HAPPENINGS in 1936

[dates listed as "week of" is actual date of newspaper]

January, 1936
Gibson Lane to Minnie Danie
W.H. Ward to Isabell Braden
Elmer Scott to Rebecca Taylor
Clifford Lee to Mary Laymance
Boyd Wilson to Thelma Jones
Roe Wilson to Georgia Thomas-(Tommie Thompson?) married 12/24/1935)
Wilbur Sells to Edna Huckaby
Clyde W. Smith to Opal M. Stringfield - 12/24/1935
Gus H. Vespie to Ruth C. VanNorstran
Sam Briggs, 24 to Willowdean Collins 22
Arrthur Schubert 45, to Mattie Hunter 24
Noble Young 32 to Myrtle Nicholas, 25
Harold Hershel Honeycutt & Alma Ruffner, 1/17/1936
Paskell Hamilton & Eula Howard - 1/23/1936

February, 1936
Robert Barton Jones & Minnie Lee Shannos, 2/16/1936
Frank Martin & Pearl Duncan, 2/29/1936

March, 1936

James Darwin Jones, 21 to Helen Rose 19
Ben F. Snow 23 to Jeanette Watson, 18 (week of 3/5/1936)
Ralph L. Davis 24 to Evelyn Waters 17
Boyd Vespie 24 to Edna Ooten 18
Jack Floyd 22 to Flossie Cox 15
Walter Morgan 26 to Daisy Morrow 24
Reid Clark 22 to Shirley Howard
Paul F. Short & Lavonah Elizabeth Alley, 3/25/12936 in Roane Co.

April, 1936
Louis Mills and Lou Brown, (week of 4/9/1936)
Henry McKenzie & Pauline Schubert (Week of 4/9/1936 in Kingston)
Hurgin Galloway & Ruby York, 4/10/1936
Robert Ooten & Carthema Neal, 4/8/1936
Lloyd (Preacher) England & Ruth Phillips, 4/9/1936 at New River
Burl Ellis & Laura Kennedy, 4/1936
Joesph M. Rash & Cora Lee Donaldson, 4/26/1936 in Rome, Ga.

May 1936
Ray Snyder & Lucille Johnson, 5/2/1936
Raymond Bingham & Nellie Heidel, (week of 5/21/1936)

June, 1936
Edward Bardill & Marie Heath, (week of 6/11/1936)

July, 1936
Carnie Taylor to Faye Honeycutt, 7/31/1936
Charles Sills & Lulu Sumner, 7/18/1936
Preston Stringfield, age 64 to Mrs. Weas, age 74, 7/19/1936

August, 1936
Burney C. Zarecor to Nelle Pemberton, 8/2/1936, (moved to Missouri)
David Freytag, to Susie Albernice Hawn
L.C. Wardlow to Franklin Louise Thomas
Carl Sexton to Madge R. Douglas
Beecher U. Shipwash to Ethel Nerine Shipwash
Cornelius J. Summers to Christine Hodge
Edgar Paul Miles to Louise Ruppee - 8/15/1935
George Kilby to Tempie Cromwell
Herbert Phipps to Inez Barnes
Willard Rich to Cora Ethel Justes
Johnnie Lehman and Thelma Gill, 8/29/1936
G. B. Moore & Hermenia Unger, 8/26/1936 in Gerogia

September, 1936
Leonard F. VanNorstran & Bessie Potter
Carl Cromwell & Martha Jones
Ester Cross & Anna Mae Rector
Clyde Cooper & Dorothy Brown
Herman Mehlhorn & Marie Beasley
Grady K. Lee & Mildred E. Lewis - 9/6/1936
Oliver Scott & Bertie Presswood
Rev. Winifred Frederick Vatthauer and Lorene Augusta Bardill, 9/1936
Neil Brooks & Helen Marie Heidel - 9/24/1936

October, 1936
Louis August Beyer & Georgia Mae McGuffey, 10/4/1936 in Chattanooga

November, 1936
Charles Cashion & Willie Mae Winnie (week of 11/5/1936)
House Headrick and Reba Byrd, 11/8/1936

December, 1936
George H. Bales & Maude Bernice Davis, 12/19/1936
Lawrence Sumner & Rosa Lee Adkins - (week of 12/31/1936)
Melvin Northrup & Sallie Seabolt, (week of 12/31/1936)

Life - as it was..........in 1936.......

