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January - march 26, 1999


I am searching for Robert or George W. Brewer. They were the sons of John and Juda (Judith) Brewer. Robert was born around 1840 and George W. was born about 1848.
Jackie Pettitt
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Mar 25 22:07:01 EST 1999


I am searching for Thomas J. Poindexter born about 1829. He was a school teacher and in 1850 was living with mother Juda Poindexter Brewer and his step father John Brewer. His father was Edward L. Poindexter. His sister's were Sarah Ann, Carroline, Virginia (Twins) and brothers were Thomas and John S. Sarah Ann Poindexter married Thomas Pledge Pettitt.
Jackie Pettitt
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Mar 25 21:46:56 EST 1999


Looking for information relating to my family history. My grandfather's name is Thomas Adolphulus JENKINS. Not sure about the spelling of middle name. He is buried I understand in Polk County, TN. My father, Otto Kelly JENKINS was born there on March 20, 1921. Any records available will be appreciated. Thank you, Gene JENKINS
Gene Tunney Jenkins
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Mar 25 14:50:37 EST 1999


I am searching for any information on ELIAS WASHINGTON AKINS b. 1/15/1858 married to RACHEL COWART AKINS. Know that they lived in POLK county in 1894 and 1917. RACHEL died in Polk County 3/8/1917 is buried at Smyrna Cemetary. Children were: Rose (Rosa)Ella, Greely (married Kate), Savannah (married Willie Stone),Ophelia (married Elbert Whiteside), Alice (married John Glaze), Fannie Mae (died young). Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated.
Woody King
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Mar 24 12:16:44 EST 1999


I am searching for any information on ELIAS WASHINGTON AKINS b. 1/15/1858 married to RACHEL COWART AKINS. Know that they lived in POLK county in 1894 and 1917. RACHEL died in Polk County 3/8/1917 is buried at Smyrna Cemetary. Children were: Rose (Rosa)Ella, Greely (married Kate), Savannah (married Willie Stone),Ophelia (married Elbert Whiteside), Alice (married John Glaze), Fannie Mae (died young). Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated.
Woody King
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Mar 24 12:16:44 EST 1999


I am searching for any information on ELIAS WASHINGTON AKINS b. 1/15/1858 married to RACHEL COWART AKINS. Know that they lived in POLK county in 1894 and 1917. RACHEL died in Polk County 3/8/1917 is buried at Smyrna Cemetary. Children were: Rose (Rosa)Ella, Greely (married Kate), Savannah (married Willie Stone),Ophelia (married Elbert Whiteside), Alice (married John Glaze), Fannie Mae (died young). Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated.
Woody King
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Mar 24 12:16:44 EST 1999


Seek all info for Gabriel MORGAN who appears in 1840 and 1850 census for Polk Cty. 1850 census shows his age 63, born in S.C. Any help would be appreciated. Tradition says his wife Sarah may have been of Cherokee descent. Gabriel had children Albert G., James, Malinda, Louis, and Nancy.
Jack Riley
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Mar 22 22:11:30 EST 1999


I am looking for any information on JOHN BURKE and his wife EMMELINE I only know this he was born in North Carolina and Emmeline in Tenn. Probably around 1820-1830's. They had at least two daughters Nancy C. BURKE born 1852 Georgia and Minerva J. Burk born Tenn. It is said that they were Cherokee. Please mail me at [email protected] if you know of them. Thanks
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Mar 22 09:06:30 EST 1999


I am searching for information on the Wimberly family
Rick Hood
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Mar 21 16:05:53 EST 1999


Searching for information on Sarah Alice Bedwell Guffey, and her father Jess or Jessey Bedwell. Circa 1850's to 1930's. Have no other information at this time.
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Mar 21 15:15:39 EST 1999


Searching for info on John M. Brookshire and wife Lucinda, and children which include James K.P. Brookshire, his wife Margaret Rebecca Singleton, and brother, Jasper Pearson Brookshire.
Delbert Brooksher
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Mar 21 14:30:20 EST 1999


Searching for descendants of Captain GoVan STEWART U.S. ARMY. Van was born ca 1840 Haywood County North Carolina, son of John Stewart and Ruth TUTT. It is believed that John died February 4 1945 in Craig/Ottawa County O.K. John married Margaret Catherine Chandler Sept 21 1865, and moved to Vinita O.K. after the Civil War. John served as Co. Commander for Co. C, 5th Tenn Mounted Inf. Regt. John also served as a constable for the Indians in Vinita O.K. No known descendants to date.
Rick Stewart
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Mar 20 22:15:56 EST 1999


Searching for descendants and burial site of John STEWART born 1806 Buncombe county North Carolina. John married Ruth TUTT ca 1828 in Haywood county North Carolina. John and Ruth moved to Polk county Tennessee ca 1860's and known neighbor was James BARNES. John and Ruth had seven children and it is believed that John died ca 1872 in Polk County.
Rick Stewart
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Mar 20 21:51:23 EST 1999


POLK, Taylor and Cumberland Polk (my ancestors) and all their children and grand children are llisted on the Dawes Rolls as Cherokee Indian. How can I go about obtaining a copy of their application?
Mary Ellen Smith
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Mar 19 00:29:09 EST 1999


Am searching for any information on a Conrad E. WEAVER, who was living in Ducktown, TN in 1908. He and his 2 children applied on the Cherokee rolls and were rejected. Conrad was born in in SC in 1851. His mother was the daughter of Patrick DUTTON, and this is where he claimed that his Cherokee blood came from. His mother died when he was very young. He said that he was taught about his Indian blood all his life, even though he was raised by an uncle. He lived for a while in Union County, GA. Will be glad to share DUTTON info.
Artie Lynn Vallerius -- 404 South Second Street, Benld, IL 62009-1502
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Mar 18 20:51:33 EST 1999


I have information on RYMER, KIRKLAND, and some other related surnames for anyone that may be interested.
Cindy Garren -- RT#1 Box 67-C, Benton, TN 37307
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Mar 18 08:21:31 EST 1999


I am interested in any information on Wiley PRICE. Wiley was b. in 1850 and married Nancy Adeline Goforth in 1876. Adeline was daughter of Josiah and Easter Heifner Goforth. I know Wiley was a preacher at Greasy Creek Baptist Church and is buried there. He had children Joe, John, Silas, and Robert. I have heard they lived in Fannin county, Georgia but noone has known. I'm looking for any information you may have on Wiley's parents and siblings. I've always heard Wiley came from Germany as a young boy alone. Any help would be greatly apprecited!
Cindy Garren -- Rt#1 Box 67-C, Benton, TN 37307
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Mar 17 09:07:52 EST 1999


Zack Waters
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Mar 16 22:42:24 EST 1999


