Obituary Index for January - June, 2010

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In alphabetical order

Anderson, Clarence E. (Qndy), 86, Blue Ridge, GA., Feb 13, William Wesley Anderson and Carrie Brown / Anderson

Anderson, David (Sam), Sr., 63, Blue Ridge, GA., March 13, John Kenneth Anderson, father.

Ayers, Santa Marie, 95, Reliance, TN., Jan 13, dtr of Teopoldo and Josephina Federico Amplo


Baker, James Birch, 91, Jan 15., Polk Co., TN, son of Marvin and Ida Bell Rogers

Ballew, Robert K., 84, Blue Ridge, GA., April 29, Copperhill, Robert Fulton and Helen King / Ballew

Ballew, Wayne Charles, 74, Ducktown, April 21 2010, Floyd and Barbara Mae Jones Ballew

Banks, Frances Inez, 84, Cleveland, May 8, Wesley & Leona Beck

Bates, Andrew, Jr., 75, Jan. 12, Reliance, TN., son of Andrew and Vaudie Roberson Bates

Bates, Josephine Thompson, 90, Reliance, TN., March 2, Henry Preston & Daisy Duggan / Thompson

Baxter, James Warner, Jr., 74, Tennga, GA., Charles and Pearl Wiggins/Baxter

Beal, Helen Agnes, 81, McCaysville, GA., Feb 14, Francis Robb & Blanche Watson of Aberdeen Scotland

Bell, Betty Ruth, 79, Feb 4, Polk Co., Luther & Virginia Panter / Irons

Bell, Rev. James (Lake), 89, Copperhill, TN., Jan. 19, son of Otto Bell and Mary Ann Harper

Bell, Clifford A. (Doog), 88, Tellico Plains, June 12, no parents named

Benson, Julia Marie (Young), 93, Etowah, June 4, parents not named, wife of George Daily Benson

Bishop, Billy A., 76, Benton, May 14, Lee Anderson and Willie Mae Couch / Bishop

Birchfield, Arvil Ross, 70, June 13, Cleveland, TN., no parents named

Blackwell, Edith Hamby, 98, Benton, TN., Jan 6, dtr of Wiley and Polly Shaw Hamby

Briggs, Tom H.,m 72, Cleveland, March 10, Broughton & Louise Higgins / Biggs

Bryan, Imogene (Jean) Allen, 87, Benton, June 10, Fornie and Madie Lee Morgan / Allen

Buchanan, Judith Faye, 67, Copperhill, May 14, William Ernest and Ruth Naomi Ledford / Davis

Burchfield, Roy A., 80, Benton, April 16, Mike & Betty Lee / Burchfield

Burris, Betty Ellen Bates, 78, Riceville, TN, June 21, L.J. and Hester Lillard / Bates

Burris, Glenn A., 70, Benton, April 28, Harvey & Pauline Shoemaker / Burris

Byrd, Madison Deanne, 23 months, Epworth, Ga, Feb. 15, parents living


Campbell, Charles K., 78, March 28, Calhoun, J.D. Campbell, Fannie Stewart

Carpenter, J.E., Jr., 84, McCaysville, April14, James E, Sr & Nora Carpenter

Carver, Judy (Kricket) Tanner, Jan 30, no age given, parents not named, no residence named

Chancey, David Brent, 49, Turtletown, Norman & Louise Hamby Chancey

Chatham, James "Jim" Maynard, 72, McCaysville, GA., June 8, Kenneth and Bernice Chatham

Clark, Eunice Geneva, 80, Delano, May 16, Charlie and Gussie Nichols / Davis

Coleman, Jeanetta Louise, 85, Epworth, GA, April 19, Elmer Edward & Lona Louise Lowe / Jones

Collins, Roy Lee, 74, Copperhill, April 5, Wade Henry, Sr & Grace Montgomery / Collins

Crago, Franklin Eugene "Casey", 76, Turtletown, March 12, Emerson & Luella Hite / Crago, Sr.

