Workman- Wyatt Deed

                    In this instrument for the purpose therein contained my hand
                    at office this 19th  day of Nov. 1884       (signed) R.A Moseley Clerk

                                   Deed Book 20 Page 623                     31 Oct. 1874
   Deed for the cemetery at Southside, Tenn.
   Controlled by the Trustees of the Southside United Methodist Church
   Received 1 45/60 o'clock PM Nov.19 1884

   Registered Nov.20 1884.

  James Wyatt and R. W Workman To Deed:     Trustees for M.E. Church South: J. M. Dickson,
  James Wyatt, J.L.Phipps, W.C. Harris, A.J. Phillips, R.W.Workman, J.T. Batson, J. Smith, R.L.

               Mr James Wyatt and R. W. Workman for and in consideration of the love we have for
               the dead have this day given and do hereby transfer and convey to J.M. Dickson, James
               Wyatt, J.L. Phipps, W. C. Harris, Josha Smith, R.W. Workman, John T. Batson, Joshua
               Smith, and R.L. Batson Trustees for the M.E. Church South at Southside, Tenn. and
               their successors, The following piece or parcel of land to be used as a burying ground or
               graveyard. Lying and being in the State of Tenn, county of Montgomery, civil district
               16. Bounded as follows. Beginning is Black Oak with 4 1/2  poles South 5 degrees that
               of  James Wyatt and R.W. Workman's cornering J. M. Dickson west boundary line.
               Thense 18 poles to a lime stone rock and North 9 poles to a lime stone rock. Thence
               east 18 poles to a lime stone rock and pointers. Thence south 5 degrees west 9 poles to
               the  beginning corner by estimation one acre be the same more or less to have and to
               hold. The same unto said Trustees their successors forever for the purpose afore said.
               We covenant with and find ourselves our heirs and our representatives to warrant and
               forever defend the title of said land to said Trustees and their successors aforesaid
               against the lawfiil classes of all persons whomsoever witness our hands this Sept 18,
                   ___                                                                       (signed) R.W. Workman
                   ___                                                                       (signed) James Wyatt
                  As to R.W. Workman
                  State of Tennessee Montgomery County
                  Personally appeared before me R. D. Moseley clerk of this County Court of said
                  County, James Wyatt & R.W. Workman the afore named bargainers with whom I
                  am personally acquainted and who acknowledges that they for the purpose wherein
                  contained, witness my hand at office this 15th day ofApril 1884.
                                                                                     R.D. Moseley     Clerk

Submitted by  Allan Workman 

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