Looking for any information on Elijah HAMMOND. 1850 census shows: Elijah age 36 Sally 30 Wm. 14, Rebecca C. 13, James W 10, Jacob J 5, Nancy 4, Elijah 2 months old (my great grandfather). This family was living in Polk Co., TN in 1850, but births show were born in South Carolina. Anyone else researching this line??
Sharon Hammond Cords
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Mar 16 15:13:44 EST 1999


Searching for information on George DALRYMPLE who was b. c1801 in SC but was listed on the 1840 U.S. Census in Polk Co., TN with his wife, Elizabeth ROBERTSON/ROBINSON and six children. Have been told the DALRYMPLEs were Cherokee Indians, need proof.
Janis Vescovi -- P.O. Box 14335, Springfield, MO 65814-0335
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Mar 14 19:25:24 EST 1999


G-g-g-grandson Rick Stewart is looking for descendants of John STEWART and Ruth TUTT. John STEWART believed to of died ca 1872 Polk County Tn. John Stewart had previously lived in Buncombe/Haywood County N.C.
Rick Stewart
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Mar 13 20:13:04 EST 1999


Searching for information on Jable F. Parks, who m. Sallie Julian in the Bradley/Polk Co. area. Also James Madison Dunn, who m. Margaret Neal in the same area. Both should be in the 1820-30 time frame.
Brian Brooks
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Mar 13 11:48:03 EST 1999


I am helping my brother in law with his family history. His great great great grandfather was Josiah Ward who was born about 1825. He resided in Guliford County, North Carolina. He was the son of William Crumpton (who was half Cherokee Indian) and Hannah Ward. Josiah took his mother's maiden name as was the Indian tradition. He probably initially was in Guliford County, NC with his parents. He and his wife returned to the Indian reservation in Tennessee and later went to Russell County, Kentucky. Josiah's father was William CRUMPTON who was born about 1800. He was the son of Indian Gentry and Lucy Crumpton. He took his mother's maiden name as was the Indian tradition. He left the Indian Reservation for North Carolina coastal region central Guliford County. His mother was Hannah WARD. Indian GENTRY supposedly was a full blooded Cherokee Indian from the Blue Ridge Mountains, West Tennessee, known as the Cherokee Nation. Indian Gentry married Lucy CRUMPTON.
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Mar 13 17:44:46 EST 1999


Searching for info on Crabtree Fields, born in VA, lived most of life in Polk County. First wife's name Mary, second wife, Nancy; children; Mary J., William W., Rebecca A., Pleasant A., Isaac. Crabtree died 5-13-1873, buried Old Benton Cem. Who were his parents? What was Mary's last name? What was Nancy's last name? Isaac appeared in census the same time Mary disappeared; is Nancy his Mom, or is Mary? What happened to Mary? Nancy is buried by Crabtree. Was Mary from Polk County or did Crabtree bring her from VA when he came? How did Crabtree die, at age 58? There are about eight of us looking for the Elusive Crabtree and his information, Can you help? Jimmie Sue Bowman
Jimmie Sue Bowman
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Mar 12 18:40:46 EST 1999


Am trying to locate John Robert Dominick - Death date, cemetery, location. He was living in Copper Hill or McCaysville in 1910 with wife, Virginia and child Dovie or Dollie.
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Mar 12 16:00:01 EST 1999


Am researching the BEAVER family from Union & Fannin Counties in Georgia, Cherokee County in North Carolina, and Polk County in Tennessee. Some family names are: Ausbern or Osborne, John M.,John Cleborn-aka Clebe- and Jesse Corbin Beaver. Would really appreciate any assistance. THANKS!!!!
Tracey H. Beaver -- 1755 Lentz Harness Shop Rd. South, Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Mar 9 16:22:01 EST 1999


Looking for records of John Wesley McClannahan, told to be born in Ducktown, TN around 1850's. He possibly had siblings Will & Clemintine. The only thing I know for sure is he died in Cobb Co. GA 1964 aged aprox 94 (his age has always questionable). He was a Baptist minister, married at least 3 times.
Cyntha McClannahan Arehart
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Mar 8 10:56:56 EST 1999


Seeking information on my gr gr grandfather, Wiley GRANT, who was b. Ducktown, TN April 27, 1843. He married Susan BRUCE and later moved to Texas. Their children were Susan Frances Grant b. 12/9/1964; George A. Grant and Harriett Grant. I have always believed that Wiley Grant is the son of Alexander and Susan Grant found in the 1860 and 1870 Polk Co., TN census but have no proof of this relationship.
Jean Taylor -- 546 Granberry, Houston, TX 77007
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Mar 7 21:54:55 EST 1999


Looking for information on FORTNER surname in Polk County, Tenn. and Fannin County, Lumpkin County, Ga. Looking especially for descendents of Timothy Fortner.
Don L Fortner -- 166 Holston Valley Circle, Inman, SC 29349
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Mar 7 09:20:24 EST 1999


Does anyone have any Information on Douglas Crumley b. abt. 1874 in Murray County, Ga? In the 1910 Polk County census it stated that he and Tennessee (Tennie) Henry Crumley had 3 boys. They are as follows: Floyd, Frank, and Carl. They moved to Etowah, TN and supposley died there. I have that Carl was married to Nancy Jeanette? and later married Nellie Culpepper. If anyone has any information, please get it touch with me.
Mildred Fowler-Madison
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Mar 6 22:39:47 EST 1999


Am interested in any BEAVER/BEAVERS that may lived in Polk County, TN between 1820-present.
Tracey H. Beaver -- 1755 Lentz Harness Shop Rd. South, Mt. Pleasant, , NC 28124
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Mar 5 18:34:35 EST 1999


DUNN-Anyone having information of William W(alter) DUNN, son of "Major" Daniel R. Dunn and Millie Lawson born Blount Co., Tn. 11-5-1848 please contact me. Married 1st)Elizabeth Ann HOLLAND 1849-1880. Children: Mary DUNN ca. 1871, Daniel ,June 1872, E. L. Dunn (f)ca. 1874, Wayne J. ca. 1876, Alfed Estes March 1877,John ca. 1878.2nd) Mary J. COLE 1-23-1855-9-24-1885. Married Murray Co., Ga. 10-21-1880. Known child: Napoleon B. Dunn 6-1-1884-4-22-1885. Does anyone have any information on other children or marriages of William DUNN? What became of William?
Steve Dunn
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Mar 6 16:11:04 EST 1999


I'm looking for info on William Lemons born abt 1802 in Monroe Co. lived and had a family in Polk Co. Tn. His father's name was Levi Lemons my gggrandfather. William was a blacksmith and a gun maker. Some of William's children's name's that i know James, John, Robin,and Huston, The girls name's i don't know one married a Rector Davis then she died and he married her sister. William died in 1884 and was buried Benton graveyard. Thank you for any info you can give me. Thank's Again Lloyd Lemons
Lloyd D. Lemons -- 5710 West Palo Verde Ave. , Glendale, AZ 85302
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Mar 5 13:04:26 EST 1999