Crain, Frank, 74, Turtletown, Feb 2, Lush * Bertha Bryson Crain

Cross, Wade Ervin, 86, Mineral Bluff, GA., March 16, no parents named

Curtis, Wade Junior, 76, Epworth, GA, June 19, James Edward and Lona Boggs / Curtis


Dale, Selma, 83, Turtletown, Jan 9, son of Thomas & Mary Eugfrots Clingman

Davenport, Vance Davis, 81, Benton, Feb 12, Bass & Ida Jane Hall Davenport

Daves, Helen Ruth, 80, McCaysville, GA., May 15, Charles & Mertice Querry / Jones

Deal, Jerry Mitchell, 54, Copperhill, June 8, Arvil & Jranelle Deal

Dilbeck, Lois Louise, 85, Ducktown, May 25, George Henry and Ima Long / Payne

Dills, Clyde Earl, 85, Benton Station, 85, March 1, no parents named

Dockery, Cora Mae, 81, Blue Ridge, GA., May 16, Grady and Alma Chastain / Lackey


Eades, David Edward, 38, Cleveland, Feb., 20, parents living


Forrester, Betty Ruth Holbrook, 76, Copperhill, March 24, Roy & Maggie Croft Forrester

Foster, Lena "Pauline", 84, Epworth, GA, May 13, parents not named

Fowler, Mary "Edythe", 104, Ducktown, April 22, Robert L. & Nola Weaver / Rymer


Gilliam, Jerry Eugene, Sr, 67, Minderal Bluss, March 13, Hershel Carmen & Ollie Goode Gilliam

Gilliland, Alice, no age given, March 18, Townsend, TN., Bliss & Gertrude Gilliland

Godfrey, Robert Kenneth "R.K.", 82, Copperhill, June 26, Joseph McKinley and Mary Victoria Sisson Godfrey

Golden, Amirah Brena, infant dtr, Benton, May 25, parents living

Golden, Grace Leona 87, Blue Ridge, GA, June 8, James Henry and Marian Ruth Panter/ Beaver

Gravely, Kali Peyton, Infant dtr, McCaysville, GA, Jan 27, parents living

Green, Nancy Louise Evans, 88, Polk Co., Mar 6, Jule & Maggie Lillard / Evans

Grindstaff, Emma Jean, 81, Jan. 11, McCaysville, GA., dtr of Wilfred L and Betty Rhodes Beavers

Guenther, George, 79, West Helena, Arkansas, May 4, from Copperhill, George & Vada Harrison Guenther


Hammons, Wayne B., 79, Etowah, TN, Feb 26, R.B. & Minnie Hammons

Hampton, Ruth Ann Johnson, 87, Benton, April 21, Walter & Stella Russell Johnson

Hancock, W.E. "Junior", 82, Mineral Bluff, GA, June 21, Wilburn E., Sr. & Edith Ledford / Hancock

Harris, Clemmer, Monroe, 70, North Carolina, Dec 10, Noah Monroe & Mary Jane Painter / Harris

Hawkins, Becky Lee (Beavers), 44, Copperhill, Marcus & Sue Rhodes / Payne

Hawkins, Charles Brent, 48, Tellico Plains, TN., Feb 20, Troy Hawkins-mother living

Hayes, Pamela A., 63, Bradley Co., March 24

Helton, Cecil James,  92, Mineral Bluff, GA, Jan. 16,  no parents named

Helton, David Lane, 53, Mineral Bluff, GA., June 20, Edgar & Helen Standridge / Helton

Hicks, Hugh Ronald "Buckshot", 65, Isabella, Feb 8, Leland & Nora Hicks

Hosch, Willie Evelyn Mundy, Buford, GA., Jan. 30, dtr of William Anderson Mundy and Josie Deila Magness


Jack, Irene Givens, 86, Turtletown, May 27, Newton and Maggie Fox / Givens

Jenkins, William Buford, Sr., no age given, April 22, Reliance, Jack & Bonnie Jenkins

Jones, James William (Bill), Jr., 79, Jasper, GA., James William, Sr and Leila Richard / Jones

Jones, Sandra Thomas, 49, Blue Ridge, GA., Jan. 24, dtr of Daniel Boone Thomas


Keenum, Gladys, Jeanette Kilpatrick, 86, Blue Ridge, GA., March 24, Fred Warren Kilpatrick, Sr. & Blach Fox Kilpatrick

Kenny, Carl Lewis 73, Benton, Jan 25, Alvah & Vivian Marshall Kinney

Kimsey, Carl Lewis, 73, Benton, TN., Jan. 25, son of Alvah Kimsey and Vivian Marshall


Lawson, Grace Ledford, 92, Ocoee, May 18, James & Zone Goforth / Ledford

Ledford, Elvin McKinley (Sam), 87, Blue Ridge, GA., Feb 16, Theodore B. Ledford & Carrie Cook

Ledford, Eric "Stanley", 45, McCaysville, March 19, no parents named

Lewis, Betty I, 70, May 26, Benton, John and Elizabeth Padgett / Lewis

Lewis, Margaret Amaline, 84, Cleveland, Feb 7, K.D. & Lizzie Mayfield

Lewis, William Joseph "Bill", 70, McCaysville, GA, April 19, William Edward and Maggie Lee Addington /  Lewis

