This page is designed to help you acquaint yourself with me as a candidate for USGenWebProject SEMA representative.


    My name is Joyce Gaston Reece and I have enjoyed family history research since my youth....which was quite a while ago...I am 57 years of age.  I am county coordinator for Tennessee Genealogy Web in Cocke County and Polk County, Tennessee.  I am also co host for four Tennessee Local History Network projects...Tennessee state and the counties of Polk, McMinn and Monroe.  I am spending time trying to help with the Monroe County archive's organization and volunteer with McMinn County Historical Society.  I administer several mail lists and message boards.

    I am a strong believer in treating people equally and fairly.  I will not play favorites with any person.  I believe that all USGW business dealings should be open and above board with nothing done behind closed doors until special situations call for it.  I, frankly, do not agree with secretive board meetings that keep the membership in the dark and will work to change this. 

   I promise to look at all sides of every issue and to work toward the equal treatment of all people.  I also promise to help conduct USGW business to the best of my ability and with widsom and equality.


    I wish to express by profound support for Ms. Concetta Phillips for National Chairman of USGWP.  Ms. Phillips has, on several occasions, shown a capacity to listen to all members in an effort to work with each and every one.  She is open minded and will treat everyone fairly.  Her intelligence and compassion has shown many times in the past in her dealings with usgw members.

    She has the foresight and wisdom to guide USGWP into a better future. She will make an excellent chairperson for this organization.  I urge you to vote for Ms. Concetta Phillips!