10/19/11.  Parents:  Lake and Allie Spurling Ledford.

  3. Allen, James Arvel, 68, of Marietta, Ga., d. Fri., 12/16/2011.  Born 4/29/1943 in Fannin Co., Ga. to Emery Harrison Allen

  4. Anderson, Vergil, of Benton, d. Fri., Nov 11, 2011.  Parents:  Jim and Grace Anderson.

  5. Arp, Jacob Desmond, “Deb”, 86, of  McCaysville, Ga., d. Sat., June 25, 2011 in Blue Ridge, Ga.  Parents:  Frank and Mamie Sparks Arp

  6. Ballew, Wendy Yvonne (King) 39, of Copperhill, Tn. d. Wed., Aug. 17, 2011.

  7. Barefield, Goldie, 77, d. Wed., 10/19/11 in Etowah.  Parents:  John and Elsie Runion Barefield.

  8. Bates, Ray, d. Mon., 11/21/2011.  Parents:  Luke and Carrie Bates.

  9. Beard, Anna Lou 101, d. Sat. Aug. 13, 2011 in Cleveland, Tn.

  10. Bell, Veronica Disney, 47, of Benton, d. Sun, 10/26/11.

  11. Bentley, Kayla Ann, 24 of Copperhill, Tn. d. in Commerce City, Co. on Aug. 5, 2011; b. in Austell, Ga. on 8/30/1986.

  12. Bolton, William Lawrence was born in Cornith, Miss. On 6/26/1921 to Rufus Ezekiel and Ruth Pearl Maxedon Bolton  (no death date listed)

  13. Brown, Derrick Seth, 13, of Old Fort, d. Thurs., July 28, 2011.

  14. Burger, Arvil Cleaston, 91, of Farmer, Tn. d. Sun., 11/13/2011.  Parents:  Joseph and Hattie Coleman Burger.

  15. Burnette, Hilda Boling, 74, of Blue Ridge, Ga. d. Sept. 15, 2011.  Born in McCaysville, Ga. on Jan 17, 1937 to Thomas Clark and Othella Smith Boling

  16. Chastain, Marcia Ann 78, of Delano, d. Fri., Aug. 19, 2011.  Parents:  Hugh Morris and Reba Alley Hunt McClary.

  17. Cheatham, .Irene Voyles- 87, d. Fri., July 22, 2011.  Parents:  Emeriah and Ruth Thantham-Voyles

  18. Clayton, Stephan, 33, of Tellico Plains, d. Tues., 12/13/11.


  19. Clemmer, Mrs. Agnus Prince Parris 86, of McCaysville, d., Sat., Aug. 13, 2011; b. April 4/1925 in Fannin Co., Ga. to Lester and Nancy Harrison Prince.

  20. Cobb, Ruth, 89, of Murphy, NC, d. thus, 11/8/11.  Parents:  Sam and Ora Ledford Reid.

  21. Collins, Cas 80, of Benton, d. Sat., Aug. 13, 2011.  Parents:  William M. Collins and Jessie Rae Collins.

  22. Cox, Louie “Gene”, 80 of Blue Ridge, Ga. d. Sept. 17, 2011.  Born in Fannin co., Ga. to Stewart and Hazel Welch Cox.

  23. Dalton, June Nesbitt McGee, 74, of Turtletown, Tn., d. 10/28/2011.  Born 6/6/1936 in Ducktown, Tn. to John E. and Eva Mae Harris MeGee.

  24. Dalton, Everett William, 82, of Copperhill, Tn.,d Sat., July 30, 2011; b. Polk Co., Tn.  Parents:  Will and Bessie Stuart Dalton.

  25. Danley, Davis E., (aka Paul Really), 63, of Benton, d. 12/18/2011.  Born in Pensacola, Fl to Earl E. and Bertie Fleming Danley

  26. Davenport, Anne Bell, 77, of Epworth, Ga. d. Sept. 24, 2011.  Born March 14, 1934 in Copperhill, Tn. to Alvis E. and Ethel E. Hyde Arp

  27. Davenport, Simmie Clifford, 73, of McCaysville, Ga., d. Sept. 15, 2011  in Fannin Co., Ga.  Born Fannin Co.,Ga. to Harley G. and Dena Holt Davenport.