Searching for info on my grandmother's line: Julie POTEET (m. Landon SWAFFORD.) Her parents were Wm. POTEET & Darcus WILCOX. Her siblings included: Nora, Annie, Luther, Joe, and Loss (sp?) Any information will be appreciated.
Sandy Myers
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Mar 5 02:12:58 EST 1999


PACK, VANN, COLEMAN, in Cocke and Polk Counties, late 1790 to 1830.
Haney Pack -- 17857 Walker Mine Rd, Redding, CA 96003
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Mar 3 20:21:04 EST 1999


Seeking parents of my gr-granmother Mary P. HANDLEY (1824-1884) b. TN, d. Polk Co., TN, m. 1844 McMinn Co., TN William S. FOSTER (1822-1881) d. Polk Co., TN. Could Mary's parents/siblings be this Michael HENLEY family (1840 census, Polk Co., TN, p. 001)? If you have information concerning this Michael HENLEY family I want to hear from you. I offer to share and reimburse your copying/mailing expenses. Thank you.
Mary Foster Ludvigsen -- 144 N.W. 83rd Street, Seattle, WA 98117-3042
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Mar 2 15:08:24 EST 1999


I am looking for information on Catherine (Katie) Davis b 6/3/1857 inGa. d 1/3/1940 in Jefferson City, Tn. and her husband Allison L.(Bud) Dillard . They lived in Copperhill, Tn. I don' know all ofthier children . These are the ones I know of Laura Manotee, Everett,Burt, Effie, Ida, Ella, Myrtle and maybe Frank and Essie. Katie was said to be part Cherokee. Her parents were Mary Lyons and Elisha Davis. (no info) Allison's pare nts were Martha??? and William L.Dillard. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Mary Elmore
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Feb 27 18:27:02 EST 1999


POLK COUNTY RESEARCHERS There has always been a lot of discourse between Copperhill, TN and Dahlonega, GA. As a result Polk Co. researchers may find a missing relative in this new book. "Deaths, Murders and Lynchings Abstracted from Lumpkin County, GA Newspapers, Volume I, 1873 - 1900," hard bound, 350 pages, full name index, contains the names of approx. 5,000 people mentioned in articles published during this time period. Most of the articles are reprinted in their entirety. A lot of the deaths reported were of people out of state who had passed through North GA or still had relatives still living in N. GA. It is an excellent research tool for family researchers who had ancestors with North Ga. ties who died during this time period. It is available for $40. plus $4. shipping from Faded Footprints, P. O. Box 595; Dahlonega, GA 30533-0010.
Jimmy E. Anderson
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Feb 27 16:59:02 EST 1999


I am looking for decendents of miles washington also called george,and wash HELTON ,wash married mary ann carter daughter of fed and peggy carter lived in polk co,tn died there does anyone know who peggy and feds parents were ,wash is my great grandfather any info will be appreciated .have some info on HELTONS.
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Feb 26 23:03:57 EST 1999


I'm looking for any info on a Vinnia Farner who married Andrew Bryson.Vinnia(viney)died in 1930.She may have had a brother named Coon? Farner.Vinnia married Andrew in 1906 and had 8 children:C.H.,Ada,A.L.E.,William Harvey,Effie,Albert,John,and Elva.Any help would be appriciated Thanks Kaye
Kaye Presley
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Feb 21 14:59:34 EST 1999


I'm looking for any info on a Vinnia Farner who married Andrew Bryson.Vinnia(viney)died in 1930.She may have had a brother named Coon? Farner.Vinnia married Andrew in 1906 and had 8 children:C.H.,Ada,A.L.E.,William Harvey,Effie,Albert,John,and Elva.Any help would be appriciated Thanks Kaye
Kaye Presley
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Feb 21 14:59:34 EST 1999


Looking for William A. MOORE bn Penn. late 1820's early 1830's. Living in Benton, Tn in 1906 and 1916. Please help me.
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Feb 20 19:18:23 EST 1999


looking for info on Lucy maynor, Married my gf, william thomas melton in 1902. She had a brother named Josh that drove a taxi in etowah for years. Also interested in Benjamin eaves, Joseph stephens that married a Rucker.
ron melton
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Feb 20 09:13:53 EST 1999


I am seeking information on the family of Jacob Cloninger, Sr. who died in Benton, Polk County, TN in 1873. He was married to (1) Jane Elizabeth Clemmer and (2) Jane Hamilton. The children of Jacob and Elizabeth Clemmer Cloninger were Mary M., John, James L., Margaret, and Jacob, Jr. I don't know if Jacob Cloninger and Jane Hamilton had children. The name Cloninger varies greatly in spelling, including Cloniger, Clonegar, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Jean Kinzalow
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Feb 19 20:53:45 EST 1999


Searching for descendants of Western Parker b.1875 in Jackson County, NC, m. Hattie Brindle b. 1876. They were married in 1894. Western died in Polk County in 1925. Children were Winston, Spence, Florence, Notie and Robert. Western had brothers by the names of Booth, William, Shaw, and sisters Lucinda Caroline and Dialpha. Any information will be most appreciated.
Betty Wagner
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Feb 12 22:27:03 EST 1999


I am searching for any information on the Polk Co., TN Biggs family. It is my understanding that it is possible that the ancestors of my James Freeman BIGGS may have been from the Polk Co. Biggs. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Nancy Jackson
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Feb 8 20:35:25 EST 1999


I am looking for Willie May POTEET, who was born in Livingston in Feb. 27, 1912. Her parents were Robert Lee POTEET, of Whitleyville, and Beatrice Alamay HUNT, of Livingston. I need to find out how to gather info on her parents, when they moved, where they moved, who her siblings are (her birth certificate says she's the 3rd child), etc. I do know that Willie had a delayed birth certificate, which was issued July 18, 1941. I do know that the file number looks like this (it's hard to read) 68663. Please contact me by email. Thank you.
Becky Gardner
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Feb 7 16:03:24 EST 1999


Trying to locate any information on a CAULFELD/CAULFOLD TAYLOR who was living in Blount County, Tennessee prior to 1820. He may have settled in Polk, McMinn, Rhea, Bradley or some other county in the East Tennessee area. He was a brother to my g,g, grandfather WILLIAM L. TAYLOR.
J. Edward Taylor
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Feb 1 13:37:26 EST 1999


I am searching for any information on Western PARKER b.1875 in Jackson County, NC d. 1925 in Polk County, TN. He married Hattie Brendle b. 1876 in 1894. Their children were: Winston, Spence, Florence, Notie, and Robert. Any help will be most appreciated. Very willing to share information.
Betty Wagner
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jan 31 23:58:11 EST 1999