Lillard, Joe G., 85, Cleveland, TN, April 21, parents not named

Linderman, Thomas Howard, 82, Turtletown, April 27, Earl Taylor and Mabel Hamby / Linderman

Long, Albert R., no age given, March 18, Benton, Earnest E & Mae Long


McCay, Byron Lee "Gabby", Mt. Airy, GA., April17, Arthur Byron "Buck" and Agnes Patterson / McCay

McCarter, William Donald, 82, Mandeville, LA., (no date of death given but published July 7), Robert Pink and Mary Etta Kincaid / McCarter

McClary, Thelma Hurt, 83, Hemet, California (Ocoee, TN.), Winston & Pearl Cloud

McCormick, Dianna Ozell, 56, April 30, Old Fort & McMinnville, TN., Glendell & Lila Jo McCormick

McDaniel, James Carl, 67, McCaysville, GA, June 12, J.D. McDaniel, Jr. and Ruby Lee Fisher

McDonald, Nancy Sue Smith, 67, Benton, March 15, James Lank Smith, mother living

McDonald, Robert (Johnny) William, 88, Benton, April 7, Robert & Lucy Morgan / McDonald

McFarland, Bonnie Helton, 83, Jan 7, McCaysville, GA., dtr of Andrew and Beulah Ash Helton

McLean, Reba Evans, 80, Jacksonville, FL, May 20, L.B. and Annie Evans

McNelly, Jerald Ross, 67, Polk Co., Feb 25, J.R. & Mildred McNelly

McTaggart, Dewayne Bunyon, 63, June 28, Bunyon and Elfrieda Slack McTaggart


Mason, Frances Hicks, 51, Cleveland, TN., Jan, 27, dtr of Elmer Hicks, mother not named

Mealer, Clyde Paul, 75, Morganton, Ga., Cicher & Florence Walden / Mealer

Mealer, Judy Marie, 50, McCaysville, GA., June 2, parents not named

Meyers, Crystal Marie Ballew, 27, Benton, May 9, parents living, grandfather J.D. Woody

Mitchell, Dorothy "Dot", 92, McCaysville, GA., May 15, Juan Monroe and Letha Dillenger / Thomas

Monahon, Mary A., 89, Jan 8, Paulsboro, New Jersey, Paul & Leonora Morabite / Minnitt

Morris, Barbara Jean, 54, Reliance, TN.,  Jan 11, dtr of Luther Morris and Myrtle Oliver

Morris, Lisa Ann, 39, April 15, Polk Co., Gilber Clave, Jr, (step-father), mother living

Mozley, William Bradford, 39, Delano, May 25,  parents living

Mull, Glenn C, 76, May 12, Cohutta, GA, Andrew Braxton and Falby Ownby / Mull

Mull, William, 83, Belton, South Carolina, Feb. 26., Ganes & Vada Ledford / Ballew


Newman, Emma Louise, 73, Farner, June 29,Harley and Nellie Coleman / Raper

Newman, Jerry, 74, Chatsworth, GA., June 5, Hattie Standridge and Thomas Lloyd Newman

Newman, Kenneth A., 88, Delano, TN, Jan. 22, son of Horace Newman & Lula Kelley


O’Donnell, James Alan, 56, Turtletown, Jan 13, no parents named

O’Neal Maggie Lucy Dunn, 92, Georgia, Jan. 18,  dtr. Of Samuel Dunn and Melinda Patterson


Painter, Florine Strickland, 75, Blairsville, GA., March 5, Leman & Flora Mae Pearlon / Farmer

Painter, W.C. "Bill", 72, Benton, March 7, Emmitt & Ethel Poteet / Painter

Parks, Janice Kathleen, 44, Blue Ridge, GA., Feb 28, father living, mother Juanita Womble Miller

Patterson, Joan Marie, 74, McCaysville Ga, Dec 31 (2009), dtr of John and Marie Demmington

Patterson, Effie Payne, 95, Ducktown, TN, Jan 18., dtr of Simon Payne & Mary N. Ensley

Payne, Rosa Lee, 90, Blue Ridge, GA, Jan 12, dtr of Perry and Nancy King Sisson

Perian, Viola Eaton, 69, Benton, May 6, Archie & Lena Hunt / Eaton

Phillips, Charles Herdis, 87, Blairsville, GA., May 6, Nathan & Birdie McCabee Phillips

Phillips, Mary Bell, 80, McCaysville, GA, Jan. 20., dtr. of Carl Bell and Bertha King

