Date: January 25, 1940
MANTOOTH (This cemetery listed in our February 1997 PCHGS Quarterly.)
Location: 3 miles E of Conasauga on Reuben Maxwell farm. Conasauga is 15 miles S of Benton.
Date established: Earliest inscription is March 9, 1870.
Established by Samuel Mantooth family.
Number of graves: Approximately 50.
Acreage: 1 acre
Remarks: Samuel Mantooth moved on this farm from Meigs County. It is believed that he married Hettie Farris. They are buried at Ball Play Baptist Church, but most of their children and other descendants are buried here. Several people who are not related are buried here. Graves of the Rev. Reuben Fletcher and Berry Burns are the only ones with markers. Others buried here are D. H. Mantooth and husband, Hugh Mantooth; Robert Mantooth and wife, Martha Jane; Willliam Burns and wife, Sarah Mantooth; James Fletcher and wife, Sarah Mantooth, a daughter of Samuel .