Cherokee Families of Polk County, Tennessee

Reproduced here with permission from the February 1996 PCH&GS Quarterly

The following names were taken from a government document voting record concerning the Treaty of 1835.

Cheater Thief
Shadow Wolf
Crowing Chicken Quart-whiskey
Dog Young Pup
Crowmocker Crazy
Muskrat Woman Killer
Waterbird Sparrow-hawk
Dew-in-water Young Duck
Going Snake Freezing
Shoe Sleepin-deer
Waterlooker Four Killer
Feather Pigeon
Tail-up Goose
Big Path Smoke
Sign Blackbird
Reader Thick-string
Poor Bear Running Wolf
Rib Mouse
Turn-about Cry Wolf
Caesar Path-killer
Bullfrog Big Hoe

Heads of Households among the Cherokee in Polk County Tennessee in 1851.

Ah-lin-nih Mayfield, Polly
A-wih Mikih (Mike)
Caroline Ni-oee
Cheesquah, John Oo-loo-chih
Chees-qu-neet (Young Bird) Qua-kih (Peggy)
Cho-le-goke-sih (Tobacco Smoke) Sah-mih (Sam)
Choo-huh-loo-huh Sal-kin-nih
E-see-kih Sally
Hilderbrand, Amelia Sis-sih
Hilderbrand, Ann Ste-wih (Stephen)
Hilderbrand, Eliza Su-san-nih
Hilderbrand, Emily Tah-nih
Hilderbrand, John Ta-nee-lih
Hilderbrand, Martha Te-to-le-nust(Walkingstick)
Hilderbrand, Mary Too-stuh
Hilderbrand, Michael, Sr. Wah-la-yah
Hilderbrand, Micheal, Jr. Wah-le-yuh
Jim-mih (Oo-luh-soo-luh) Wa-loo-kih
Jin-nih Wee-lih
John Wilson
Ko-he-na-ih (Granny Bird) Yoo-choo-howee-yuh (Bear Meat)
Ko-le-gees-kih (Mayfield, Michael) xx
Mayfield, Nancy Elizabeth xx

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