The following is from the book, "A History of Morgan County Tennessee" written by Ethel
     Freytag and Glenna Kreis Ott.


     Lancing, Tennessee became a village some years before 1879, probably in the early 1860's.
     [It has been told that Lancing was first called Triplett Gap].   Among the first settlers was John
     White who built a house there probably near 1860.   Other prominent families who moved
     there before or during 1879 were:
     Fred WALT, John ANDERSON, Thomas ROBERTS, Hillman DAVIDSON, Dr. A.S. WISLEY
     [probably Wiltsy, as one finds Dr. A.A. Wiltsy mentioned in the Morgan County court minutes
     on several occasions], Rev. BORDMEN and William Matthew JONES.

     Lancing was called Kismet until 1894.   The trains began to run on the rail roads there in 1879.
     The railroad people always called it Lancing but the post office was known as Kismet in 1879
     and until 1894.   Tom J. ROBERTS had the first post office established there in 1879.

     The first store, 1879 was Fordham's store, located in the building that was later known as
     Buxton's Hotel.

     The first church in Lancing was a Methodist Church established in 1882.   The present
     Presbyterian Church was built in 1884.

     In Deed Book T on page 68 and 69 is found the plot of Kismet [Lancing]:   It was filed in June
     1880.   The plot contained a little more than one hundred acres.   The plot was laid off in
     blocks with the streets named.

     In 1967 Lancing is a small community with a post office and an elementary school with an
     enrollment of 134 students and 5 teahers   Lancing has a Baptist and a Presbyterian Church.

     Lancing and its routes were found to have the following business places:   Gene's Power Saw
     Shop operated by Gene Adkins, Shannon's Repair Shop operated by Ben Shannon, Cormack
     Repair Shop, Amos Wicks Repair Shop, Brock's Used Furniture operated by R.S. Brock, Briggs
     Used Cars;   merchants - Carrolls Grocery operated by Wanda Carroll, Pilot Mountain
     Grocerty operated by Roy Freels, Briggs Grocery operated by Willodean Briggs, Lanie Hook's
     Grocery, H&W Grocery operated by Hazel Wicks, Pearl R. Nelson, Mitchell's Grocery operated
     by Billy D. Mitchell, Scotts Grocery operated by Mrs. Earl Scott, Mrs. J.D. Byrd, J. D.
     Pemberton, Davis Roadside market operated by Jason Davis; The Blue Star Beer operated by
     Lola Pass, Beer Store operated by Harold Pace.

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