1870 Polk County, Tennessee Census

Transcribed from AGLL microfilm by and donated by Sharon Burnette to the Polk County, TN TNGenWeb site. We all appreciate her generosity!

First Civil District Post Office Benton Starting at Page 1 I will put dotted lines to show where pages are seperated. From left to right, dwelling-houses numbered in order of visitation, families numbered in order of visitation, the name of every perso n whose place of abode on the first day of June, 1870, was in this family, age at last birthday. If under 1 year, give months in fractions, thus 3/12. Sex-Males(M) Females(F). Color-White(W), Black(B0, Mulatto(M), Chinese(C), Indian(I). Profession or occu pation of each person, male, or female. Value of Real Estate. Value of Personal Estate. Place of Birth, naming state or Territory of U.S.; or the Country, u of foreign birth. (note: next to some it should say 'At Home' or 'house Keeping'. I have omitted i t. I am also omitting the first number showing dwellings)

1st District
pg. 1 - 17 Post Office: Benton
Part 1

2nd District
pg. 1 - 31 Post Office: Benton
Part 1
Part 2

3rd District
pg. 1 - 2 Post Office: Benton
pg. 3 - 8 Post Office: Parksvile
pg. 9 - 11 Post Office: Benton
pg. 12 - 16 Post Office: Parksville
pg. 17 - 19 Post Office: Benton
pg. 20 - 23 Post Office: Parksville
Part 1
Part 2

4th District
pg. 1 - 5 Post Office: Benton
pg. 6 - 9 Post Office: Cleveland Bradley Co.
pg. 10 -16 Post Office: Benton

5th District
pg. 1 - 9 Post Office: Parksville

6th District
pg. 1 - 11 Post Office: Broad Shoals

7th District
pg. 1 - 9 Post Office: Hiwassee

8th District
pg. 1 - 44 Post Office: Hiwassee
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

9th District
pg. 1 - 7 Post Office: Parksville
pg. 8 - 10 Post Office: Broad Shoals
pg. 11 Post Office: Parksville

10th District
pg. 1 - 17 Post Office: Hiwassee

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