Searching for ancestors. GMother FANNIE LAVADA WALKER PADGETT, her father was JOE CROSS WALKER who died in Gaston County but is buried at Zion Hill in Polk County. His mother may have been a Cross. LAVADA'S mother was LETHA STILLWELL, buried at Zion Hill, Polk Co.(according to death certificate LETHA'S parents were JERRY STILLWELL and FANNIE BRYANT). If you have any information on these names please contact me. Any assistance will be appreciated.
Joy Hicks
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jan 30 22:09:39 EST 1999


Lemuel SANDFORD was listed in the 1840 Polk Co. census and then we could not locate him again. We are looking for his son, Charles Randolph Sanford, my great-grandfather. I do know he was from somewhere near Memphis as he was in his 20's, but we lost track of his father, Lemuel, after the 1840 census. Thanks
Sandy Harris
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jan 30 17:10:22 EST 1999


Alice Evangeline WALLIS(not sure of correct spelling)was born in Cherokee Town of Chestue, later called Luskville or Four Mile. Her mother was Darthua SIMPSON. Alice WALLIS married WILLIAM ALLEN ADAMS and they resided in Benton. Trying to locate records from Chestue.
MediRey -- 10941 Oswego, Houston, TX 77029
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jan 28 03:39:47 EST 1999


Searching for info about my GrGrGrrandparents Morris O Quinn b about 1825 d 1889. Married Nancy Malinda Secrest. B about 1830 d unknown possibly around 1865. Had other wives
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jan 24 21:05:13 EST 1999


FARNER, Noah F. born 6/8/1874 m. Sarah Elizabeth Hamby, b. 1875; d. 1949 m. in Polk Co., 3/10/1896. I'm trying to find out who Noah F. Farner's parents were but have hit a real dead end. Any help at all would greatly be appreciated. Most of the old records have misspelled the name to FarMer instead of FarNer. Thanks, Bonnie Farner
Bonnie Farner
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jan 24 16:37:18 EST 1999


Looking for Lemuel Robert Brandon b 1790 m Mary James produced 1 son William B Brandon . Any info helpful
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jan 23 20:55:38 EST 1999


Hi there. I have two different branches of family which can be traced to Polk Co. James Madison DUNAHOO lived and died in Ducktown. James Guion PURSLEY has also been associated with Polk Co. I would also love info on DUCKTOWN itself - I've always wondered what it is like.
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jan 23 17:21:00 EST 1999


BECKY ADAMS -- 603 Eve St., Augusta, GA 30904
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jan 20 21:54:14 EST 1999


Any info about Morris O.QUINN, Thomas QUINN, Allen QUINN, Or wives. Malinda SECREST,Laura GILBERT(GILLETT) Sophia Ann HAYES,Carrie GILBERT, Euphena [Ufemmie)ROLAND
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jan 20 00:02:36 EST 1999


[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jan 19 20:39:53 EST 1999


seeking information on Ed SHEPARD who married Mary C. SWANSON in Cherokee Co.(Murphy), NC on April 29, 1903. There were three children from this marriage; Carl, Charlie, and Edward. They lived in Farner (Polk Co), Tn. Mary later married a Jess KEY who may have been from the Etowah area.
Bill Shepard -- 1300 Windamere Rd, Knoxville, TN 37923
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jan 19 18:12:11 EST 1999


My ancestor, John White, lived his last years in Polk County. I am trying to locate his grave. He served in the Revolutionary War and was originally from South Carolina. He served in the South Carolina militia. I believe he passed away around 1850. He was over 100 years old then. Thank you, David White Washington, DC e-mail: [email protected]
David White
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jan 18 19:51:44 EST 1999


I have HUMPHREY,DIXON,MAXWELL names and dates to share. All in Polk Co.Anyone else working on these?
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jan 15 05:49:53 EST 1999


Would like to contact/exchange information on the FETZER family who lived in Polk Co. for several generations. From about 1830 to after 1880. Thank you.
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jan 14 16:37:05 EST 1999


Columbus Little REA , born Nov.10,1859, one of nine children, father fought in civil war, plantation owners, house burnt in the 1930's, one of his brothers was named Jack .
paula -- Paula Cunningham, P.O. Box 948, TX 76692
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jan 14 15:18:47 EST 1999


Henry N. BERRONG on census of 1860 or after
Richard Wyman
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jan 14 07:24:42 EST 1999


Just beginning my research and am looking for any information on an R. D. JENKINS(initials only) who was born in or around the Benton area between 1926-1930. His family were farmers. He served in the Navy durning the last part of the 40's and was a male nurse in the Detroit area durning the earily 50's. He married a Jacqueline Rogoff in Toledo,Ohio 1953 and was divorsed within two or three years. My information is sketchy and any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Eva Lee Jenkins-Clanton
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jan 13 23:53:27 EST 1999


Looking for relatives of Martha Jane (Texas) Hughes born in 1860. She married James Henry Arnold in 1876. Their children were- Samuel Henry, Martha, Ester Magaline, Cora, Fannie, Mary Jane. We have heard family stories that Martha Jane died in 1893 and her baby was under a year old , which was Mary Jane. Mary Jane lived with Liz Rogers, who we think was Martha Jane Hughes' sister. Any help on the family of Martha Jane Hughes' parents and siblings will be greatly appreciated.
Mary Sue Mason
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jan 12 22:12:25 EST 1999


Seven O'NEAL brothers from Polk County of East Tennessee served in the Confederate Army. Is there any record of a greater number from the same family that served in either Union or Confederate during Civil War?
Billy O'Neal
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jan 11 19:16:46 EST 1999


Looking for any information on Crabtree and Nancy FIELDS who were my GGG grandparents. Crabtree FIELDS died in Polk Co on May 13, 1873. Their son Isaac,who married Nancy EVANS, was my GG grandfather. Any information would be appreciated.
Tim Burton
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jan 9 16:51:31 EST 1999


Would like to find more information on Oliver Christen Lewis his wife's name was Seary Emmline, their son Samuel Jackson was born in Polk County.
Mary Hathorn -- Rt.1 Box 4530, Apache, OK 73006
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jan 8 04:49:56 EST 1999


Searching all decendants of Walter Carruth born ca. 1786 in North Carolina, moved to Tennessee in the 1820's. Married Martha Taylor of Blount/Monroe Counties. Moved to McMinn County arounnd 1826-28, then on to Polk County by 1838. He lived in the Turtletown area with his family. Daughter Annie is listed in all census records 1830-1860. Any information about Walter or Annie, Date of Deaths or place of deaths would be appreciated.
Maria Carruth
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jan 4 23:04:31 EST 1999


I am researching William and Jane PETTITT. William is the son of George and Martha Milner PETTITT. Will share information. Jackie Pettitt
Jackie Pettitt
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jan 4 22:05:11 EST 1999