  28. Deal, Edna Payne 87, of Morrow, Ga., d. Mon, Aug. 15, 2011

  29. Davis, Elizabeth H. 70, of Old Fort. D. Wed. 7/27/2011.  Parents:  Eldon Lee and Janie McCurry Davis.

  30. Davis, John William, 71, of Cleveland, Tn. d. Tues. Sept. 27, 2011.  He was the son of W.Il and Dorothy Gilbert Davis.

  31. Dixon, Oberia “Skeet”, 85, d. Mon., Oct.3, 2011.  Born 12/29/1925 to Myrtle Wright and Joseph Brock

  32. Dixson, Sylvia Bettina, 57, of Ocoee ,  d., Tues, 12/13/11 in Etowah.  Parents:  Chass and Ruby Dixson

  33. Dowlin, Roger Allen, 59, of Isabella, Tn. d. Sat., 9/3/2011 in Copper Basin; born in Chester Co., Pa. top Elmer Dowlin

  34. Dunbar, Mrs. Rowena Mercedes Greer, 71, of Chatsworth, Ga., d. Tues., July 26/2011; b. Copperhill, Tn., on 5/5/1940 to Lewis Burdine and Amanda Ada Perry Greer.

  35. Dunn, Martha Jean, 80, of Copperhill, d. Fri., 10/21/11 in Ducktown.  Born in McMinn Co. on 2/23/1931 to Robert and Lola Coffey Wyatt.

  36. Eaves, Donna, Benton,  d. Aug, 13, 2011.  Parents:  Rev. Benn and Madaline Stizler.

  37. Firestone, Cebue Eaves 92 , of Benton, Tn., d. Tues, June 28, 2011.  Parents:  Robert and Sally Haulk Eaves.

  38. Forsberg, Aleta Kay 59, of Ducktown, d. July 23, 2011, b. 4/4/1952 in Cowan, WV to James and Myrtle Rowe Stockwell.
  39. Foster, Claude Thomas, 92, of Blue Ridge, Ga., d. Thurs., July 7, 2011.  Parents:  Walter Wilson and Sarah Bethina Davenport Foster.

  40. Foster, Reathel Mari Brown (Mrs), funeral Sat., July 9. 2011.  Parents:  Joe and Oma Brown
  41. George, Virginia J., 80, of Cleveland, Tn. d. Tues., 10/12/2011.  Parents:  George W. and Hulda McElroy Davis.
  42. German, Rev. Ernest, 98, d. July 8, 2011; b. 10.6/1912 in Fannin Co., Ga.  Parents:  John and Lydia Davis German.
  43. Godfrey, Franklin Delano 74, of McCaysville, d. Fri., Aug. 12, 2011 .  Parents:  Thomas Morgan and Florence Mae Green Godfrey.
  44. Hall, Blain Edward, 81 of Polk Co. d. 12/8/11.  Parents:  Andrew and Lila Rymer Hall.

  45. Hall, Stanley E., 85, of Old Fort, Tn. d. Thurs. Sept. 8, 2011.  Born in Cherokee Co., NC to Otis J and Emily Alice Hall.
  46. Hamby, Nancy Roberta Hayes, 57, of Turtletown, d. Sat., 12/10/11.  Born 8/15/1954 in Cherokee Co., NC to Willie and Irene Croft Hayes.
  47. Hampton, Richard Lewis 65, of Copperhill, Tn. d. Mon., 8/1/2011.  Parents:  James Lewis and Emma Jean Tuttle Hampton.
  48. Hancock, Freddie, 76, d. Mon. 10/3/2011.  Born in Murphy, NC to Ellard and Edith Ledford Hancock on 6/19/1935
  49. Harbison, Andrew Auston (Andy), 82, of Benton, Tn., d. Sat.,  July 2, 2011.  Parents:  John Wesley and Jessie Irene Bates Harbison.
  50. Harper, Mary Lou, 76, of Copperhill, Tn., d. on Aug. 23, 2011.  Born 2/15/1935 in Fannin Co.,Ga. to William Erksin and Hattie Elizabeth Curbow Jones
  51. Harris, Norman, 83, of Copperhill, Tn. d. Thurs., Aug. 18, 2011.  Born in Polk Co. to Robert Edward and Nancy Fair Craig Harris
  52. Hays, Charles Leon, Jr., 75, of Blue Ridge, Ga. d. Fri., 10/21/11.  Born in Glavewater, Tx. On 12/16/1935 to Charles Leon and Jean Alexander Hays.