*Dates in brackets [xx] are dates of the newspaper.

Morgan County Quarterly Court met Jan. 6, and granted the Tennessee Valley Authority permission to extend its lines into Morgan County to provide electrification.   The WPA road contract was agreed upon.  The restriction up on the sale of beer  was placed again at 2000 feet from the nearest church or school. [Jan.-1936]

John W. Peters, Morgan County boy was made Police Chief of Chickamauga Dam near Chattanooga.  [1/9/1936]

Friends of  Mrs. Henry Hambright, Sunbright,  were sad to learn of her death Friday. [2/13/1936-date of paper]

Several hundred Veterans of the World War were in Wartburg last Saturday evening making application for their bonus.  The bonus bill was passed by the Lefislature last month and the local Legion officials, Edd W. Mehlhorn, Commander and Carl F. Schubert, Adjuntant, made arrangements for the applications to be filled out at Wartburg.

Mr. Ira Shadden of Castoosa returned last Saturday from Memphis where he has been several months as a patient at a hospital. [2/13/1936]

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Edmundson announce the birth of a son on Feb. 8, 1936.

The Hot Lunch Project under the direction of Miss Lucille McCormick is working very successfully in several of the schools.  The WPA furnishes the labor in connection with this work while the TERA has been furnishing commodities.  Each child is supposed to furnish its own bowl and spoon and the labor is drawn from relief rolls of the county.

Private Maurice C. McCartt, U.S. Marines, who enlisted Feb.6, 1935, is now serving with the Marine detachment on board the cruiser U.S.S. Northhampton in Pacific Waters.  He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Julian F. McCartt of Lancing.  [3/19/1936]

Ross Barger of near Brewstertown, 16 year old son of Albert Barger, was sentenced to a term of three  years in the State Industrial School at Nashville for the theft of a shot gun belonging to Joe Young of Fentress County.  Young alleged that the gun was taken from his automobile while it was parked.  Sheriff H.E. Byrge and Deputy Sheriff James Carson arrested the boy Monday and he was placed in the county jail awaiting the trial which was held Tuesday.  Ross H. Williams of Knoxville represented the defendant while Attorney Turner of Jamestown represented the state.  [5141936]

Oakdale is soon to have a much needed improvement.  Bath houses for its swimmers.  There is to be two small houses, one for the girls and one for the boys and also a tower for the divers. "Old Emory" affords much of the diverson for the young people of Oakdale througout the summer season. [5/31/1936]

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Jackson honored their father Mr. T.C. Galloway on his 88th birthday with a dinner Sunday. Children attending: Mr. & Mrs. N.P. Galloway of Etowah, Mrs. & Mrs. John Walt of Harriman, Mrs. & Mrs. W.J. Galloway,  Mr. & Mrs. Will Schick and family of Stearns, Ky.  Burrville [8/27/1936]

Mrs. Sarah Honeycutt announces the marriage of her daughter, Faye on July 31, to Mrs. Carnie Taylor to Elizabethton.

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Johnson announce the marriage of their daughter, Lucille, on May 2nd to Mr. Ray Snyder of Oakdale.  [9/10/1936]

Judge H.B. Brown appointed Mrs. Wm. Williams of Wartburg to fill out the unexpired term of her husband, as Circuit Court Clerk of Morgan County. [Nov. 12, 1936]
Carrying forty-six of the forty-eight states, Franklin D. Roosevelt was returned to the White House foe another four year term.  The President carried all but the states of Maine and Vermont. [11/5/1936]

A wedding of interest to their many friends was that of Miss Maude Bernice Davis to Mrs. Geo. H. Bales on Saturday, Dec. 19. 1936.  She is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Chas H. Davis of Wartburg and has been a trusted employee of the Tennessee Railroad for several years.  Mr. Bales is the son of Mrs. J.A. Bales and is manager of the Jellico Grocery Company. [12/31/1936]