Am searching for information about Thomas and Rachel McCOY & family. I have reason to believe they lived in Polk Co., TN at the time of the 1850 census. Can anyone confirm or share information about other McCOY families living in this area at that time? Thanks very much! Martin Meadows Indianapolis, IN.
Martin Meadows -- 7022 Endicott Way, Indianapolis, IN 46259
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jan 4 21:30:43 EST 1999


Researching PARKER ,DEAVER and SIMPSON surnames in Bradley and Polk County.I will be glad to share info. Joanna Wood
Joanna Wood
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jan 2 14:17:34 EST 1999


Looking for a relative named Tine or Tyne Taylor, a woman who ran a boarding house in Benton in the 1880-90s.
Alice Clayton
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Dec 29 22:20:36 EST 1998





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I have a Marion H. WILLIAMS b. Jan. 1854. married to Sarah SWANSON. They lived in Polk county around 1880. They had 2 girls Ellen b. 1882 and Carrie b. 1886.
>mark williams
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jun 29 15:21:31 EDT 1999


My great-grandfather Reuben Gunter was in Polk Co.,TN in 1840 census. He married or took for a wife Gemimah ???? in early 1840's. One or both were part or full Cherokee. I am trying to find her maiden name. Please help!!! Thanks Bulah Gunter Hodge
>Bulah Gunter Hodge -- Rt 1 Box 37, Savoy, TX 75479
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Submitted on Wed Jun 30 22:21:30 EDT 1999


My Great-grandfather Reuben Gunter was in Polk Co.,TN in the 1840 census. He married or took for a wife Gemimah ??? in the early 1840's. I am looking for her maiden name. One or both were part or full Cherokee. Please help!!!! Thanks Bulah Gunter Hodge
Bulah Gunter Hodge -- Rt 1 Box37, Savoy, TX 75479
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jun 30 22:28:46 EDT 1999


There is a ridge named DUCKETT RIDGE located in the Cherokee National Forest which extends from Polk County , TN NE into Monroe County near Ironsburg . A TVA map dated from 1935 shows the name as DUCKETT MOUNTAIN . Am interested in any information on the who this ridge/mountain was named for and the approximate year it was so named.
James H. Duckett
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jun 30 15:35:56 EDT 1999


I am seeking information on George and Sarah Long. They were on the Polk County census for 1850 but not 1860. Did they die between that time or more on? Any help would really be appreciated. Sarah's maiden name was Slover. Thanks Roberta
Roberta Summers
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jun 30 10:42:53 EDT 1999


The 1850 Polk Co TN census had this family listed: Sarah Samples, 62, head of the house, Calvin bc 1827, Celia bc 1830, Telitha bc 1832 and Levi bc 1833. We do not know what relation that Sarah was to the siblings nor do we know who their parents were. Calvin m. Sarah Jane Carver and lived in Monroe Co TN, Celia m. David Cross and they lived in Polk CO TN until after the 1860 census when I think they moved to Cherokee Co NC. Telitha m. Joshua Franklin Cole and resided in Polk CO TN until after 1870 census, Levi m. Elizabeth Prince and remained in Polk CO TN. DO YOU HAVE ANY DATA on this family? Please share. Bettye
>Bettye Heinrich
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jun 28 22:10:08 EDT 1999


I am looking for anything on William Kyle.I think he came from Polk county,and settled in Bradley co.between 1840 and 1860.His father was G.C.Kyle born in 1840 in Monroe county.If you have any info contact me asap.
Dennis stephens -- 2420 So.congress pkwy.#1202, Athens, TN 37303
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Submitted on Sun Jun 27 18:53:36 EDT 1999


searching for a definite answer to the parents of Spicey Elvira TEEM. she married James William HALL. They are direct ancestors to my husband.
Kim Bates
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Submitted on Sat Jun 26 13:44:23 EDT 1999


does anyone know the parents and grandparents of Edna Ruth SHELTON? she married John William BATES.
Kim Bates
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jun 26 13:42:37 EDT 1999


seek info on the parents of James William HALL who married Spicey Elvira TEEM, and settled in Polk Co. Also, who are Spicey's parents?
Kim Bates
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jun 26 13:41:09 EDT 1999


seek any info on William Sherman BISHOP. 1880 Polk census lists him as an 11 yr old orphan living with a family with the last name BROWN
Kim Bates
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jun 26 13:39:25 EDT 1999


i seek any info on Martin Bates b. abt 1810 in Rutherford co, NC and moved to Polk Co., TN with his brothers.
Kim Bates
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jun 26 13:37:58 EDT 1999


seek information on the parents of Isham Arthur who married Julia Copeland. Son, Walter Felix Arthur, is my husbands great grandfather.
Kim Bates
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Submitted on Sat Jun 26 13:33:30 EDT 1999


Researching Ward family, does anyone have information on Frank Leroy Ward,Isaac Calvin Ward, Or Michael Ward (DOB 1812) All are Tennessee but I am Not sure what counties. Try all Counties
George Ward
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jun 26 13:20:17 EDT 1999


I am looking for info on Joseph Trig FRISBEE Sr, his son Joseph Trig FRISBEE Jr (who married Sarah Clementine GANN,born in Hamilton in 1820, who may have been called Caroline, in 1838 in Polk Co). they had numerous children, including Elizabeth Adeline FRISBEE, born in 1844. She married Ezekial NEAL (from GA) and they had child Sarah novella NEAL in 1878. She married a Beverlee Allen DUKE, who may have been from Polk Co Tn also. Family history says Sarah Clementine was prt Cherokee. Thanks for any help!
>Shauna Henke
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jun 24 12:00:27 EDT 1999


I looking for any information on Charles "Charlie" Joe SELF born Nov. 18, 1898. Last known residence was around McCaysville, GA and Copperhill, TN. He was married to Fannie Bell Ledford. He was the son of Calvin Asbury Self and Mary Logan.
>Stephanie Payne
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jun 19 19:13:27 EDT 1999


I am looking for the family of Creed BROWN who was born September 22, 1849 and died September 13, 1899. born and died in Cumberland Shed, Polk County, Tenn. he married a Clementine Carson,d/o John Carson in bradley county,ca 1869.
Dorla Stork
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jun 23 15:35:26 EDT 1999


seek info on the parents of Martin BATES. he m. Rebecca ?. Came from Rutherford NC and settled in Polk Co. Martin was born abt 1810
Kimberly Bates
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jun 23 13:29:45 EDT 1999


seek info on the parents / siblings of William Sherman BISHOP. 1880 census shows him as 11 yrs old living with a family named BROWN. Wm BISHOP m. Mary GREEN, daughter of Wm Newton and Nancy LILLARD GREEN.
Kimberly Bates
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jun 23 13:27:06 EDT 1999