  53. Headen, Miles Tommy 71, of Reliance, Tn., d. Mon., June 27, 2011.   Parents:  James M. and Lecia Wright Headen
  54.  Hembree, Howard David, 73 of Ducktown, Tn. d. Tues., Sept. 6, 2011.  Born in McMinn co., Tn. to Joseph and Nora Mae Allen Hembree

  55. Henson, Mabel L., 90, of Chattanooga, d. Thurs., 10/13/2011.  Parents:  G.H. “Homer” and Dlyde Hughes.

  56. Hicks, Estel H. 89, of Athens, d. Tues., June 28, 2011.  Parents:  James L. and Martha Jane Shell Hicks.

  57. Hicks, James “Bobo” Walter, 40, of Delano, d. Sat., Aug. 27, 2011.  Father, Roy F. Hicks.

  58. Hicks, Nathaniel Lynn, 46, of Murphy, NC d. 10/31/2011 in Asheville, NC.  Born 10/21/1965 in Copperhill, Tn

  59. Hicks, Troy, 72, of Farmer, Tn., d. Thurs. July 28, 2011.  Parents:  Homer Lee and Lillian Gertrude Jones Hicks.

  60. Hogan, Opal Sarah Jane, 89, d. Tues, 8/30/11; born in McCaysville, Ga. to Horace and Amy Cordell.

  61. Hogsed, Mary Bob Abernathy Carner, 77, of Copper Basin area d. Sept. 16, 2011.  Born in Polk Co., Tn. Sept. 4, 1934 to Robert Lamar and Hazel V. Cochran Abernathy.

  62. Hughes, Bennie Francis 77, of Turtletown c. Aug. 18, 2011 in Chattanooga.  Born Aug. 17, 1934 to Fred and Retheal Early Hughes

  63. Hughes, Omega Wise, 77, of Ducktown d. Sat., 8/22/11; born in Copperhill, Tn. to Leonard Jackson and Geneva Green Wise.

  64. Hughes, Mrs. Edith Myrtle ( Susie) Dockery, 80, of Douglasville, Ga. D. Sat., July 23, 2011; b. 12/29/1930 in Copperhill, Tn. to Lou Devo and Jossie Jane Cearley Dockery.

  65. Hughes, Edna Lee, 60, of Whitfield Co., Ga., d. Sat., 7/16/2011.  Parents:   Mike and Minnie Jenkins.
  66. Hunt, Alfred Thomas, 52, of Benton, d. Thurs., Aug. 25, 2011 in Chattanooga
  67. Ipe, Edward Jon, 25 of Epworth, Ga., d. Wed., July 27/2011; b. 6/21/1986 in Sarasota, Fl.
  68. Jenkins, Herbert H., 86, of Murphy, NC, d. Sun., 10/16/2011 in Ducktown, Tn.  Parents:  Winslow and Hettie Keenum Jenkins
  69. Jenkins, Joy Ponetta, 66, of Copperhill, Tn. d. Sept. 18, 2011.  Born June 7, 1945 in Liberty, N.C. to Euclid Bruce and Bertha Price Bruce.
  70. Jenkins, Robin, 60, of Benton, Tn. d. Mon., Sept. 26, 2011 in McMinn Co., Tn.  Parents:  George and Rubell Wilcox Hayes
  71. Johnson, Cheryl, 53, of Ducktown, Tn., d. July 24/2011.  Parents:  Edgar and Ethel Easter Talley Johnson. 