Pickelsimer, Dell Duaird, 83, Copperhill, April16, Harvey Allen & Lois Edith Cruse / Pickelsimer

Pless, Kirkland Clay 'Kirk', 53, McCaysville, GA., Feb 18, Frank L. Pless, Sr. & Patricia Hamby

Powell, Charles Junior, 58, Copperhill, April13, Frank Harvey Powell, mother living

Postell, Patsy 77, Turtletown, March 20, Joseph Allen & Eva Sutton Hedden

Price, James (Rob), 73, Reliance, Woodrow & Hester Hamby / Price

Prichard, Charles Toby "Wart", 77, Copperhill, March 27, Peeler & Mary Harris Prichard

Prichard, Edith Cloud, 91, Ocoee, March 22, Winston & Pearl Cloud


Quantrill, Eunice, 100, Blue Ridge, GA., Feb 5, Emory Lee Gilliam and Pearl Ashworth


Reamsnyder, Cynthia Ann, 62, Feb 18, Richard Refner & Virginia Seigel

Reece, Howard, 89, McCaysville, March 5, Jefferson and Bertha Cochran / Reece

Reynolds, Wilma (Woody), 66, Ocoee, Jan 25, Ben Woody and Ina Helton Woody Frazier

Rowland, Ada Irene, Etowah, TN, 89, May 28, William and Ella Fay Harvey Arrowood

Rule, Boyd Wayne, 92, Morganton, GA., April 2, John Ira Rule & Tina Gibson / Rule


Schmidt, Beverly Cheryl (Fisher), 65, Delano, TN., Jan. 20, no parents named

Shipman, Bobby Don, 57, Etowah, TN., March 3, Henry Clay Shipman & Willie Inez Kersey

Simonds, Billie Grizzle, 83, Turtletown, TN., Jan. 5, dtr of Tom Grizzle and Myrtle Blalock

Simonds,  Jack A.(Bishop), 79, Andrews, NC., May 15, Joseph L and Dora Bowers / Simonds

Smith, Arnold Edward, 88, Polk co., June 10, Joseph & Oma Jane Chambers / Smith

Smith, Dana Elizabeth Griffith, 88, Copperhill, June 7, parents not named

Smith, Philip Gilbert, 65, Isabella, Feb 8, Willaim R. Smith, Jr.

Smith, Ronnie Glen, 53, Turtletown, June 9, Ronald and Wilma Swanson / Smith

Stone, Frank C., 92, Cleveland, TN, Jan. 31, son of John Edward Stone and Myrtle Beene

Stonecipher, Tabitha Lynn Pearl, 31, Copperhill, April 3, parents living

Stillwell, Daisy Mae, 62, Copperhill, TN., Jan. 27, dtr of Willard Stillwell and Carmel Swanson

Studdard. Ruth Rogers, Delano, May 10, Tom & Ida Seay / Rogers

Suit, William Ernest “Buddy”, 71, McCaysville, GA., Jan. 13, son of William and Lois Nell Harper Suit

Sweeney, Catherine Mae, 65, Feb 12, Copperhill, Howard & Mary Catherine Felix / Robertson


Thomas, Hoyt James, Sr., 83, Ducktown, TN., Jan 8, son of Carl and Froney Payne Thomas

Tucker, Edward (Eddie) J. 75, Benton, (New York), John Peter and Florence Ann Hutchinson / Tucker

Turner, Lloyd Wayne, Sr., 84, Duke, OK. Jan 22, son of Lee Turner and E. May Funk

Thompson, Robert Eugene, 81, Benton, Tn., Jan 29., son of William Thompson and Lillie Meeker


Ware, Carrie Ann, 35, McCaysville, GA, June 29, parents not named

Weaver. A[ro; Lo,seu. 87, Turtletown, Feb 24, J.Q. and Cora Bryant Weaver

Weeks, James Edward, 96, Fannin Co, Feb 26, Lee & Mary Ellen Weeks

Wagner, Charles E. (Chuck), 76, Conasauga, TN., Jan. 26, son of Edward C. Wagner and Elizabeth Underfanger

Whitlow, Bertha Mae Penson, 98, McCaysville, GA., April 8, Bartley & Nancy Bridges / Pinson

Williams, Jewel Edna, 83, May 3, Copperhill, Ferdie & Lennie Mae Jones / Colvin

Wilson, Hobert, 81, Etowah, Feb 12, Demps & Leona Wilson

Wilson, Georgine Ann, 90, Calhoun, TN, Feb 23, no parents named

Woody, Maryann Christine, 40, Benton, TN., Jan 11, dtr of Michael Lee “Moe” Woody, mother living