Location: 2 and 1/2 miles SE of Benton on Matlock Valley Road (now Hwy # 314)
Established: Approximately 1870 by the Rev. Jason Matlock.
Number of graves: 40 or 50
Acreage:1 acre
Remarks: Among those buried here are the Rev. Jason Matlock, first pastor of Four Mile Baptist Church who died in 1878,and his wife Elizabeth who were parents of 20 children; John Couch, & Joe Cain. Matlock School was formerly located here. Others buried here according to WPA listings are Lafayette "Shug" Cronan; an infant d/o Florence Cronan, May Matlock Miller, Infant of Bell Burns, grandchild of Bill Burns; Louise Matlock, Mr. & Mrs. Leander Presswood, he was born about 1810 and died about 1885; Mararet Cronan Cain , Sarah Presswood,w/o John and a daughter of Elijah Cronan; Mark Cain, infant of Becky Cronan Cain; Infant daughter of John and Sarah Presswood; Infant of Coot Cronan; May, an infant d/o Austin and Tennessee Presswood; Infant of Babe Cronan; Infant d/o Austin and Tennessee Presswood; Mrs. Frady, Matilda Frady Cronan, first w/o Elijah Newton Cronan. Polk County Cemeteries