  72. Johnson, Jerry L., Sr., 68, of McDonald., d. Mon., 12.5.11.  Parents:  Marcus Calvin and Katie Johnson.

  73. Jernigan, Roy Rudolph “Rudy”, 81, of Riverdale, Ga., d. 10/30/2011.  Born 9/1/1930 in Donalsonville, Ga. to Roy and Ella Mae Williams Jernigan.

  74. Johnson, Danny Ray, 62, of Blue Ridge, Ga., d. 10/19/11. Born 1/31/1949 in Polk Co., Tn. to Robert Lloyd and Matie Lorine Rose Johnson

  75. Jones, Hoke Thomas Jr., 60, of McCaysville, Ga., d. Wed., 11/9/2011 in Chattanooga, Tn.  Born in Polk Co. 6/7/1951.  Son of Hoke Thomas Sr. and Ophie Stewart Jones.

  76. Jones, Joan M. 68, of Copperhill, Tn., d. Mon., June 27, 2011 in Nashville.  Parents:  James and Mary Minnitte Monahon.

  77. Jones, Ruth Tallent, 95, of Spartanburg, SC., d. 10/5/2011.  Parents:  Oscar and Ethel Adeline Howard Tallent.

  78. Keller, Ann Chittenden, 52, of Delano d. Thurs, 9/1/11.  Father, George W. “Bud” Chittenden.

  79. Kirkland, Donald “Don”, 66, of Benton, d. Thurs, 12/15/11.  Parents:  F. Clyde and Lois Newton Kirkland.

  80. Kirkland, Ronnie Lee, 55, of Mansfield., d. Wed., 12/7/11.  Parents:  Ollitt and Hazel Ledford Kirkland.

  81. Lazaroff, Marcia 73, of Copper Basin d. Sat. 8/6/2011.  Parents:  Mark H. and Marguerite A. Lemby Tuttle.

  82. Ledford,  Linda Dale 59, of Farner, d. Tues, Aug. 9, 2011.

  83. Ledford, Wallace Young 88, d. Mon., Aug. 15, 2011.  Born in Fannin Co., Ga. to William Richard and Essie A. Burns Ledford.

  84. Loudermilk, Ruth Vivian White, d. Sun., 12/11/11, in Marietta, Ga.   Born 5/8/1926 in Ducktown to Rueben and Nora White

  85. Lunsford, Mr. Lamar Emory 68, of Mineral Bluff, Ga., d. Sat., July 30, 2011; b. 9/10/1942 in Atlanta, Ga. to Lamar Emory Lunsford and Edna Hembree Lunsford.

  86. Mashburn, Ms. Betty Jean, 75, of Copperhill, Tn., d. July 26/2011; b. 11/16/1935 in Polk Co., Tn. to James Lawrence Bailey and Jewell Brooks.

  87. Mason, Evelyn Alene Hedden, 71, of Benton, d. Sat., 11/19/2011.  Parents:  William M. and Millie Dalton Hedden

  88. Mathis, Virginia Ellen, 63, of Blue Ridge, Ga. d. Wed., 11/9/2011.  Born in Fannin Co., Ga. on 4/11/1948 to Audlee Ritchie and Marie Delbeck

  89. McClary, Julia, 71, d. Thurs., 12/8/11.  Parents:  Robert “Bob” and Lucille White

  90. McCloud, Tanja Krienke, 36, of Blairsville, Ga. d. Thurs., 10/31/11 in Blue Ridge, Ga.  Born in Darmstadt, Germany

  91. Mealer, Loretta Kay, 40, of Copperhill, Tn. d. July 31, 2011.  Father:  Kenneth Mealer.
  92. Millholland, Michael James 42, of Morgantown, Ga. d. Sun, Aug. 14, 2011.  Born in Copperhill, Tn. July 30, 1969
  93. Millsaps, Edna Lee 82 of Ducktown, d. Sat., Aug. 13, 2011.  Parents:  Theodore and Jessie Prather Nichols
  94. Morgan, Paul (June Bug), 64, of Benton, TN., d. Tues., July 5, 2011.  Parents:  Morris and Mattie Champion Morgan.
  95. Morrow, Mrs. Dorothy Jean 80, Of Murphy, NC. d. Sat., 7/30/2011; b. 11/2/1930 in Polk Co. to David and Mae Wilson Hopkins.
  96. Morrow, Ralph M., Jr., 89, of Edgefield d. Thurs., Sept. 29, 2011 .

