Transcribed from photocopy of original will:
I William Trigg being of sound mind, but being in ill health  & knowing the uncertainty of life, do make and appoint this my last Will  & Testament. 

 I give and bequeath to my wife nancy during her natural  life and widowhood all my Estate real and personal, for the use of her and our  Children, requesting of her to give to each child as they mary or come of age,  what she can spare
from the support and parts of the rest.  But if my wife  Nancy should marry it is my will that my Estate real & personal be divided  agreeable to the laws of this State.  And if she die before the Children  are educated, it is my will that a provision may be made for the education of  those of our Children , who have not been educated independent of their equal  portion.  And I do appoint my aforesaid wife Nancy & my son James Trigg  when he arrives at the age of Twenty one years old my Executrix and Executor,  with full power to dispose of my perishable property as far as she may think it  is for the benefit of the
Estate, and also to sell any slaves she may find  unmanageable and to lay out the money in purchase of others or appropriate it as  she may think proper.

 In Testimony whereof I have herein affixed my hand  and seal this 17th day of July
                                                           William Trigg 
Charles Merriwether
John Hampton
Henry Y. Collins
David Burreys
                                            Rendered at July Term 1825


Submitted by Joanne Galvin  Jokagal@aol.com

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