Seeking information on William Spencer Hatcher, 1859-1912 who may have been born in Polk county to John (born about 1835) and Nancy C. (born about 1838) HATCHER. He married Dosia BURNS (born in GA, 1866) and children were Edgar (aka Spud), shirley, Myrtle, Lee Roy, Etta, Cora, Rita, and Robert. Etta and Cora were born in Texas around Quanah, Hardeman Co. All other children born in TN. Any help greatly appreciated!
Donna White-Dropkin
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jun 22 15:45:09 EDT 1999


Looking for information on Elizabeth HENSON who married A. J. JOHNSON on Nov. 19, 1904 in Polk Co., TN.
>Jane Lasley
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jun 18 20:13:26 EDT 1999


I am looking for information on James Newton Cole, Newton Cole b. 3/16/1834 or Malinda Guinn. Thank You.
Kathleen Goble -- 231 Geneva St., Decatur, GA 30030
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jun 16 22:39:50 EDT 1999


i am looking for any information on jamima MIZE. she was married to george BRANNON and had a daughter named elizabeth "mollie" BRANNON. mollie married robert HAMBY in 1908.
andrea smith
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jun 16 17:45:27 EDT 1999


Seraching for info on great-grandfather VAUGHN,John (Black-Cherokee 1/2 and 1/2 ex-slave) came from Nashville,Ky area 1900-1905 and went on to Cadiz,Ky. Possible fathered by a parent during the Trail of Tears incident. Said to have been ironworker in Tn. Married Ellen (surname unk) in Cadiz.Ky circa 1900). Children Pocohantas and Ethel(born 10Aug1884.died 28SSep77). Ethel married Frank IRVIN,(2nd spouse)about 1910?. Two kids Eugene & Caudie. (I am daughter of Eugene). Family moved to Hopkinsville,Ky after 1915. Ethel contacted in early 70s by Gov't Ageny re: Indian Money she was owed.Trying to verify Native American roots.John lived 115 yrs. born in 1831 and died 1944.
Denise Irvin Garcia -- 1237 Downing St, Imperial Beach, CA 91932
Submitted on Tue Jun 8 17:31:14 EDT 1999


Can any one supply me with names of cemetaries in or near the 4th district of Plok Co? My grandfather ABRAM B RUSSELL,shown on 1880 census as A.B.Russell, 4th district,died in 1880 or 1881,If I had a list of cemetaries in the area,I am in hopes of locating him when I visit the area.
Helen(Russell) Nolen -- 11020 River Oak La., Osceola, IN 46561
Submitted on Fri Jun 11 08:47:21 EDT 1999


Can any one supply me with names of cemetaries in or near the 4th district of Plok Co? My grandfather ABRAM B RUSSELL,shown on 1880 census as A.B.Russell, 4th district,died in 1880 or 1881,If I had a list of cemetaries in the area,I am in hopes of locating him when I visit the area.
Helen(Russell) Nolen -- 11020 River Oak La., Osceola, IN 46561
Submitted on Fri Jun 11 08:47:21 EDT 1999


Josiah LEMONS appears on the 1850 Polk Co. census at age 65 with wife, Mary. I seek to identify Josiah's parents. I have information to exchange
Earl R. Layman
Submitted on Sun Jun 6 18:25:56 EDT 1999


I am trying to find if my Grandmother's ancestry is on one of the Rolls. My Grandmother's name was Christine Lucille REEVES Kennon. Her mother's name was Sarah Katherine SMITH Reeves. She was born on 1-29-1867 in McMinn County, TN. Her mother's name was Martha E. WATKINS Smith. She was born on 2/7/1834 in Polk County, TN.
Kurtis L. Kennon -- 220 Brooks Street, Jefferson City, MO 65109-1311
Submitted on Sat Jun 5 20:44:46 EDT 1999


Information regarding William PANTER, died or killed at Copperhill, c. 1901 Also PORTER family, moved to Panther City, Georgia? Thanks, Cecil Porter
Ceicl Porter
Submitted on Fri May 28 21:01:40 EDT 1999


I need info on Frank Clayton. Deputy sheriff Polk County Tennessee 1940's.
Sherry -- 508 Estes Circle, Mobile, AL 36609
Submitted on Sat May 22 04:14:33 EDT 1999


I am looking for info on an Elrod family who liven in the Copperhill area of Polk Co. Tn.in the early 1900's. Olin Elrod married Etta Samantha Henson. Olin's parents were Robert G. Elrod and Rutha and they were found in the 1910 census for Polk co. Tn. but no where after that. I dont know Etta's parents names.This brick wall is very high for me on this line. If you have anyone in your research with these last names I would appreciate you contacting me and sharing anything you possably have. Anything is better than nothing! Thank you, Barb
Barb Saylor
Submitted on Mon May 17 22:56:31 EDT 1999


I am looking for any information on the PAYNE's and ALLEN's of DUCK TOWN, POLK COUNTY, TN Thanks, Kathy Payne
Kathy Payne
Submitted on Wed May 19 21:17:30 EDT 1999


I am searching for the parents and wife's family and burial place of Jackson McKinley JOHNSON. Born 11/4/1896 Died 7/20/1975 in Bradley County. Thanks for any help.
Gloria Oxendine -- 10325 HAMBRIGHT ROAD, HUNTERSVILLE,, NC 28078
Submitted on Wed May 19 19:35:59 EDT 1999


SEEKING: The SHEARMAN family that was in Bradley Co. the 1850's & 1860's. THOMAS J. SHEARMAN and SARAH ELIZABETH CATE had the following children born there:CHARLES PELAR b.1859, WILLIAM HUGH b.1862, SARAH FRANCIS b.1865 and JOHN CATE b.1872. Would like to know if THOMAS J. & SARAH ELIZABETH are buried in this county. Any leads would greatley appreciated. Barbara Crane Shearman
Barbara Crane Shearman
Submitted on Mon May 17 18:16:05 EDT 1999


Searching for family information on John Hill and wife Martha Vaughan Hill they resided in Polk County, TN near Ducktown/Copperhill area in the 1860`s and possibly 1870`s. Would someone look in the census for any information about this family. Thank you..
Ron Hill
Submitted on Sun May 16 20:24:11 EDT 1999


need info on Martin BATES b. in nc and moved to Polk bet. 1825-1935. wife is Rebecca ?. Also, seek info on the parents of Wm. Sherman BISHOP, was a baptist minister, and possibly an orphan. James Wm. HALL m. Spicey Elvira TEEM in GA, but they lived out their life together in Polk co. Any info on James' parents. And last, who is the father of Walter Felix ARTHUR. His mother was Julia Copeland.
Kim Bates
Submitted on Wed May 12 21:49:06 EDT 1999


Looking for documentation of children of Joshua GUINN and Mary MCKISSICK. Was the William who married Sarah Elvira COXE one of them?
Jan Gerdts
Submitted on Wed May 12 20:01:37 EDT 1999


Trying to find family of Samuel CATE/CATES...Felix Grundy CATE/CATES
Beverly Cate Wiley
Submitted on Fri May 7 03:49:32 EDT 1999