  97. Mull. Mike Allen, 60, of Old Fort d. Wed., 9/7/11.  Father:  James Mull

  98. Padgett, Isaac Coleman, 92, of Copperhill, d. Fri., Aug. 29, 2011.  Parents:  Isaac Coleman and Emma Edith Poe Coleman
  99. Panter, Thomas (Hugh), 81, of Blue Ridge, Ga. d. 8/27/11; born 1/10/1930 in Fannin Co., Ga. to William Richard and Willie Marie Thomas Panter.Payne, Katheryn Imogene (Jean), 84, of Murphy d. Fri., Aug. 26, 2011.  Parnets:  Frank and Vesta Allen Johnson
  100. Patterson, Barbara Ann, 63, of Copperhill d. Sun., 8/28/11.  Parents:  Ernie and Leavy Allen Cantrell.
  101. Payne, D. J., 20,  of Murphy, N.C. d. Mon, 11/7/2011.  Born in Fannin Co., Ga.

  102. Picklesimer, Glen Leland (Toby) 75, of Copperhill, Tn. d. July 23, 2011; b. 3/17/1936 in Fannin Co., Ga. to H.A. Picklesimer and Lois Cruise.
  103. Pierce, Billie Ernest, 79, of Blue Ridge, Ga. d. Fri. Sept. 9, 2011 in Cleveland, Tn.  Born in Fannie Co., Ga. on March 19, 1932 to Carl and Lola Watkins Pierce

  104. Postell, J. L., 72, of Ducktown d. Sun. 9/4/11; born 9/19/1938  in Cherokee Co., NC to James Lloyd and Ellen Gilliam Postell.

  105. Postelle,  Ruth B., 85, of Farner, Tn., d. Mon., July 11,2011; b. Polk Co., Tn.  Parents:  Fred and Flossie Worley Bryant.
  106. Porter, William Curtis, 60, of Blue Ridge, Ga. d. Fri., 10/14/2011.  Born Copperhill, Tn. on 6/19/1951 to Luther and Louise Conley Porter.
  107. Price, Andy, 87, of Polk Co., Tn. d. Sat. Oct. 1, 2011 in Knox Co., Tn.  Parents:  Joe and Bessie Hall Price.Queen,
  108. Queen, Calvin Coolidge,  , 87, of McCaysville, Ga., d. Thurs. July 7, 2011; b. Fannin Co., Ga.  Parents:  William Wesley and Mary Bell Long Queen.
  109. Queen, Eveyln Lena 87, of Blue Ridge, Ga., d. Mon., Aug. 8, 2011; b. 12/21/1923 to Arthur Ballew and Lillie Mamie Queen Ballew.
  110. Ramsey, Noah Luther, 70, of Benton, Tn. d. Wed., Sept. 28, 2011.  Parents:  Carmack and Lena Poteet Ramsey.
  111. Raymond, Ruth Shelton, 74, of Benton., d. Sat. 12/24/2011.  Parents:  Luke and Meda Pendland Shelton.
  112. Rhodes, Gladys Price 86, of Zephyrhills, Fl., d. Thurs., June 30, 2011 in Dade City, Fl.  Parents:  Pearly and Maggie Hampton Green.
  113. Rhodes, Michael Anthony “Beef”, 54, of McCaysville, Ga. d. Monm. 11/7/2011.  Born Albertville, Al. to James Carol Rhodes
  114. Rinkill, Irene Mrs. of Blue Ridge, Ga. d. 9/5/11 in Copper Basin; born in Seattle, Wa. 6/28/1930  to William and Teresa Ruscher Frase.
  115. Ritchie, Frank Lee, 83, of Blue Ridge, Ga., d. Thurs., 12/8/2011.  Born Fannin Co., Ga. 1/26/1928 to John Lee and Cynthia Stafford Ritchie
  116. Roach, Sue Moore 96, d. Thurs. Aug., 18, 2011 in Collegedate, Tn.  Born Canton, Ga. Dec. 2 1914 to Robert Keller and Mary Annie Elliott Moore.
  117. Rogers, Irene Vesta, 75, of Ellijay, Ga. d. Mon., 11/7/2011 in Ellijay.  Born in Fannin co., Ga. 1/2/1936 to John Henry and Martha Beautell Ballew Mann
  118. Russell, Joe Donovan, 74, of Epworth, Ga. d. Fri., 10/21/11 in Atlanta, Ga.  Born in Polk Co. on 2/9/1937 to James McKinney and Johnnie Margaret Owenby Russell

