Location: Ten miles S.E. of Parksville or up Sylco Creek five miles from where it empties into Parksville Lake. Parksville Lake is 6 miles south of Benton.
Date established: About the time of the Civil War.
By whom established: Lewis Arthur
Number of Graves: 75 approx.
Acreage: Approx. 1 acre
Remarks: Cemetery is within 1/2 mile of where old Blue Ridge Baptist Church was located and was used by the church. The church has been gone for many years. Buried are Lewis Arthur and family, Amanda Crawford, wife of the Rev. Michael Higdon, Capt. Alfonso A. Chable, also several members of the Green and o'Neal families and James K. Ledford. The name Arthur is known as Arter, mostly.
Condition: clean
Date: January 29, 1940
Editor's note: Capt. Alfonso Chable's name has been marked out on the copy being used and a handwritten note stating 'not here'.