We are trying to locate info on (my husband's -James Solen QUEEN) grandfather. Only info we have is my husband's father Solen James QUEEN born July 7, 1922 - Twin Was Olen Queen. Grandfather's name Ernest QUEEN. Possibly worked mines in Copperhill, Tennessee. Or could possibly be from the Benton area (my husband was born in Benton). Can anyone advise me on where to start looking and how to proceed? Would appreciate any advise you can give me. Thank you.
Denise Queen
Submitted on Thu May 6 19:02:33 EDT 1999


I am looking for anyone who has info on the Robert G. and Rutha Elrod family. They were in Polk co. census in 1910 but not in the 1920. I am trying to find the name of Roberts father. He states he's from N.C. and his father also. I am stuch with out a name to go on. Robert died in that 10 yr span and Rutha remarried and moved to Ky. Any info would be appreciated. Thank You, Barb
Barb Saylor
Submitted on Wed May 5 21:56:30 EDT 1999


DALE, Alberter b. 1840, Cherokee Co., NC. Served in Civil War Co. A, 19th Regt. NC Troops (2nd Regt. NC Cavalry). It is believed that after the Civil War, he located in Polk Co., TN. He may have had a wife with the initials C. V. about 1870. Seeking any information on Alberter and/or his family as he is the brother of my g-grandfather Thomas Clingman Dale. Willing to share information.
Linda Dale Hardy
Submitted on Wed May 5 11:01:55 EDT 1999


Searching for information on ELIAS WASHINGTON AKINS b. 1/23/1858 m. RACHAEL COWART 1880 in Bartow or Gordon County GA. Know that they were in POLK COUNTY TN in 1894, daughter ROSA born there. Also know that RACHAEL AKINS died in Polk County in 1917 buried at Smyrna Cem. Children of ELIAS & RACHAEL were: GREELY, ROSA, SAVANNAH, OPHELIA, ALICE, FANNIE MAE. Any info on any of the above individuals would be greatly appreciated.
Submitted on Tue May 4 09:55:35 EDT 1999


ELROD, HENSON-Olen Elrod married Etta Henson in Polk Co. in 1921 and moved to Ky. in 1922. I am searching for their ancesters names. Olens father was Robert G. Elrod from N.C. he was a copper miner in Copperhill and died before 1920 when Rutha (Olen's mother) remarried. I am trying to find out when he died and why. What is Roberts' parents names etc. I am stuck here and need some help if you have this is in your research please share your info with me. You can find me at Gourd1@aol.com. Thank You and Happy rearching. "We are all a piece of the puzzle. We are all a branch of the tree"
Barbara Saylor
Submitted on Sun May 2 14:37:00 EDT 1999


I am interested in any information about the descendants of Samuel M. Reid, born Sept. 1801, d. feb 1858. He married Teresa Unknown. They had seven children that I know of: Samuel H., (birth unknown; James Napolean (1830-1893) married Mary Ann O'Neal - moved to Hamilton Co., Fl in ~ 1863; Nancy (1831 - ?); Jackson L. (12/1832-?); Mary Ann (1838 - ?); Martin VanBuren (7/21/1841-3/4/1907) died Spring City, TN, married Wealthy Roberts; Eliza Jane (1838-?); Any help on these people would be greatly apppreciated. I have quite a bit of information on James Napolean and Mary Ann O'Neal to share.
Michael Jones
Submitted on Sun May 2 09:14:01 EDT 1999


I am searching for information on THOMAS REESE (REECE). He was living in Polk County during the 1910 census. His wife was RACHEL ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) CORNETT MOSS. The census lists one daughter, FLORA (they later had another daughter, CLOREMAE, and a son (actually his stepson) JIMMIE MOSS. Lizzie was informed that Thomas was murdered in Knoxville (date unknown) but was never able to claim the body or find where he had been buried. He was living in Knoxville through the week and returning to Copperhill on weekends. Any help in solving the mystery of what happened to THOMAS REESE (REECE) would be appreciated.
Debi Parm
Submitted on Sat May 1 16:37:18 EDT 1999


Looking for the family of Lydia SPENCER b. 8 July 1823 d. 28 Dec. 1893. She married William A. CARTER b. 3 April 1812 d. 17 Jan 1901. They raised their family in Polk Co., TN. and came to Hunt Co., Texas in the 1890's. I think Lydia was born in TN. Thank you.
Sondra Seamster
Submitted on Thu Apr 29 21:18:22 EDT 1999


Looking for the parents of Mary Ann CROCKER b. 25 Sept. 1852 d. 10 Nov. 1908 married George William CARTER b. 22 July 1848 d. 16 Dec. 1926. Children were all born in Benton, Polk Co., TN. and the entire family came to Hunt Co., Texas in the 1890's. Any information would be appreciated.
Sondra Seamster
Submitted on Thu Apr 29 21:09:23 EDT 1999


I am looking for info on William (Willie) Cook. He was in Polk Co., TN in 1916. Copper Hill area. Mother: Catherine Elizabeth Rogers Cook. Father: ? Henry Cook. One sister Dora Belle Cook. They were Railroad people. His mother ran a small store for the RR. He left the area in 1918 or 1919 and relocated to WV taking a new identity of William Memphis Ray. This man was my Grandfather. He married my grandmother in WV in 1920 with his new name.If you know of this man any information would be deeply appreciated. Jerry Nan Rasnake JRNan1@aol.com
Jerry Nan Rasnake -- 1443 Buckeye Way, Dandridge, TN 37725
Submitted on Tue Apr 27 19:43:29 EDT 1999


Seeking data on Nancy DUFF who m. Hamilton McGHEE, probably around 1850 in TN. Her parents were Jacob 'Nelson' Duff and wife Mahala?? of Monroe Co. TN. Her uncle was once Sheriff of Polk Co, John Calvin DUFF whos wife was Henrietta MERCER. I can't locate NANCY DUFF AND HAMILTON MCGHEE who had lived in Benton TN, after early 1850's. Any information on any of the above families would be appreciated and I will gladly exchange data from 36 years of research of DUFF and related families. Thanks. Bonnie Duff-Smith, PO Box 254, Judson, TX 75660 or email: DuffSmith@prodigy.net
Bonnie Duff-Smith
Submitted on Sat Apr 24 21:44:22 EDT 1999


ROBINSON, Flurry Ann (1863-1940) ?Full Indian married HARRIS, Dolphus Melton (1857-1948) lived in Cherokee Co, NC one son HARRIS, Dolphus Lonzo (1886-1970) married WALLACE, Dixie (1892-1971) Can you help find anything else on Flurry Ann ROBINSON? Please e-mail back with any info. Thanks, John R. Hughes
John R. Hughes
Submitted on Sat Apr 24 15:58:30 EDT 1999


