Location: One half mile south of Conasauga which is 15 miles south of Benton.
Number of graves: 2
Established: August 15, 1838 by the McNair family and discontinued August 31, 1836.
Remarks: These are Indian graves. They were not full blood Indians, but their children had to go west when the Indians were sent west. The graves are in an enclosure about 4 ft. high made of hewn stone. The wall surounding the two graves has horizontal slate inscribed: "David and Delilah McNair, who departed this life, the former on the 15th of August 1836, the latter on the 31st of August, 1838. Their children, being natives of the Cherokee nation and having to go with their people to the west leave this monument not only to tell of their regard for their parents, but to guard their sacred ashes from the unhallowed intrusion of the white man." (See picture and article in February 1996 PCHGS Quarterly.) Polk County Cemeteries