Location: 1 and 1/2 miles NE of Servilla. Servilla and Springtown are the same. Servilla is 18 miles E of Benton. Date established: About time of the Civil War
By whom established: Possibly Andrew Witt or Witt's Campground Methodist Church.
Number of graves: 200 or more
Acreage: 1 acre or more
Remarks: The Methodist had a church here, possibly before the Civil War named Camp Ground Methodist. The church died, started again about 1885, and went down again. In 1890, the Baptist organized a church here and named it Carrinth. If the church continues, soon the cemetery probably will be known as Carrinth Baptist Church Cemetery. Andrew Witt very likely was the first pastor of the Witt's Camp Ground Methodist Church. Among those buried here are the Rev. Charles H. Eaten, Baptist minister and Mexican War soldier; Isham T. Hammons, J.P.; William Morgan, Sr.; Harve Witt, J.P.; and Swede Waldrop, who taught school more than 40 years in polk County. He was found dead at his desk one Friday afternoon after dismissing school. There was an unfinished letter on the desk.
Condition: (not stated) January 29, 1940