  119. Rymer, Rebecca Etheleen, 98, of Benton, d. Sat., 12/17/11.  Parents:  J.C. and Martha Godfrey.

  120. Rymer, William Boyd “Bill” of McCaysville, Ga. d. 10/20/11.  Born 7/26/1928 in Benton, Tn. to Noah and Amy Rogers Rymer

  121. Shearer, Richard Lee, 52, of Carrolton, Ga., d. Sat., July 9, 2011; b. 10/26/1958 in Marietta, Ga.  Parents:  Billy Shearer and Winona Wise Shearer.
  122. Shell, Mrs. Viola, 87, of Blue Ridge, Ga. d. Thurs., Sept. 29, 2011.  Born in Fannin Co., Ga. on Mar. 12, 1924 to Junis and Louisa Fox Hughes.
  123. Sosebee, Mrs. Della (Lorena), 82, of Mobile Community, c. July 9, 2011; b. 7/11/1928 in Fannin Co., Ga.  Parents:  H.K. and Gladys Welch Milsaps.
  124. Smith, James S., 100, of Delano, Tn.,d. Tues. 12/20/2011.  Parents:  George Blackwell and  Lizzie William Smith
  125. Swafford, Winton Clay, 81, d. Sun., 9/11/11 in Etowah, Tn.  Parents:  London and Julie Poteet Swafford.
  126. Tallent, Birkett R., 92, d. Mon., 12/5/11.  Parents:  Harvey SR. and Maggie Tallent

  127. Thompson, Marie Hicks 87, of Reliance, d. Thurs, Aug. 11, 2011 in McMinn Co., Tn.  Parents:  William Harvey Hicks and Dovie Hensley Hicks.

  128. Thompson, Mr. James Arthur 66, of Blue Ridge, Ga., d. Mon., Aug. 8, 2011; b. April 20, 1945 in Elizabeth, NJ to Charles Henry Thompson and Florence Ethel McMahon.

  129. Trantham, Fred Winston 78 of Mt. Holly, NC d. June 20, 2011.  Parents:  Jim and Martha Quinn- Trantham.

  130. Treanham, Edgar Sr., 97, of Copper Basin, Tn. d. Fri., June 17, 2011; b. 2/21/1914 in Polk Co.  Parents:  John  E. and Lydia Ann Cross Threntham.

  131. Tucker, Jeffery Dale 49, of Blue Ridge, Ga. d., Tues, July 26, 2011.
  132. Vernor, Mrs. Eleanor, 77 of McCaysville, Ga. d. Mon., Sept. 26, 2011.  Born in Sommerville, Pa., to Sam and Stella Boka Love.
  133. Ward, James Louis, 68, of Copperhill, d. Aug. 27, 2011 in Austell, Ga.  Born in Chattanooga on July 16, 1943 to Louis and Jessie Hoffman Ward
  134. Whaley, Tara Beaty, 37, of Charleston, d. Thurs., 10/13/2011.

  135. Wimberly, Kenneth Lee, 50, of Rock Springs, Ga. d. Aug. 24, 2011 in Nashville, Tn.; b. in Polk Co., Tn. July 28, 1961