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Young - Kidd Family Bible


Published  by McCarty and Davis
No  171 Market St.

Belonging to Elliott Young and Martha Kidd Young who settled in Montgomery December 28, 1832 and owned by their great-great- grandaughter Margaret Ransdell Winders since 1945


Elliott Young was born the 13 Day of June 1791

Martha Young was Born November 17, 1792

George E. Young was Born the 23 Day of January 1817

Julia A. Young was Born the 26th Day of July 1820

Martha E. Young was Born the 16th Day of September 1823

Mary J. Young was Born the 26th Day of March 1830

William F. Young was Born the 26th Day of March 1830

John H. T. Garrard was Born The 5th Day of February 1845

William M. Garrard was Born the 8th Apr 1850

Addie B. Seay was born Oct. the 17, 1873

Elie C Seay was born January 30, 1876

Walter R. Ransdell was born May the 21, 1867

Charley E. Ransdell was born May 1, 1870

John O Ransdell was born Jan. 25, 1873

Ellie May Ransdell was born January 13,1901

Cordelia A. Pollard was Born April 3rd 1842

Joseph E. Pollard was Born Sept 26th 1844

Mary O Pollard was Born June the 18 1848

Elizabeth H. Pollard was Born February the 8, 1851

George W. Pollard was Born February the 18th 1858


Elliott Young and Martha Kidd was married January 29th 1816

Mary J. Young and Stanford L. Garrard was married December 12th 1843

James M. Kidd and Theresa G Young was married on the 15th of May 1851

D.W. Ransdell and Cordelia A Pollard was married the 29th of September 1856

George E. Young And Sarah E. Harris was Married July 16th 1835

Martha E. Young and George M Pollard was Married December 22 1840

William F Young and Mary P Shelby was Married Dec. 1st 1858

Roger Ransdell and Lena Yates was married Nov. 20, 1890

Charles Ransdell and Dora Tramill was married Dec 29, 1892

Oscar Ransdell and Sallie Spry was married April 15, 1900


Tinsley Young Departed this life the 6th Day of May 1824

Phebe Young Departed this life the 28 Day of September 1845

John Young Departed this life the 29th Day of December 1829

Gemima Barnes Departed this life the 19th Day of August 1824

George Kidd  Departed this Life November 29th 1844

Elizabeth Young Departed this Life May 23, 1847

George M. Pollard Departed this life February 13, 1858

C. M. Ransdell departed this life September the10th 1872

Elliott Young Died July 5, 1865

Martha Young Died January the 29  1872

D.W. Ransdell Departed this life January 14, 1875  age 33 years and ten months

George E. Young Departed this Life the18 of May 1857 age 40 years and 29 Days

Julia A. Young Departed this Life the 14th Day of February 1833

Cor W. F. Young Departed this life January the 12, 1899 (Cor means Col.)

Bettie H. Pollard Departed this life July the 28 1901  age 50 years

Submitted by M. Winders.

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