John Robert Dillard was born in 1830's in either GA or TN. John m. Nancy Eliza Patton in Fannin Co, GA, in 1855. Nancy Patton was b. abt 1833 ?Gilmer Co, GA. Nancy and John Robert moved to Polk Co, Tn and then back to GA. John Robert Dillard died in the Civil War. Listed on the 1870 Union Co. Census is Nancy Dillard age 37 GA., without husband with the following children: Martha age 13,GA, Laura age 9, TN, and Josephine age 6, GA. Laura Dillard married Noah Brackett,. son of Thomas and Mary Queen Brackett ,. around 1880,. They lived and raised a family in Union Co. I am their Great Granddaughter. Nancy Patton Dillard died in Fannin Co, GA, 1910. Does anyone know the parents of Nancy Eliza Patton,. or any information regarding Nancy Patton or John Robert Dillard will be greatly appreciated. Betty Brackett Knight e-mail: bettyknight@hotmail.com
Betty Knight
Submitted on Mon Apr 19 22:49:23 EDT 1999


Seeking information on family of Buckner WALKER and Saleta FREELAND of Polk County, TN. Children included Memory WALKER, my Gr/Grandfather. Some or all moved to Winston County, AL about 1850. All information appreciated.
Ronny Riddle -- P.O. Box 400, Swansea, SC 29160-0400
Submitted on Mon Apr 19 14:25:24 EDT 1999


LEE TAYLOR and wife HARRIETT TAYLOR last seen on the 1880 census They may have lived in North Carolina, between the years of 1852 and 1858, then moved back to Polk Co.Tn. Daughter & sons was Minerva, Gordon & Campbell. Would like to know if there were more children.
A. johnson
Submitted on Sun Apr 18 16:02:48 EDT 1999


Seeking info for family of my great-grandfather, Joseph A. RICKARD. Born 10/22/1857, Ducktown, TN. Died April 1935. Buried Aledo, Parker county, TX. Married Georgia Anna DUKE, born 3/17/1861, in Georgia. Died 10/19/1935. Buried Aledo, Parker County, Texas. Her mother's maiden name was AYERS. Have no given name for her mother or her father. At one time, Joseph and Georgia Anna lived in Williamson County, TX, before going to Parker County. They had 13 children, including my grandmother, Augusta RICKARD, who married William Fletcher PITTMAN, son of John Woodward and Katie Ward PITTMAN. cheryl dedrick@ccmail.nevada.edu
Submitted on Sat Apr 17 23:30:18 EDT 1999


Searching for descendants of Western (Weston) Parker b. 1875, in Jackson County, NC and Hattie Brindle b. 1876. Western died in Polk County in 1925. I am very willing to share information on this family.
Betty Wagner
Submitted on Sat Apr 17 19:46:19 EDT 1999


I am stuck at Walker JONES father of Peter Dillard JONES on the JONES line. Peter D. JONES was my great grandfather. My grandfather was Albert JONES (b 1888 Polk Cty)I believe my Grandmother was a GRIFFITH. Any help in any direction will be great help. Thank You!
Al Jones
Submitted on Tue Apr 13 23:02:53 EDT 1999


I am searching for info about my Great-grandmother who, I am told, was of Cherokee heritage. Her name was AMANDA BEAVERS WILLIAMS (10/06/1868 - 08/22/1968). Her parents were REV. JOHN BEAVERS & DESSIE BEAVERS. She married BILL WILLIAMS (8/1863 - 1/1923). I'm told that he was mayor of McCaysville, GA. I don't know what years. Their daghter was my grandmother ANNA NEBRASKA WILLIAMS HARPER (11/02/1897 - 03/05/1984) who married HOBART McKINLEY HARPER (11/08/1896 - 08/20/1989), who were lifelong residents of Fannin Co.,GA. I have no info beyond Rev. John & Dessie. Any info will be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
Submitted on Mon Apr 12 21:52:23 EDT 1999


Searching for information on Pryor Lee DAVIS(1850-1898),his wife Mary JENKINS DAVIS(1855-1919), his father Benjamin DAVIS(1814-1891), and his mother Susie(or Susan) BRADFORD DAVIS(1818-1896). Have identified Ben and I believe Pryor in 1880 census. It says Ben and Susan born in No. Carolina which conflicts with my oral history. Anyone have anything which will help? Ben's, Susan's or Mary's parents' names would be helpful. Thanks.
Joyce Davis Fisher
Submitted on Sun Apr 11 20:24:05 EDT 1999


I am looking on information on the Huffman Family from Copperhill, Polk County, TN. My Father was Charles Steve Huffman b. 1933 in Copperhill, TN. His Father is Clint Huffman. His mother was Marie Brown, possibly from Duck Town, Polk County, TN. Robin Wickham (Huffman)
Robin Wickham (Huffman)
Submitted on Wed Apr 7 01:39:18 EDT 1999


Looking for information on Nina Lee HAYNES, daughter of Edwin Pitts HAYNES and Marie Adeline CARTER. Born in 1877, probably in Sand Mountain, Polk County and of Native American descent, believed to be Cherokee. If you have any information on this family, let me know.
Submitted on Sat Apr 3 16:41:55 EST 1999


my grandparents were garland STILLWELL and america ADDISON. both were part cherokee. can not locate info prior to their generation. does anyone have addnl info on either surname ?
Submitted on Fri Apr 2 16:39:08 EST 1999


I am looking for information on Jacob Kinser, who was in Polk Co., TN in 1840 and 1850. According to the 1850 census, he was 70 years old, and he was in the household of John Shields with another Kinser, 25 year old Isaac.
Gay Greene -- 2016 Hickory Drive, NW, #3, Cleveland, TN 37311-1222
Submitted on Fri Apr 2 13:43:39 EST 1999


I am searching for the parents of Crabtree FIELDS, and for the FILYAW family.
wononia meeks -- P.O. Box 592, Signal Mtn., TN 37377
Submitted on Fri Apr 2 11:02:18 EST 1999


In the 1880 census of Polk county, I found the names of James WITT and Nancy WITT. My grandfather was Richard Witt and he had a brother named James, who married a lady named Nancy. Richard was born in Simpson county, Ky. and died in Hopkinsville, Ky. Does anyone have any information on James or Nancy Witt?
Mary Boyersmith
Submitted on Thu Apr 1 21:14:43 EST 1999


In 1860 Martha E. WALLACE age 20, married Robert W. Thompson, in Cherokee Co. North Carolina. They are listed on 1860 census, Hiawasi Mines, Polk Co., TN. The story goes that her father, a Cherokee, was killed by the soldiers because he refused to leave his land when Martha was 12 years old. She had a older brother/uncle named Jesse WALLACE. I would love to find some conformation to this story, plus parents names. Martha died when her granson was six. This story came from him 60 years later.
Submitted on Tue Mar 30 13:37:02 EST 1999